HM - The Mafia My clues...all of them (split from another thread)

It was masterful playing, I will give them that.

Ok here are the clues:

Scene 1: The Silent Chord

Something about it was alluring and he was beginning to feel more confident in his decision to stay the night.

Pointing towards Vulash's character's confidence

His attention had been drawn, understandable so, to the magnificent grand piano in the center of the room. This thing was huge, bigger then any piano he had ever seen, and pristine. Its black finish glistened and the ivory keys seemed to beg to be played.

Two part clue here, the music instrument points to Dustin, who was a DJ and had been in a band. Also, the music pointed towards a mafia member too, which was intentional in a way, but since the serial came in first, it was on that I was trying to focus...

the black pointed to Dustin's clothes.

Before he had time to let out a startled scream or cry for help the piano wire was tight around his neck,

Piano wire - music - Dustin

As he slipped from consciousness, embracing darkness that was closing in around him, he barely heard a single piano chord over the rushing of his blood in his ears. This was a dark chord, a full chord, a chord of death and the last four notes poor Victor James would ever hear.

Bold - Darkness/blackness again to Dustin
Italic - A single chord, pointing to the single SK
Underlined - 4 notes 4 mafia.

Scene 2: To Pagan Gods

Smearing some blood, pigs blood from an earlier sacrifice (you couldn't carry around enough livestock these days, so sometimes he had to make due), on his chest, arms, and face, he began weaving back and forth in slow time to the rhythm of his own heart beat. Gradually, his heart sped to a faster pace, and in turn so did his rythmic dance.

Rhythm and dancing: Dustin as a DJ

The candles were extinguished by a sudden gust of chill wind. Seconds later, their wicks reignited with black flames, flames of murder. Their center burned darkest, like the soul of the assassin - full of greed, hatred, and insanity.

Again with the theme of black.

Scene 3: Not Quite the Alamo

*Clock Clang*

3 of these = the 3rd serial killer death. Not really a clue, but it does relate to the story.

Out of habit, he reached for his Reds and flipped open his zippo lighter.

Reds pointed towards the only other color vulash mentioned in dustin's charater..Red finger nails...

he moved towards the table in his room.

A bit of a stretch on this one, but a DJ uses a turn-table, often just shortened to tables...

Dear Diary, he scratched.

Another DJ reference. DJ's 'scratch' when performing.

He paused to count on his fingers

You don't count on your fingers, per say, when DJing, but you keep a count of the beat.

"No, please, I don't want to die. I don't need this house, I just want to get out of here! I just want to go home!" He almost added 'Where the buffalo roam, and the skies are not cloudy all day' but for some reason doubted it would be appropriate.
Although in there slightly for comedic value, this was a reference to a

And once again the makeshift club came rushing in.

Club? Where do DJ's spin? that is right, clubs.

smeared with bloody handprints

Red hands.

*Note: At this point I was out of town and while I helped write lynches, I didn't put clues in*

Scene 5: Breaking News

With the SK/Mafia duo wrecking so hardcore, I decided to throw quite a few clues in the lynch scene to help the townies..
during all her years as a journalist, she hadn't come across anything quite like this.

Points to journalism and strange occurances, both found in the Enquirer.. My first ever clue to grim.

It is too bad she hadn't gotten a chance to get this story, instead of being a part of it, she thought. It would have brought a fortune. She might have gotten a cover artical in the Times.

More journalism...

It seemed a lie, a farce, some trick. She wouldn't believe it.


doubted the truth in those thoughts.


She paused, pondering what to say next. She never had been good at endings, she never felt she could sum things up quite the way she needed to when writing. It didn't seem odd that she couldn't think of one now. This was the biggest ending of all, wasn't it?

Not really a clue but more a revelation about me...I suck at endings, I got a private chuckle from that one... =P

Aniyah seemed slightly surprised at how quickly the group had assembled

Reference to Danny's character thread - his rushed entrance.

Panting, the crowd slowed as they neared. All pretenses and deceptions dropped they got straight to business.

Another reference to the character intro of Danny.

Her blood spattered the side of the garage, staining the white walls and glass windows. Again and again, red lines, telling of evil deeds, smeared the building. Her recorder finally slid from her hand, clattering against the ground; the story of Aniyah Le'Marou had come to an end.

The bold part refers to glass, or glasses, like Danny wears. The rest of it refers to journalism and stories..

he made a show of pulling out some papers and holding to the moon light.


running about the whole place searching for the truth of where you are

A reference to the enquirer.

(Wow this is a lot more clues then I thought....takes a breather)

Scene 6: Almost There

The Title...She had pointed in the right direction in the ooc and had almost pulled some things together...

Her hands were already red with blood

Red Hands...

Her heals clicked across the hardwood floors, playing out a wartime beat, stiff, dark, and brooding. The noise echoed off the walls, reveberating through the empty rooms.

Mostly a DJ reference (reverb and the beat) with a hint of color in there.

The morning sun was rising, washing the foyer in red. It had been a bloody night, this red is fitting, Svetlana mused.

Red. Red. Red......COME ON PEOPLE, more red pointing towards Dustin.

The killer waited in the shadows, hiding in a room with a couple of tables. The urgent beat of the woman's heels on the floor grew louder and then, after she passed the doorway, softer.

'A couple of tables' Two tables. DJ.

"Where do you think you are going?" The words held malice that stabbed through her chest like the point of a dagger.

or the point of sharpened finger nails?

Americans, showy and lacking any moderation at all.

Goth's tend to be extreme about things.

It seems, she thought, that nearly every guest that had started the night in the dining room had fit a cliche that the rest of the world imposed on this 'great land' and its people, free and selfish.

Goth is a cliche of our society.

"Я надеюсь мое кровяное пятно ваши руки и прежде, чем темнота ночи исчезает, Вы обнаружены для того, каковы Вы действительно."

That is a rough translation meaning something like:
I hope my blood stains your hands and before the night is over you are found out for what you really are.

The sun, now cresting the horizon cast an array of light through the front windows. She was almost there, she almost had made it out.

This pointed again to how close she got to convincing people she was right. And the fact that she almost lived through the game.

Scene 7: A getaway for two

Title pointing towards the two orchastrating this all...

"What do you mean?" She managed to pant out.

Panting, as fat reporters do...(or Hotel Heiresses when caught on film OMG)

Take notes. This is how it is done.

Blood fountained from a dozen wounds

Fountain Pen...that one was a long shot, but I wanted to point to a pen without *using* the pen as a weapon.

telling a terrible story of death.

More stuff about stories and writing.

As the room began to fade, Jade was surprised. She had been told when you were dying you saw a bright white light; instead, all she could see was an inky darkness, all consuming.

Inky - pens, and writing.
White light and darkness, black and white, like writing on paper.

And that.
Not going to check this for spelling or anything, so you get all my typos. AHAHHA