HM MAFIA HIT #7: A getaway for two

"Is this what you were looking for?" The portrait laughed, a cruel laugh all too reminiscent of Dia's earlier hysterics. It was too much for Drend; he ran for the door, covering his mouth as he went, barely seeing, groping blindly for walls to guide him to the bathroom.

Jade felt terrible. This was one of the few instances where she really did, she wasn't just pretending to be sorry. She was.

The young woman dropped to the floor, holding her knees to her chest. It didn't help to get the chill out of her bones, but at least she felt a bit less exposed. She looked down at her shoes, shuddering at the blood caked to the soles, and kicked them off violently in disgust.

It wasn't long until there was a crash and a large commotion in the bathroom. Concern and fear rippled visibly through the small (boy, it had gotten small) group of guests remaining in the room. With only a slight pause to contemplate just not finding out what had happened, the guests rushed out.

Jade had wanted to, she had willed her legs to lift her, carry her out of the dining room. But, apparently, her will had faltered and she sat alone, huddled in a small ball on the floor, rocking slightly and sobbing quietly, for the most part.

"Jade, its time to go."

The voice startled her, her head shot up, eyes wide with fear.

"What do you mean?" She managed to pant out.

"Come on, if you don't leave now, you are going to die. And then, what would I do?" The other guest said.

Still, her legs refused to leave her from her refuge on the dining room floor. She sat there, unresponsive, trembling violently from cold and shock, her once rich red lips turned blue and pulled into a thin line.

"Alright, fine," the speaker's voice had gotten dangerous, angry. "Sit there then. I offered you an escape. It could have been just the two of us. Take notes. This is how it is done."

The form laughed a bit. Not a normal laugh; this laugh was dripping malice, contempt, and something else - something unnamed but evil without bounds.

Jade screamed. It wasn't a conscious action, really; it just seemed like the only thing she could do.

Her scream was cut brutally short, dying in a gurgle. The maniac stabbed her over and over, piercing her skin countless times. Blood fountained from a dozen wounds as her heartbeat faded to nothing. The blood painted the ground around her, telling a terrible story of death.

As the room began to fade, Jade was surprised. She had been told when you were dying you saw a bright white light; instead, all she could see was an inky darkness, all consuming.

The spirit within the maniac’s form shrieked in ecstasy as it devoured the heiress’s helpless corpse.

They’re almost gone now. Almost.