The remaining contestants:

Aniyah (Aniyah Le'Marou)
Etric (Isaac Carson Wiener)
Grimknot (Danny Kincannon)
immy (Jade McLeary)
Mushizo (Dia)
Rasberry (Svetlana)
Slipnish (Bob Tilton)
Tornt (Drend Priggly)
Vulash (Dustin)

I know I'm a townie.
Aniyah's bio isn't long enough for her to be the SK.
Danny is fat as is the Reverand.
The females do not seem to possess the brute strength the killer requires.
Svetlana doesn't speak English, which the killer obviously does.
Drend is "average", he doesn't seem strong.

This leaves Dustin.

What we know about the SK:

The Sk is hard to hear and hard to see. Dustin is wearing all black and the house is dark (making him hard to see). And he speaks in whispers (he is hard to hear). Silence and darkness is continually used in SK kills. This points to Dustin.

The SK bursts through doors (SK3), snapped a kids neck (SK4), "erupted" a knife through the priests throat (SK2), and left indentations in wood (SK5). Physical power is continually used in SK kills. Dustin is the only man who isn't portrayed as fat. He also has spiked fingernails, perfect for leaving indentations in wood.

The SK is disdainful of others. He calls them "freak" (SK3), calls their religion "foolish" (SK2), calls them "moron" and is "disgusted" by them (SK4). Dustin feels like the normal one here, and besides being disdainful of others is seems very "Goth".

The SK seems at ease in the house. He goes outside (SK4), walks through the halls (SK2), and hides in the balcony room (SK5). Everyone is afraid of the house, but not the SK. Dustin thinks it will be "simple" to stay in the house.

Now for specifics.

Atrribute clues in Dustin's Bio.

Dustin sat there listening, brows furrowed, as everyone else introduced themselves. It wasn't often he felt like the normal one of a group, but this was one crazy gathering. He wore dark sunglasses, odd for indoors, a long black leather trench coat despite the heat, and his fingernails were long, painted blood red, and cut to points. Everything he wore was black, including his freshly dyed hair.

When it came his turn he barely looked up, and spoke in little more then a deep whisper, "Sup, I'm Dustin. I'm uh currently a DJ at some local bars in my hometown. I tried starting a band, but that didn't work out for now. Oh and uh...I did some theatre in the past."

He went back into his own thoughts assuming the next person would pick up from there. He didn't care really. Stay the night here? Simple.

Here are the specific clues that Dustin is the SK:


Without realizing it, he found himself in a large room, mostly empty, and as dark as the rest of the house. Somehow, the darkness felt a bit closer here.

As he slipped from consciousness, embracing darkness that was closing in around him...

This was a dark chord.


"Your foolish prayers can't save you now

The source of the voice, however, couldn't be seen

tip of the skinning knife erupted from his neck

their wicks reignited with black flames, flames of murder. Their center burned darkest, like the soul of the assassin

walked alone in the halls, accompanied only by the sound of a thousand clocks signaling a new hour


With a crash, his door came flying open. The killer raced across the room, smashing the gay man across the face with a piece of splintered wood.

"Shut up, freak,"


“What an insufferable moron

Thinking it best to appear relaxed, the killer leaned on a nearby wall, trying to look casual.

The killer was disgusted to notice that Gilbert had not bothered to clean up after their slaughter in the kitchen

With that, the killer reached out with both hands, grabbing Gilbert by the jaw. One quick snap and Gilbert was no more


Pulling out a knife, the killer waited, silently, eagerly, in the blackness.

the feeling passed, and the killer fled, leaving behind only the indentations in the soft wood of the banister.

As a wise away msg once said "IF YOUR NAME IS VULASH YOU MIGHT BE THE SK! "

Etric 19 years ago
Also OOC actions:

Vulash has been quite active "figuring out" and posting on other people. a way to distance doubt from himself.

And lastly, Etric's theory: If someone makes themself a unique graphic, they are guilty. /hi Vulash for SK button.

It held true in last game and it will hold true in this game.
Slipnish 19 years ago
You make a good case, but I find the "cold" of the place more telling.

Anyone could be hiding in the shadows, and if there is a SUPERNATURAL element, anyone could be the SK.

Dia still gets my vote...
Etric 19 years ago
Cold was there when we lynched Mae, when the SK killed people and before anyone died. It is a feature of the house and NOT a clue.
Grimknot 19 years ago
Cold was there when we lynched Mae, when the SK killed people and before anyone died. It is a feature of the house and NOT a clue.

Sayeth the Icy Wiener.
Vulash 19 years ago
And darkness isn't a feature of murder scenes in a haunted story? I've said that ove rand over ;p

The rest was stretchy conjecture at best.

Oh and I post alot in every game trying to figure clues - less in this one though cause of time.
Slipnish 19 years ago
Cold was there when we lynched Mae, when the SK killed people and before anyone died. It is a feature of the house and NOT a clue.

Sayeth the Icy Wiener.

Maybe so, but I find it interesting that it also shows up in the SK murders, and does so repeatedly.

Perhaps it does so for a reason, yes?

At any rate, this is the first time I have played, and these seem to be as good a set of clues as anyone else has.

I haven't been sure of "how" or "what" the clues would be anyways...

Anyways, Dia has still been in the background, and I don't doubt but that the intervention of the doctor has saved my poor soul from her on more than one occasion.