The Ktichen

Marcus was tired of staring at others fool around with the usless board given to them. He was also getting pretty hungry.

"Anyone else want to go find the kitchen?"

A few people mumbled something but there where also a few who nodded in agreement.

After a bit of searching Marcus finnaly found the kitchen and saw that the large room was full of goods.

"So, any requests?", mark said, donning an apron.

Eve 18 years ago
Alex followed the thinning crowd to the kitchen. She felt a bit wired, what with all the adrenaline rushing not to mention the two, or had it been three, Vivarin she had downed just before everyone when ballistic on Maelarya. She not-so-gracefully hopped up onto a counter and smoothed her skirt over her knees, picking at what was probably nothing more than an imaginary piece of lint.

Looking up to Marcus as he donned the apron, she couldn't help a small smile. "Well, if we can find a coffee pot, I would kill for a cup of java." Her own words seemed to startle her, and she hopped right back off the counter. "Uhm, Gods that sounded horrible, but I honestly don't think I could really eat much of anything right this moment."

Such a stupid phrase, something that said under normal circumstances would be taken quite lightly. Here, now, in this Twilight Zone of mess, it just sounded horribly uncalled for. Not wishing to see the others' reactions, she quickly started rummaging around the kitchen searching for the coffee maker herself.
MEC 18 years ago
Not minding at all about the slip of words, Marcus took out the coffee maker for Alex.

"I've always had a knack in the kitchen, are you sure you wouldn't like me to prepare it for you?"
Cobert 18 years ago
"I don't know how any of you can eat after what just happened."
MEC 18 years ago
"I don't know about you, but after vomiting, feeling sick, and staying up late, I tend to get a little hungered."
Eve 18 years ago
Alex was relieved that Marcus had chosen to forgive her blunder and rewarded him with another quick smile.

"Hmm, I'm not that hungry, but I think eating something is better than staying jacked up on just these damn caffine pills and more coffee. Suprise me, if you like. As for the coffee, I'm a pro. You take the food and I'll handle the drink."

It was hard not to think about what was happening all around them, but if she tried hard enough, sometimes she could forget if only for a minute or two.
MEC 18 years ago
Marcus felt the pain more than other's noticed, he had learned long ago how to bury the pain deep inside, at least until current situations were less demanding of his attention.

"I think that making a pizza would probably be rather clichè, for me at least...soo, how about some chicken alfredo?"
Geeii 18 years ago
/ooc I hate pizza...I hate delivering it....why does the job pay so damn well =(
Eve 18 years ago
"Chicken alfredo sounds great," she said as she turned and started fiddling with the coffee pot. Once she had it filled with water, and found the filters, she rummaged thru several unopened bags of fresh beans.

"Apparently there's someone living here who really likes his coffee. Mmmm, Caramel Truffle!" she exclaimed quietly.

Again, with everything going on, it was hard to get excited about a cup of coffee, even a really good cup. Alas, as the old saying goes, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, or in this case, caramel truffle coffee. As Marcus continued his preparations for the chicken, she struggled a bit with the new bag of beans. Red in the face with her effort, she dropped it on the counter.

"Ugh, tough bag. Hmmm, if I were a knife, which drawer would I hide in?" she mused to herself, opening drawers along the cabinets in search of the utensils.
MEC 18 years ago
Mark slides the knife block to Alexis as he states, "You won't find any knives in those drawers!"
Eve 18 years ago
"Oh! Thanks," she smiled and pulled out a small blade, quickly slicing the bag open. "Well one problem down. Now have you seen the grinder?"
MEC 18 years ago
"Yeah, right here, next to where the coffee maker was."

Marcus pulls out the coffee grinder and sets it next to the coffee maker, then goes back to preparing the rue.
Eve 18 years ago
Giving Marcus a sideway glance, she smirked. "Wasn't there before I swear," she muttered to herself. With a shrug, she ground the beans and started brewing the coffee, that rich aroma quickly filling the kitchen along with the alfredo. Hopping back up on her counter out of the way, she swung her legs back and forth against the cabinent, fingers thrumming out some nameless tune against her skirt.