HM - The Mafia Round #4 /ooc

Didn't see an OOC thread to discuss this yet. Feel free to split this off if you see fit.

Here are the clues -I- see in Claras death scene

The word age / ages is mentioned three times:

Clara thought it held a unique grandeur from some lost age

You’ve been left all alone for ages now, haven’t you

She seemed to fall for ages

This of course, I beleive, points towards Summer.

Also this:
So sudden was this surge of outside emotion (and the cold, god, the cold) that Clara startled.

The mention of outside could point towards the two who went outside of the house. Summer and Gilbert.

Mentioning Gilbert, here is something that may be a clue towards him:
the feel of the house, was all wrong in some ways, Clara thought it held a unique grandeur from some lost age.

Gilbert Grape is mentally handicap, this may be a far stretch. Who knows.


Just my thoughts on this scene thus far. =)

*edit to clarify I was talking about Claras death scene*

Rasberry 19 years ago
Maewyn wrote:
The recurring themes in the hits have been cold and darkness, not age.

Only age HAS been a recurring theme in the hits... so what reason would a townie have to ignore clues on purpose?

The answer is: if they weren't a townie and didn't want people to connect them to the hits.
Aniyah 19 years ago
I can't connect an 8year old to what has happened. As someone mentioned above, she doesn't have the strength nor logically the mind to think out the crimes.
Mai 19 years ago
Age has only been brought up as having to do with one hit, the last one. The cold and darkness has been brought up before and shown to be in pretty much all of them.

Darkness and black for instance...

Somehow, the darkness felt a bit closer here. Victor couldn’t decide if that was disturbing or comforting, but soon, it didn’t matter.
Its black finish glistened and the ivory keys seemed to beg to be played. It really is too bad he had no idea how to play, thought the photographer, as he bent to reload the film in his camera.

This was a dark chord, a full chord, a chord of death and the last four notes poor Victor James would ever hear.


The more she coughed the tighter her throat became, as if clenched by an invisible fist, until she could only flail her arms helplessly, opening and closing her mouth, now desperate for air as blackness overtook her vision.
Spots danced before her eyes, then seemed to coalesce into a form, a body, though Ophelia knew, in that moment, that this body was only a shell for the dark spirit within.

The penlight went out suddenly and left Gus to ponder that disturbing thought it the darkness. He gave the light a vigorous shake, frowning at the sharp flicker of light that vanished nearly as soon as it had appeared.

“No!” Gus jumped a mile at the sound of his own voice, shouting out in the darkness.

Oblivion consumed her like a gaping maw, swallowing her in the darkness.

But like I said.. keep on ignoring the cold and the darkness clues and hang the kid.. you'll be sorry later when it doesn't change anything and I'll enjoy telling you I told you so. :P There is no use crying "I'm a townie because everyone says it and its not to be trusted from anyone. All I can say is, the clues don't add up to Summer.
MEC 19 years ago
That first one was a SK hit...
Mai 19 years ago
Sk in the front or was the Sk at the end of the first one?
MEC 19 years ago
SK was the one who strangled him, mafia fed upon his body.
Rasberry 19 years ago
From the mafia part of the first kill:

This was a hunger of ages and ages, gnawing and fierce and bitter.

Nice try though. I stand by my vote.
Mai 19 years ago
Its good to stand by your beliefs.. even if they're wrong. :P