I wrote this for NaNoWriMo... or National Novel Writer's Month. Basically, in the month of November a bunch of sick souls get together and try to write 50,000 words or more. Its a race against the plot.. I mean the clock.


Mine was called Snowfall (50,703 words or so last I checked and edited) Its linked on an adultfanfiction board. Its original fiction, I'd have to watch something in order to write fan fiction. Its long but hopefully still decent. I'd love reviews on it if anyone is up to it.

I'm so used to RPing on boards where you get an almost immediate response to your writing in the form of the next person's reply.

About Snowfall, its not as adult as some of the RP's I've written, and therefore, I'd say it was pretty mild, but I don't know everyone else's views on things so here's the warning. The main characters are male. Romance is involved.. you do the math. Nothing graphic but if the thought of same sex relationships make you uncomfortable then its probably not a good idea to read it. There are also religious discussions.. or ideas mentioned in the story.

Anyway, done with all the warnings. I'd love to hear about it if you guys read it.

ROzbeans 19 years ago
Gonna read it ASAP - review incoming when I dones wit it!
Mai 19 years ago
Woot! Thanks Mae! *Squishes Mae with grateful hugs*