HM Mafia Round #3 LYNCH: Dinner and a Killing

Giving Marcus a sideway glance, she smirked. "Wasn't there before I swear," she muttered to herself. With a shrug, she ground the beans and started brewing the coffee, that rich aroma quickly filling the kitchen along with the alfredo. Hopping back up on her counter out of the way, she swung her legs back and forth against the cabinet, fingers thrumming out some nameless tune against her skirt.


Following the smells of fresh food and coffee, the guests made their way to the kitchen. Marcus looked up from his neatly cubed chicken and gave the group a half-smile.

“You guys hungry?”


“Well, more for us then, right Alex? …Alex?” The color had completely drained from Alexis’s face and her brown eyes were wide with fear. Her hands trembled violently, though Marcus thought that might have been the caffeine.

The group crowded in the doorway of the kitchen ignored Marcus completely; every eye was trained on her. Their intent was clear enough, at least to any reasonable person. Alexis was becoming more certain by the minute, however, that she was the only reasonable person left in this godforsaken hellhole.

“You’re all mad. What the hell is wrong with you people, my god! How in the hell does killing more people solve anything? You’re doing their work for them, you must see that! Whatever is in this house wants us gone, and you’re helping them along!”

One of the guests threw back his head and laughed. “Oh my, but you’re a fine little actress, aren’t you? Could probably give these Hollywood types a run for their money!”

Alexis shook her head sadly, her eyes filling with tears. “No…no, I couldn’t.”

“Let’s do this.”

Three of the guests lunged at once, grabbing hold of Alexis and pinning her to the counter. A fourth snatched a knife from the chopping block, and, following his example, the remaining guests grabbed knives of their own. They plunged the knives into her, over and over, as blood sprayed on their faces and ran over their feet in little rivers.

Steam rose from the young woman’s body in the sudden chill of the kitchen. As one, the guests released Alexis’s corpse and watched it slide to the floor with a wet slap on the tile.

A tiny bird popped out of the cuckoo clock in the kitchen, chirped twice, and retreated as the kitchen door swung closed.

MEC 19 years ago
"You fucking bastards", were the words that Marcus said before he left the kitchen. The event he just witnessed made him just pissed off beyond control.

He decided to go to the room he claimed so he could calm himself down, and only paused to give the talking portriat the finger the second time that night, as he passed by.