Blade Runner - OMFG Q&A

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Verileah 18 years ago
Hi. This is the first time I've been able to do more than glance at the boards all day.

Feel free to start asking questions. I will answer them and do a break down of the clues when I get home this evening.
Vulash 18 years ago
I'm way to tired right now to think of questions
Verileah 18 years ago
Then WTF are you giving me a hard time for OMG!!one11!!!

MEC 18 years ago
Ok, what were the clues you put in?


How did you choose roles?
Jinheim 18 years ago
If you had to pick an MVP, who would it be?
Verileah 18 years ago
Clue breakdown

Day One:

Three medics moved the dead body of Vera Staton, wrapped up in a gray, slightly bloody sheet...

This did two things; one, gave a very slight indication of how many mafia there were, and two, built the foundation for a running clue through out the game.

Alas, people just weren’t responding to this particular clue, so I think I abandoned it on day four. The serial killer has grey eyes. Every sk scene mentions the color grey, and there is a lot of “looking into eyes” and making eye contact in the different scenes.

Oh well.

Yeah, the clues were light on day one.

Pharren did a really nice analysis of the lynch that was dead on.

Day 2:
The clean room was, as a few people pointed out, meant to point to Simon. It also made sense with the plot, at least to my meager brain :\. After their close call the day before, they wanted to be more cautious. They also didn't want to leave any trace of the agent they had used to kill Rufus.

For the SK, someone already noticed they grey spot. I wasn't expecting anyone to get the grey clue; I was just trying to plant a little seed for later, so that when someone finally saw it they would remember that it had been mentioned before. Oh well.

For the lynch, I was actually kind of thinking you guys would feel some shame about driving a poor pregnant girl crazy. The scene was meant to make her look innocent and victimised.

Day 3:
This was a big day where I made up for a couple of light days clue wise. Let's take a look!

“You! You’ll pay for this you little…!”

Caitlinn was cut off mid snarl by the arrival of her black kitten, who jumped up onto the bed and began meowing pitifully. The attacker reached out and stroked the kitten’s ears, smirking.

This pointed to Dana being the one who came to attack Caitlinn. In Dana's character thread, she pets her cat in the exact same way she does here. Also, Dana is a little girl.

I bring up Caitlinn's cat again later in the scene so that you guys would notice, even though I felt it was laying it on kind of thick.

On to the serial kill!
Dana paced her living room anxiously and wrung her hands to stop the shaking. It had been a long night and the wail of sirens couldn’t possibly be a good sign. It seemed the more she tried to just calm down and think straight, the more her heart pounded. She looked out the window of her apartment, then closed the curtain abruptly at the sight of police vehicles. She paced some more, until the grey ragged carpeting was in danger of wearing away, and then looked out the window again. Groaning in frustration, she flung the curtain back into place and headed for her door, only to stand in front of it for several seconds, shake her head, and go back into her living room for more pacing. She wiped her sweaty hands on her pants in disgust and wished she could just stop being so afraid. And then she checked the door again. And the windows. And resumed pacing.

Wow, why is Dana so paranoid? Why is Dana fearful of the police? Gee, could Dana be freaking out because she just murdered someone (or thought she did) and could get caught? I think so!

“Thank goodness you’re finally here, I’ve been a wreck trying to figure out what to do…” Dana’s welcome faltered as she saw that her visitor was not who she expected at all.

Wow, Dana was hoping her mafia buddies were coming to help her figure out what to do next! Boy was she wrong...

Terror consumed her then; she was paralyzed with fear as she looked into her killer’s cold eyes, knowing there was no hope of escape.

Hmm...wasn't there another moment like this...oh, wait, I know...

From the day three mafia hit
Reacting instantly, her hand flew out to grab the wrist of her attacker even as she rolled over to look her would be killer in the eyes.

Okay, first of all, I made Dana as terrified as she was because, hell, wouldn't you freak out if someone you thought you had killed walked into your apartment? Also, notice how as soon as Dana saw Caitlinn, she knew Caitlinn was going to kill her. If it had been anyone else, she wouldn't have known why someone other than her mafia buddies was coming to her apartment, but I think she would have kept her cool and kept up the sweet little girl facade. I made that part of the SK scene reflect the mafia hit scene in hopes of drawing some parallels and triggering some thought.

Moving on...
She couldn’t seem to rip her eyes away from her killer’s all too familiar face, though the gun that the killer held steady in one hand and pointed at her heart was a bit of a distracter.

Let's see...
1. Her killer's face is all too familier because she'd just been looking at it a few hours before.
2. She's holding the gun in one hand. This whole kill is a big shift from the earlier, more violent deaths. Kinda hard to rip people apart when you only have one good arm...

And, I wrap up day three with a reminder about the cat.

The day three lynch was mostly intended to point to the fact that, hi, you lynched the doctor.

Bepa could tell immediately that there would be no more quick rescues to save lives; it was clear now that there were no more lives to save, that the remaining two had not survived the fire.

I also gave a little shout out to Jinheim the smoker, what with mentioning matches and all.

Day 4:
Still smelling of smoke from the fire and walking at a slow...

Smoke from the fire or from your dirty smoking habit, Jinheim!!?!

The lynch was intended to 1. make it clear there were still some bad guys, 2. nudge people toward the serial killer a little more since I suck and didn't put a descent clue in the serial kill that day.

Day 5:
This was meant to point heavily to Simon, but too little too late I suppose
“A pity. We would have done well together, I think. But you insist on punishing me, on punishing yourself, for what we are.”

When things don't go Simon's way in the character thread, it is not because of bad luck or circumstance, but because he is being punished for something.

I thought it made sense :\.

Think that's it for clues.
Verileah 18 years ago
How did you choose roles?

I had a hard time choosing this time around. I'll try to explain.

First, I read all of the characters. I made a spreadsheet with the character's name, pet, occupation, and notable physical features. I also checked off whether that person ever mentioned going to Mars. This was all so I didn't make the mistake of having the bad guys having too much in common.

Then I read the characters again.

A few characters just felt right. I knew I wanted Dana as the Godfather right away, for example. I also knew I wanted Rufus as a townie, both because that's where I felt the character made sense and because I felt Nathan's experience would be a boon to the townies. I considered locking MEC into the townie position for the same reason, but I was sort of leaning toward mafia too so I didn't commit with him. Simon I actually chose for mafia because he seemed so ickle and helpless about the whole game and I figured it would go easier on him if he were in a team and could get a little hand holding. So, you see, his innocent townie act fooled even me :P.

Then I read the characters again, and started putting names into pools. I still needed one more mafia player, a sheriff, a doctor, and a serial killer.

It was interesting that people's characters could really go to a lot of different roles. I had a few people's names in more than one pool, though everyone except Nathan was in the running for something or another.

At any rate, I rolled some dice to get the last roles filled from the pools I had picked.

As for an MVP...well, as a mod I just want people to have a good time and see a good amount of bloodshed. You guys all did an amazing job of making this exciting and suspenseful . I started a list, but honestly I realized that I was just going to end up naming everyone that played for one reason or another. You guys each had your moments in this game .
pharren 18 years ago
what shes trying to say is pharren is the MVP and always will be.

most valuable pimp.
MEC 18 years ago
what's the eta on the next game?
Verileah 18 years ago
We think sometime next month.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Pharren played like a pro. Fucker had us fooled as a noobie townie the whole time. I really really enjoyed roleplaying with Geei's character. He kept IM'ing me asking how I thought Caitlinn would respond to things, finally I just told him to just post and I'll reply. We really had no plans to link them romantically, it just turned out that way.

I laid clues out left and right. Starting with her bio I mentioned a few key things that really no one would've been able to link except maybe Jinheim. That jump scene was something I had thought of months ago and told Jinheim about. Part of a story I'd never write. The part where she jumped across the bridge and landed in front of "someone" was the 'mad scientist' who would experiement on her with nano technology, making her part human, part android. We just happened to think of Blade Runner as the next Mafia theme and it fit perfectly. That's why Caitlinn was looking for a doctor, but then again it could've just been a hint for the real doctor to contact her. Would've been perfect if it had come before her attempted hit.

I put clues in every post. Everything she said pointed to her regret and with her grappling with her ever fading humanity. Her cat was the last bit of her sanity, that's why she was to the point of frothing at the mouth whenever it showed tenderness to other people. Notice how the cat refused to eat from Caitlinn's offerings? In her bio she tried to scratch her and refused a treat. In another scene, after Rufus' mafia hit, she tried to feed her cat again. The cat steadfastly refused. It was an extension of her humanity and I had hoped for Verileah to have Caitlinn kill her cat if she had won.

Caitlinn stood in the street looking at the inferno above. The water from fire trucks rained down on her, matting her hair. The first body brought out was Collin, who was alive. She didnt bother to look. She kept staring up at the building, waiting. The last 2 charred bodies came down and with the arrival of Tyler's body, Jacob, the burly russian came over and put his hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it off, not looking.

That's where I picked Jinheim to be next on my list.

The Fire Marshall cleared the building for entry but Caitlinn picked a spot on the sidewalk and sat. Her cat sat in her box next to her. Tipping it over, the cat jumped out and again sat and looked at her master. Caitlinn watched the silky black cat, blinking it's yellow eyes at her.

'I tried.' It's eyes narrowed at her and it growled softly. Caitlinn scowled back. She reached down and took a piece of her shirt. She enhaled deeply from it, but it was gone. All she could smell was the pungent odor of loneliness.

She was trying to love the professor, to let him help her. In fact he would've been the last person to be killed. She wanted to stop but she knew she never would. Her cat knew this either. That's why it ran away the second Caitlinn was killed by Simon.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing all the scenes for Caitlinn and all the incognito alliance with Geei and Vulash. I really had no clue jinheim and simon were mafia but I had planned on killing them first, but then reconsidered because I wanted them to enjoy the game. I ended up picking elvaiz =( Sorry my bardo friend.