This was the start to a longer story written about my bard, Ivylyn and my roommate's rogue Cylisteen. I can't vouche for how good it is.. I found it today after looking through some of my older files.


"Perhaps You should go somewhere safe like a nice tavern to do that." Ivylyn looked up from her lute to see a splendid dark elf standing behind her." Some of us are out here fighting for a living." Scorn dripped from his voice.
" I suppose my little songs mean very little to one such as yourself." She replied evenly. It wouldn't be the first time some fighter questioned the right of a bard to be on a battlefield.
"You'd be correct there. I prefer silence." He smiled a wicked grin which was at once menacing and charming.
" Well far be it from me to impose my music upon you,Good sir." With that she slung her lute upon her back and pulled out a tiny tambourine. In a whirl of singing and jingling bells she was gone.
"Hmmph, We could have used the bard, Cyl." Shaylie chided him. "Its not easy healing you guys as it is."
Cylisteen grinned, "I know you aren't referring to me. When do I need healing exactly?" He looked at her innocently waiting for a response.
The little blonde druid just sighed and sat down to meditate.

"This isn't going as well as planned." Shaylie began once again to cast her root spell around the Drolvarg that was currently pounding on her.
"What gave that away?" Coldrain shouted over to her while beating on yet another of the hairy monsters. There were four in all and two of them were beating on the healer. "Stab it quicker,Cyl."
"Bah," the dark elf barely looked up from his blades. "you're the one lugging around that unwieldy axe. you move faster."
"Less talk, more killing." Bluff said as she let loose a fireball at one of the Drolvargs on Shaylie. It decided to take more offense at the scorched hide than the healing of enemies and turned on the Erudite wizard.
"Run to the castle and try to find help." Cylisteen said to the druid." Take the wizard with you." He spared a glance for the wizard who was now trying to stay ahead of the her assailant's large claws.
"Perhaps, I can help." a musical voice sounded clearly above the din. Cylisteen looked up and saw the bard from earlier that day. He sighed, figuring he was going to have one more death on his conscience. She offered, wasn't like she couldn't see the trouble they were in. Still perhaps she was young and still thought this soldiering was all fun and games. He figured he'd probably never know. Oh great, she's singing again. He gave a final twist of his knife into the back of his current enemy and felt satisfaction as it finally slid down to the earth. He looked up for the next monster to kill to see Shaylie sitting next to the bard, who was standing under a drolvarg's nose. He looked after the wizard and found that her assailant was likewise stunned into inaction. Coldrain headed for another drolvarg and began the next round of fighting. After what seemed like years, the hairy beasts lay about them in a motionless heap. Cylisteen dropped down to sit next to Shaylie and heaved an exhausted sigh of relief. Leaning back, he took notice of the bard, finally bothering to take a closer look. She wasn't hard to look at. How'd he miss that? She was small and tan, like all of the woodelf race and her eyes were a lovely shade of green. Right now she looked rather charming with a stray lock of copper colored hair over her eyes while she bent over her lute. He noticed the song had changed tempo and while he didn't speak much Fier' Dal he found the tone quite soothing.
"Thanks for the timely aid, fair Minstrel." Coldrain said, taking hold of one of Ivylyn's hands. Cylisteen rolled his eyes, what is it about woodelf females that makes every dwarf a lovesick puppy? Next he will be quoting her poetry.
"Not at all, kind sir, I was glad to help." the bard replied smiling down at the rugged little man. She glanced at the dark elf wondering whether he'd offer thanks as well. She wouldn't mind him kissing her hand, she thought as she watched him out of the corner of her eye. He was quite possibly the most handsome male creature she'd ever seen. His skin was exotic in its shade of blue and his eyes glinted like hard steel and were a similar shade. His long white hair was caught neatly in a tie at the back of his neck. She idly wondered what would it look like loose and flowing through her fingers. Bad bard, she realized the day dreaming had caused her to miss a note. She also realized the dark elf was staring at her.
"You aren't too bad with those." He gestured to her blades belted at her sides. "Perhaps, I can show you some techniques I picked up. I noticed you seemed to be having a little trouble with a few maneuvers."
Ivylyn nodded in acceptance. He may be cocky but she'd already seen he had a good reason to be.
"That, by the way, is about the closest you'll get to a thank you out of Cylisteen." the little druid whispered to her.
"Its enough." Ivylyn smiled.

Temprah 18 years ago
That was really good!! Made me miss EQ1 and all the eons I've spent grouped around KC.
Mai 18 years ago
Thank you

Yeah, I stayed in Dreadlands for ages.. we had a CD of "pull music" just for that zone and the level grinding that was done there.