HM Mafia Round #7 SERIAL KILL: Sick of Life

/ooc yeah, I mixed up the kills today because I am a dumbass. Here's the correct scene.

“Damn,” Dustin said, beginning to rise. “Not going to…” The young man was cut off in surprise at Dia’s eyelids suddenly flying open, staring right at him and startling him nearly out of his wits. Her eyes remained open now, unblinking, and Dustin found that the stare was not quite as intense as it was before.

And her breathing had stopped.

Drend stood up, releasing Dia’s lifeless arm with a sick thud, and backed away from the corpse. The woman’s dying words had disturbed him for some reason, even though he knew she was speaking nonsense in a desperate attempt to save her own life. Still, he found he was badly spooked, gooseflesh breaking out on his arms and a wave of nausea overtaking him as he looked at the blood on the floor.

“Is this what you were looking for?” The portrait laughed, a cruel laugh all too reminiscent of Dia’s earlier hysterics. It was too much for Drend; he ran for the door, covering his mouth as he went, barely seeing, groping blindly for walls to guide him to the bathroom.


Drend rested his head on the porcelain rim of the toilet, feeling the good cold against his feverish, sweating cheek. Tears brought on by the vomiting streamed down his cheeks and he shook all over. Is this what I was looking for? My God, this night…I was looking for an adventure, but surely not this. Is this what I was looking for?

“Is this what you were looking for?”

Drend jumped up from his kneeling position, stumbled, and slipped. His head struck the wall opposite the toilet with a dull smack. He looked up at the speaker; Drend had half thought he had imagined someone’s voice in the room with him, but no, someone was here after all, and, of all things, offering him a hand towel.

“Thanks,” Drend said, shakily, reaching out for the offered towel, still too shaken to actually stand. He buried his face in the soft cloth, wiping away the sweat and vomit and blood.

“No problem.”

“God…in there…I can’t believe this is happening…” Drend shivered violently.
His eyes slipped closed again, unable to face his fellow guest after what he had done, what they all had done.

And so Drend Priggly never saw the hammer coming straight for him, right between the eyes, the claw digging into his brain with a single strike.

“Believe it.”

/ooc I only quoted the end of the lynch so that y'all could see how the rest of the scene is going to flow. It doesn't have any more significance than that.