HM Mafia 12:30 AM Mafia Hit #3: A likely story

There’s a reasonable explanation for all of this, I’m sure of it. The water freezing like that…could have been a sudden drop of air pressure. Or would it be a rise…oh, hell, I don’t know, I’m a detective, not a scientist.

Lost in thought, Gus Dario wandered down the halls of the Manor, guided by a small penlight. Gus thought best on his feet, and sitting around staring at that stupid board game seemed a criminal waste of time. At the rate these guests were dropping, time was the last thing they had.

The detective noticed a narrow hallway, one that he hadn’t seen before, or hadn’t noticed at any rate (of course it’s been there the whole time) and decided to investigate, continuing to let his thoughts go where they would.

As my dear mother used to say, before her disappearance, ‘there’s no such thing as ghosts.’

The cold, the strange behavior of the lawyer, the talking portrait…these things could all be explained, and just because Gus was at a loss to say specifically what was happening didn’t make him any less right. Now people, on the other hand…well, there was no accounting for what they would do.

The penlight went out suddenly and left Gus to ponder that disturbing thought it the darkness. He gave the light a vigorous shake, frowning at the sharp flicker of light that vanished nearly as soon as it had appeared.


Turning back was the only thing that made sense, and so Gus reached out with both hands, feeling for a wall to guide him. Finally his hand made contact with the silky wallpaper. He turned around, careful not to lose contact with the wall, and headed back in the direction he came, waving his free hand in front of him to feel for obstacles. His hand made a zipping noise as it dragged over the wallpaper; the sound was overly loud in his ears. Suddenly his free hand struck a smooth, hard surface.

Well this shouldn’t be here.

Shakily, Gus felt along the wall that seemed to have mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. Of course, it had been there the whole time; Gus had simply been too deep in thought to notice.

You would have noticed a wall that seems to block the entire hall. No one thinks that hard, my friend.

His hands raced over the smooth surface, feeling for a doorway (that’s it, I just wandered to a room and didn’t pay attention), or a corner, something to indicate the end of the wall. In spite of his ever reasonable inner monologue, Gus was becoming frantic. Not because of the ghosts, of course. Simply because this manor was huge; it would be hours before the other guests found him.

Is it colder than it was a minute ago?

“No!” Gus jumped a mile at the sound of his own voice, shouting out in the darkness. His heart pounded in his chest and he felt his blood race through his veins. Then, he let out a shaky laugh. Boy, he had really let himself get worked up. Shivering a little in the cold, he took a deep, calming breath, and reached out his hand again.

And felt the sharp pain of teeth biting down on his fingers.

Gus screamed.


“Well if no one else will try it…I guess I will.” With that, the planchette was carefully placed on the Ouija board and one of the guests rested her fingers gently on its surface.

Drip. Drip.

“Oh, that’s just great, the ceiling is leaking all over the damn…”


“That’s blood…”

“From where?”

“Oh god…it’s everywhere…where’s it coming from…”

“Must be the room above us, let’s go see.”

“Are you crazy! I’m not going up there!”

“We need to stick together. I’m serious now, let’s go, come on.”


There was an impossible amount of blood surrounding the corpse of Gus Dario, like a red lake that spread on and on down the hallway. Someone ran to his room, presumably to vomit, but returned quickly with several blankets stripped off his own bed.

“We need to soak up the blood. It’s going to get everywhere.” Several of the guests followed his example and went to their rooms, returning with blankets and towels, anything to absorb the mess. At last the worst of it was taken care of, and Gus’s body was shrouded in a reasonably clean white sheet.

“Alright. I guess we have a lot to think about here.” The clean up had actually offered the guests some respite from pondering the horrors of this terrible night, but they realized they would have to face the cold realities sooner or later.

As one, they headed back to the dining room.

David Bowles 19 years ago
As his spirit slipped from his body, Gus understood everything, understood why he'd been brought here, understood why the phantasmagoric Mafia had targeted him... I got too close... fingered one of their vessels... hope the others figure this out and feel a little better about nailing that blue bitch... A silver noose slipped around his homunculus, pulling its miniature form, a ghostly reproduction of Gustavo Darío de los Ángeles rendered in shimmering ectoplasm, downward, into the gelid catacombs beneath the mansion. There, surrounded by dark forms that glided and murmured, was Ana María de los Ángeles, the woman who'd brought him into the previous world and now welcomed him into the next.

"No te enfades conmigo, hijo. Te he traído precisamente para que te mataran. De esa forma podremos estar juntos siempre, aquí en la frígida oscuridad, alimentándonos de las almas podridas de esos cabrones que arriba discuten la causa de tu muerte. Ven, ven: abrázame, Gustavo."

Compelled by her words and an indescribable longing, Gus drifted toward her open arms, his eyes fixed on hers, great emerald pools of love that suddenly darkened to black as her mouth went wide and his kernel of being was sucked into the endless night of the maw he'd always known awaited him...
Rasberry 19 years ago
Svetlana sat alone in the hallway, speaking darkly into a cell phone so large that it couldn't have been less then thirteen years old. She was constantly adjusting a large wire antenna into various odd shapes, appearently in hopes of getting better reception. Her translator hung loosely from her shoulder, but the microphone was not plugged in.

"Нет, я не знаю, как я добрался здесь. Я не помню. Номер, который я пробовал, но есть что - то не так с этим домом." she said, twisting a large dial on the phone and shaking it slightly. "Я не думаю, что мы можем уехать, или по крайней мере я не думаю, что я сделал бы это, если я пробовал. Люди - мертвая Сонья. Нет я не был способен обнаружить, кто ответственен."

She frowned, and looked up, twisting the antenna slightly to the left. Maybe the weather outside was causing the disturbance.

"Сонья? Вы можете слышать меня теперь? Хороший. Верьте мне, я. Я приложу все усилия, чтобы добраться там вовремя, есть несколько оставленных дней. Да, я буду. До свидания."
Dia 19 years ago
As she was talking with the child, she felt a drop on her back.

"blood!" she heard one the guests exclaim.

Startled she stood up and whiped her back. sure enough her fingers were red. Her eyes grew wide.

"Oh's everywhere...where's it comming from..."

"Must be the room above us, lets go see."

Are you crazy! I'm not going up there!"

"We need to stick together. I'm serious now, let's go, come on."

They were arguing but everyone went upstairs anyways. They couldnt resist their curiosity or they didnt want to be left alone, either way what they saw when they got upstairs was horrifying.

Gus was swimming in his own blood. Dia's body was numb as she helped clean up his blood from the floors. She watched without emotion as he was covered with a sheet.

"Allright, i guess we have alot to think about then." someone said.

"It's the house." Dia mumbled.