I need some PC Tech help!!!

When I am playing WoW, my screen keeps blinking over, like you've hit alt+tab. Even though I have shut everything down, there seems to be something running in the background.

What I found was that Internet Explorer, a program I no longer use, (I use Firefoxx now.) Is downloading something from the following URL:

When you go to that URL, its a one page site with the word, Welcome of hello or some shit.

I am sure I have eleventy million viruses...

I run spybot and ad aware, but I am thinking they have missed something.

I can't even get to regedit, cause it closes as soon as you open it.

Aside from taking it to the professionals and telling them to take it back to the kernel, anyone have ANY advice?

Remember, Slip is NOTHING of a technical wizard. If anything I am the Antitechno-Christ.

In fact, I may bet Mae to make that my title!

Anyways, simple answers, and remember, you are dealing with a total PC Noob...

Anulien 19 years ago
Without reading your post: Buy a new computer! Install Linux!

After reading your post: Stop downloading porn! You never got rid of IE since the browser and explorer use the same exact code being integrated together. You've gotten some very malicious spyware and are safer reinstalling the system then ever trusting it again. Regedit closing like that is signs of what unix people call a rootkit, which is not happiness.
Just Erin 19 years ago
Gilae 19 years ago
Yanno, my pc had some pretty bad spyware on it and it sounds like a lame way to fix it, but I downloaded the yahoo toolbar with the spyware feature on it and I haven't had a single problem since. A quick solution if you're having issues you can't figure out imo.