Blade Runner Mafia Epilogue

Well, probaby won't be any surprises, but...

Bepa sighed heavily as she kicked her way through the kipple to an overstuffed couch in the living room of Marcus’s apartment. It had been a long day of sorting and bagging, labeling and organizing.

Someone always has to clean up the mess, after all.

She heard the front door of the apartment rattle and knew her break was cut short.

“Bepa? I think we found something…you in there?”

Bepa considered ignoring him, but knew it was no use. “In here Robertson. What did you find?”

A young police officer stumbled into the living room. He wore a slightly dim, shell shocked expression and seemed nervous. “Well, we’ve been going through Caitlinn’s closet…and, well…” At that, the officer held up a labeled bag.

“Oh. I’ve been wondering where that was. Just hand it over to forensics, they’ll know where it goes.”

“Okay Bepa,” the officer said, walking away with the bag held at arm’s length. “I’ll get this over right away.”

Bepa wondered vaguely where her career was going when she felt relieved at the sight of a head in a plastic bag.


Simon obediently buckled his seatbelt in accordance with the flight attendant’s instructions. He tried to ignore the chatty teenagers seated in front of him as they prepared for take off. Mostly he tried to ignore how much the one of the left looked like Dana. Simon didn’t like to dwell on the past. And yet as soon as he abandoned thoughts of the leader of their little group, the no smoking lights turned on and now he was thinking of Jacob, too.

It really was a shame.

A flight attendant walked by and flashed him a big gummy smile, jarring his thoughts. She leaned in just a little too closely and cooed “Would you like a pillow, handsome?”

Simon gave her a cold stare. She moved on.

To Tyler Anderson:

I hope your sabbatical is treating you well. I have a proposition for you, a job offer if you will. The football team is in need of a new physician, and I thought you would be a perfect fit, and given your current situation…Tyler, I really encourage you to consider this. You could be around students, in academia again. I know it’s not the same, but it’s good work.

Thank you,
Johnathan Spears
Dean of Philosophy


Bryant hated to be put on hold. He twiddled his pencil, started a doodle on a sheet of paper, counted the tiny holes in the ceiling. And wondered where in the hell Bepa was. Finally, though, someone picked up.

“Well dammit, someone has to take responsibility here! I have an officer down. Bragg was one of my best men and I’m not about to sweep this under the rug like it…okay…Okay….How the hell would I know? Listen, just get some people on this now! And get me a meeting with Rosen. I think someone has some explaining to do….yes, now!...well get off the phone and call them!”

I'll do a breakdown of clues and a Q&A thread tomorrow. For now, I am off to have a drink or something.

MEC 18 years ago
So, wait, am I dead or not. I mean if Bepa's sitting on my couch and not bagging stuff up in my room does that mean I'm alive, or that she just doesn't give a crap about a dead person's stuff?
Verileah 18 years ago
I'm sorry your death was not more graphic, but yes, you were the last mafia hit, MEC.

Brpa has to clean up an entire apartment building and take care of any evidence and she's bloody tired, so she's taking a break on your couch because you have the nicest apartment and there aren't body parts splattered all over the walls.
pharren 18 years ago
nobody ever came to clean simon's apartment
MEC 18 years ago
And what about my cat, she's not scared of it?
Vulash 18 years ago
In the ending I heard your cat bit Pharren right before he left and he died of an infection 2 years later.