HM Mafia Round #5 /ooc

Bring it on and stuff!

Vulash 19 years ago
So did we get the SK or is it coming still?
Vulash 19 years ago
Sorry I didn't get to post much yesterday I"ve been sick and had to help out around here with a few things also.

Ok so where does this put us? I IMed Veri and she was writing a SK scene so that means summer wasn't the SK. I still don't buy Bob as SK because there has only been one clue for him total, and I combed over it pretty well compared to his posts. There are always more and its alot easier if your looking for those v 1 char then a ton and I sitll can't find stuff on him. I'm honestly a bit lost in general on the SK. Hopefully this new kill will bring some clues (and hopefully those clues don't come with my death )

I have a hunch on mafia though. I think Alex was indeed mafia, and we got one there. Aramous's death scene seems to say that he was also mafia and the SK inadvertantly got one for us. Now counting all the other deaths and how few of us are left there really can't be more then 1 or 2 mafia left I hope.

4 people voted for Bob last vote round. Mec Aniyah Maewyn, and Larene. Maewyn was obvious because she was defending herself. Mec is now dead. That leaves Aniyah and Larene. It would seem to me that the SK has been using Bob as a patsy. Framing him enough to draw suspicion onto Bob and away from the SK. I guess we probably should hav ejust killed Bob in round 1 so the SK wouldn't have his buffer anymore but its to late for that. But now the mafia killed Mec. Why? Mec was looking hard for the SK and leaving the mafia alone. I thnk maybe the mafia is trying to pull a simliar manuever and hopes that keeping heat on Bob will pull pressure off them. In fact it would even do that despite the fact its a cross kill (mafia instead of SK) on a subconcious level. Or maybe Bob really is mafia and is tired of the close votes. Once again I can't find clues. That leaves Larene and Aniyah that voted for Bob on the failed vote. Now - that line of thinking is a little unsteady so of course it was just a hunch but I needed clues.

I present the following. Aniyah - First her bio

"It is ... interesting... to meet everyone."

Nodding to those around the time, Aniyah smiles and puts down her pen.

"My name is Aniyah Le'Marou. I am a freelance journalist and spend a lot of time doing research rather than writing."

A few snippets from RP but she has been pretty quiet and in the background so far.

This was looking to be more than the "refurbishing old homes" piece she originally pitched to her editor

Her mind completely blank she could think of nothing to write

Ok thats all I have because she hasn't wrote much. But thats all the mods would have too to draw clues so lets see what we have.

I don't see anything in 1 or 2 but thats ok since there were supposedly 4 mafia anyway. From hit #3

Gus Dario wandered down the halls of the Manor, guided by a small penlight


The staircase leading to the second floor was truly a work of art; crafted seamlessly from a single piece of cloudy white marble, it stretched up into the darkness like a long, pale neck. While the look of the house, or, more accurately, the feel of the house, was all wrong in some ways, Clara thought it held a unique grandeur from some lost age. She could almost imagine, as she ascended the steps, what this place might have looked like before… (refurbished old home, although its not a very solid clue)

Clara ran her hand along the shiny railing and frowned in unfamilar sympathy. “You’ve been left all alone for ages now, haven’t you?”

Ok up until now not much to point at Aniyah but hit #5 it gets interesting.

Eventually Marcus came to what was probably once a study. Bookshelves lined the walls, filled with hardcover volumes cased in red leather. There was a small fireplace on one wall, and Marcus imagined that the room must have looked quite cozy with a burning fire and a book. It reminded him of his own home, in a way; his father sitting in his favorite chair reading the sports page, his mother sitting by the fire working on her latest needlepoint. It was an oddly domestic room in this strange, cold house. - This whole paragraph stinks of journalism, but hte bold part poitns directly at a newspaper

lined with framed black and white photographs (black and white = newspaper)

but one of the photos, a black and white of a woman’s face (see above)

never quite forgave him for needing to forge his own path (she is freelance also)
She took his desire to run his own restaurant as an insult
Marcus had won his independence (all these are about marcus but seem to be here to point at someone else that went freelance)

Thats all I have, sadly, but it smore then I have on anyone else atm =/ I"m sure thre are one or two clues I've missed as time isn't something I have a ton of atm.
Rasberry 19 years ago
I think the SK nailed a mafia member.
Vulash 19 years ago
I think you are right - thats the 2nd time we've seen the cold like that - I think that confirms ARamous and now Larene
Rasberry 19 years ago
neways, I'm taking off for a movie now... I'll be back later to try and figure out the clues
Grimknot 19 years ago
Perhaps the cold is the spirit leaving the corpses body.
Grimknot 19 years ago
In re-reading it I think the SK got the godfather last night.
The killer expected the sudden rush of cold at the woman’s death, but this time with it came a shocked fury that washed over the killer in a freezing wave of malice so powerful and alien that the killer had to grip the banister tightly for support to keep from falling.
immy 19 years ago
There are also some words and phrases that may support that:

All taken from SK #5:

It was perfection; it was exactly what she had been waiting for all this time.

Coming closer and closer to the chandelier.


And of course the paragraph Grimknot quoted.

Still not sure that all mafia members are dead though. I don't have the time go over the list of those still alive right now, nor the time go look for clues as to who the SK is. But Kuddos to the SK for helping out the townies. =)
Aniyah 19 years ago
Interesting that the clues, in your mind, point to me. Definitely props to you for an imagination!

Without cutting and pasting everything (because it would take a long time and I don't have that much right now unfortunately) I am still leaning on the rev as being up to no good. Some of the clues just seem to point to him because they are blatant in mentioning "evil" and once there was one that was very condescending to Elegua, and that had tones of not approving of the shaman's faith.
Slipnish 19 years ago
And once again, patiently, for the severalteenth time. I have told you all from the beginning, that someone has used my character as a platform to neutralize those that Bob (in his role as a stereotypical, southern, fundamental, televangelist) WOULD INNATELY have problems with.

What I find interesting is that the killer spared DIA for some reason. Since everyone is out for my blood, I am forced to vote with the majority to preserve myself.

But ask yourself this question. Why was Dia spared? What does she know, (or do) that has yet to be revealed?

To date, she is the ONLY character that Bob had a confrontation with that survived the predation of the SK.

Though she doesn't have much in her profile, other than being psychic, I don't doubt that she is somehow responsible for some of this in some way, and parading it in front of all of you.

"Let those who have eyes see, and those that have ears hear."
The Real Good Book.
Grimknot 19 years ago
You know Bob Presley has a very good point. If he is the serial killer and he is killing those who conflict with him and his faith than he's done it for quite awhile now, never veering away from what would make him look guilty.

IF he is the SK he didn't let anything stop him from playing the reverend role as fully as he wanted to which makes me ask why he wouldn't of killed Dia instead of Aramous or Larene. He's been most verbal against Dia, even more so than Elegua.

Grimknot 19 years ago
Makes me think perhaps Dia is the one using Bob as a patsy and has since run out of "likely candidates" for death.
immy 19 years ago

Eeenteresting theory.
Slipnish 19 years ago
Okay, whereas Vulash should be commended for his work, it struck me today that we have all been on the wrong track. The SK has been right in front of us, wearing HER guilt like a cheap watch.

She's been quiet, and crafty, and ballsy to boot... But! I think she has stepped over the line.

DIA I am calling you out!!!

Let's look at the sheer facts of the cases, shall we.

Let's begin with the character:

A unsettling voice from afar howled inside her head. It screamed of years of pain and agony and begged to be set free.

As we all know, Dia is a psychic, and the whole damn thing is taking place in what? Anyone? A haunted house! Here, in her opening paragraph, we see that she is already in tune with the mood of the house.

I can't believe we didn't see this all along.

The voice SPOKE to her first. Sheesh, what were we thinking?!?

Further clues:

A mans gruesome face stared back at her mouth agape. Shocked she dropped the shard back to the table and she felt the faces of the other vistors looking at her.

See? The house communes with someone in "tune" with the spirits. How blind we have been. Shame on us all.

And then here is the real kicker:

Dia didn't lead on to what she did in her private practise, while she was proud of her abilities and of the help she had provided people, she didnt know these people or what they would think. Announcing, at this very time, in this very place, where a painting had just talked, about ones own ability to speak with lost souls, just seemed absurd.

Now we know why she has kept it quiet, and why she has been so adamant in her pursuit of the good Reverend.

She was in league with evil forces from the jump. Damn, how did everyone MISS THIS?!?

Now, to the kills:

SK #1
Something about it was alluring and he was beginning to feel more confident in his decision to stay the night.

Remember every time the spirit manifested, it got colder and people were uncomfortable? Unless someone could actually talk to, or control the spirits, how could they negate this very important piece of information?

Simple. They couldn't!

Someone MUST be able to control spirits. Guess who?

Now, the second:

SK #2:
Trying to clear his mind from the cloud of the ritual, Elegua glanced frantically around the room. The source of the voice, however, couldn't be seen.

Compare that line to this one from her profile:

Dia gasped and shook her head trying to clear her thoughts.

How clever a quote is THAT for a clue?

Seriously where have our minds been? On vacation?

And this may or may not be significant, but it stands out in my mind:

SK #3:
"Shut up, freak," came the voice. And once again the makeshift club came rushing in.

How would she know he was a "freak" unless she had been told by the spirits who we all know have knowledge of the living?

I realize that sometimes OOC stuff gets confused, because Bob called him on it as well, but I don't remember him coming out of the closet. Maybe he did. Lots of info out there, and I may not recall it all accurately...

Now clues from the fourth kill:

SK #4:
One quick snap and Gilbert was no more, but a sudden blast of cold ripped through the killer.

Once again with the cold, a certain connection to the summoning and appearance of spirits, if you are at least familiar with the occult or have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

What we took for a manifestation of the house, has ALWAYS been a CLUE to lead us to the KILLER! A psychic killer who has ties with the occult.

We have been blind all along, and I suspect it is more because this SK has been quietly in the background until very recently.

And this:
: “What an insufferable moron.”

The one person who could NOT be influenced by the spirits, fear, or whatever due to his disability. And she caustically points the finger at Bob for being callous?!?

And finally:

SK #5:
The killer expected the sudden rush of cold at the woman’s death, but this time with it came a shocked fury that washed over the killer in a freezing wave of malice so powerful and alien...

She EXPECTS the cold, but gets something else. Now some have alluded that this is indicative of someone being the GF. I dunno about that, but I do know that she was taken unaware, perhaps the first time the spirits of the house have acutally manifested in her presence. With each kill they grew stronger, and now are actually taking over her earthly shell.

Seems good enough to me...

The colors which permeate each scence lead us on this path as well.

Black and white are a predominate theme. I think they allude to the two sides of the spirit world. Good and evil.

Guess which color I think dear Dia is wearing? Here's a hint: It ain't white!


Whereas I commend Vulash for his work, and I am sorry that my vote is going towards someone who I do not know for sure should be lynched, I can only say that some of you have been casting "pearls before swine" in a valiant but wrong attempt to frame the innocent.

I forgive you.

Dia, you are the SK!
Dia 19 years ago
hmm, you points start off slightly well and then start to roll down the hll to ridiculous town dear bobby!

by using only half logic and half pure paranoia to try and cover your tail wont get you the win!

i believe youve only spared me thus far as to not make it apparent that yyou are the sk. as in "i havent killed all the heretics so it cant be me!" type of syndrome.

but if i cease to make it this hour i can only hope the rest of the folks do you in!

see you in the attic baby.
Aniyah 19 years ago
Those are all interesting points and I'm going back over to see where you came up with them and you really pulled something from where I didn't see it!

Seems like, however, I'm about to join those in the ghostly attic since misguided souls have suddenly taken a dislike to me. :P
Slipnish 19 years ago
One thing to tell ya Dia...

I can spell P-A-T-S-Y.

Thanks for the label, cause its the only one that fits me.