Hi, I'm Billie's friend and am here for the mafia goodness that she's so good at. So. Hi.

And I own lots of crayons. I'll find out later if they're angry or not.

Oh, and you can call me Pat.


Verileah 19 years ago
Pat is the great, great man who started this whole mafia thing in the first place. Well, I don't know if he invented it, but I accredit him with bringing it to its current form.

He also has excellent teeth .

Thanks for coming by, put a smile on my face.
Goofball 19 years ago

Wait. David Bowles is playing?

ROzbeans 19 years ago
Excellent teeth? Post a pic asap. Welcome!!!
Mai 19 years ago
Greetings Do you bite with these excellent teeth?
immy 19 years ago
Gimme chompers.
Goofball 19 years ago


The REAL story is that I grew up with a humongous gap in my teeth. I got it fixed about 4 years ago now. Back when I was really excited about it, I spared no occassion to tell people how handsome my fixed teeth were.

I have a real picture, but alas, I don't know how to post it....
Mai 19 years ago
Do you have an image host for your picture? There are some nice free ones out there. I personally use photobucket.