didnt see a thread for it but wanted to get my ramblings out loud!

Still Alive:

If i missed anyone i'm sorry tell me!

ok so heres my break down on thoughts

Birdie - her mutant powers are offesive and once again recent mafia attack was with weapons. A knife and pipe. And smashed in his face, she is short.

Desire - kills people with orgasms, i could see why would have to use a weapon but still not enough of anything for me to think her. Like why use a weapon when you could make out with them and kill them with no evidence? ( random thought. all the mafia kills have been male, maybe a vendetta against men she can have?)

Cache - Can make bullets out of items in demensional purse. I can see the knife being shot out of the purse but it said it was in the killers hand. Iffy

Tinct - a mutant with non offesnsive powers. This would give me reason to suspect he would use other weapons to do the job. He couldnt color someone to death so he would need help, also he is a prankster. So maybe his mischief went bad.This has been my basis for thoughts on why i voted for him twice. (he is the last male standing)

Gianna - Illusions, this raises a suspicious eyebrow. Todays mafia kill had two people, maybe it was really only one person. The first mafia kill he backed up into another person. Once again coulda been an illusion. Since she can confuse not only sight but smell taste and feel.

Camfluxxor- Another non offensive power. More a defensive than anything, another reason to be a helper and using a weapon. Part of the mafia that is helping but hasnt taken a frontal role maybe?

things to think about i do suposse. what do are the rest of you thinking?

MEC 17 years ago
So, I suppose I'm dead to you. :P

Oh and just because I can turn into a female doesn't mean that I'm not male.

And I don't think that prophet guy would take too kindly to you calling him a woman.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Updated list.

Gianna - Alive
MEC - Alive
Prophet - Alive
Desire - Alive
Tinct - Alive
Cache - Alive
Camfluxxor - Alive
Birdie - Alive

Here are the deaths by day and cause:

Day 1: Mafia/SK combo - Jubilee
Day 1: Lynch - Major feelgood

Day 2: Mafia - Joel
Day 2: SK - Evan
Day 2: Lynch - Redd

Day 3: Mafia - Toxotes
Day 3: Suicide Bomber - Razor
Day 3: SK - Prophet - *FAILED*
Day 3: Lynch - Jon

Day 4: Mafia - Zone

We sure die fast. :/

We seem to have determined a few things here...

- Jon was the SK. If we were correct, there will be no SK hit tomorrow.
- Sabretooth has not converted to Veganism.

Conclusions I have reached on my own that have albsolutely no impact that I can see, and are just interesting:

- Razor WAS the Godfather.

So, if we are correct so far, there are 8 men and women left standing. Of these 8, two are the Sheriff and Doctor, and one is the new Godfather.

Of these 8, three are male.

The only conclusion I have drawn from this after many much thinking, is that there's a damn good chance one (or more) of us femmes is on the wrong side of te tracks.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
In other news, since your suspicious eyebrow was raised by my illusion powers, let me just say two things in my defense...

1) Today's mafia hit specifically states:
He quickly dashed out the door, only to get cracked across the face

Now, let me point out that at 6'1" to my 5'1" there is no possible way for me to have cracked him across the face unless I made a well-timed jump. To have connected with enough force, I'd have needed to wind up baseball-bat style, and at my height that woulda caught him in the stomach or possibly the chest if I aimed high.

"across the face" indicates the attacker is more in line with Zone's tall height, not shorter, as you suggested. Someone shorter would have hit him in the chin on an upswing, or the forehead on the opposing downswing. No one as short as myself or Birdie could have cracked him across the face with a pipe. Unless they had some serious platform shoes on.

2) I would also like to point out that you stated
The first mafia kill he backed up into another person. Once again coulda been an illusion. Since she can confuse not only sight but smell taste and feel.

This is correct. I could have made illusory footprints and even made him feel like he was backing into someone. However, I couldn't look him eye-to-eye when he turned around, and I certainly could not have made an illusion to hit him on the head with a jagged block of concrete that actually connected. It's still an illusion.

At risk of my own poor little life now, I would however like to point out that we do have someone amongst us who is not only tall enough to have stared Joel in the eyes, but has the ability to make herself fade away AND to extend that ability to another object. I submit for your perusal this quote, from Camfluxxor's bio:

Other: I can extend the ability to fade in plain sight to any non metallic object.

Any non metallic object, like, say,
a jagged piece of concrete

In the voice of the Travelocity gnome: Am I going to die now?
Briare 17 years ago
Cache - Can make bullets out of items in demensional purse. I can see the knife being shot out of the purse but it said it was in the killers hand. Iffy

Unfortunately not quite hehe. She creates bullets from dimensional energy she can not shoot items from her portals.
Hiejinx 17 years ago
True on the extension to non metallic as in the concrete but we need to keep in mind Razor and other ones such as Redd that are dead are also possibilities for all prior kills. It is quite possible that Joel backed into Razor and someone else whacked him. I would need to go back and look up Evan too and see how tall he was as it could also have been the two of them, one behind and one facing with another unknown that may be equally as dead or possibly still alive.

You sure you weren't standing on a stool in that cafe?
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Pretty sure, considering he got whacked outside the door.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
And furthermore, I cannot make an illusion then walk away and animate from outside the building.
Cobert 17 years ago
K, we have absoutely no new evidence. yay
Dia 17 years ago
ok so i forgot 2 of ya! i had thought Prophet was dead cuz im silly. thanks for clarifying for me tho =)

It's 20 question time yeay! /giggles

Is camfluxxor killing off males because of her stepfathers torture? something to concider. Also, i thought in her bio that when she stated about nonmetallic things was to be taken as if she stood infront of a brick wall she could look like bricks. Not turn into a brick herself? I dont understand the her turning into a piece of concrete. /scratches head

Gianna - i wasnt sure what exstent your powers were. Your illusions have no physical attributes then correct? You cant contact with an illusion. Where as it might not actually hit someone but with your power they think they got hit duck/go down and then you do the actual hitting after? its just a unmovable image like a person standing. not a person talking or dancing?

Bri- had the bullets wrong sorry! hehe thats why i put my thoughts out. to get them clarified hehe, dont wanna lynch another townie!
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
I wasn't suggesting Cam turned herself into a piece of concrete... her bio states she can extend the powers to a nonmetal obejct ie: when she fades away, if she were to be holding a jagged piece of concrete, it would fade away with her. /shrugs, just an idea.

And my abilities can indeed animate an illusion. The illusion cannot interact physically with the world around it; if I hit someone, the blow would pass harmlessly through them. It may sound like a person, even feel like a person under the right circumstances, smell like one, etc, but other than production of noise, I have no way to actually altr the environment around me. I need to be within about 20 feet or so to do this, and I need to be able to see what I'm doing... no hidding around corners or anything.
Hiejinx 17 years ago
Dang it, I had a whole long OOC reply typed up and then didn't get it saved...WAHHH!

Gianna, you are correct in your statement about how I envisioned my mutant power. If any play EQ2 I saw my mutant power as manifesting itself somewhat the way 'invis' is shown on a character. Standing in the snow in EQ2, one can still see the outline. It does not mean I am invisible, if I had meant to be invisible, I would have stated that as my power. What I meant was for me to have the ability to color myself like the background the same way a chameleon does (hence my name....). My outline could be seen if one looked closely. The reason the stepdad did not see me in the closet was a) it was dark and b) I had colored myself like the towels and linens on the shelves behind me.

Do I hate men? No, only the sick perverted bastard stepdad.

Typically from a psychological point of view when one has been abused they either withdraw more to themselves and are afraid that everyone knows and no one would like to be their friend or due to their feelings of unworthiness they engage in promiscuous behavior seeking acceptance by giving sexual favors.

But I do have a question about your ability to illusion. I take it you typically have to have an 'item' to be able to illusion it into something else? If that is the case how did you manifest/replicate the music "out of thin air"? Understandably while you could activate the illusion, by itself the illusion would be unable to create damage by the very nature of an illusion.

I have gone back through Zone's death though and he was able to see the mutant with the butcher knife although the mutant was different. Heck, no idea what was meant by 'different'. It could have meant the mutant had on a hat for all I know. The mutant that hit him with the pipe could have been beside the door and swung it like a bat as he stepped across the threshold. Even a small person standing on something could have made that whack. I agree with Elvaiz on this hit.
MEC 17 years ago
I don't think who the mafia has been hitting has any referance to the character profiles.

I thought the fact that the person coming in was called friend stuck out a bit. Perhaps it is someone with some relationship with zone?
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Ah, gotcha. Thanks Cam, I see how it works.

In return to your question, I do not need an item to be present in order to create an illusion. However, there are two main reasons why I couldn't have been responsible for the hit on Zone.

The first is that I could not have created any kind of illusion from around the doorway.

The second is because even if I'd been standing in the room, I'd have had to be working on two illusions at once; one of his 'friend' and one of maybe an empty wall or somesuch to disguise myself. I also couldn't do that.

In order to give myself the ability to be able to create very realistic illusions, I realized there had to be some drawbacks. The first is that I have to see what I'm creating. Another is that I can only create one at a time. The bigger the illusion, the tougher it is to give it minute details. Thus it's far easier to do small things like in my bio - covering a pothole with illusory pavement - than it is to do large things. I probably should have explained that further in my bio, which was my mistake, but that's the penalty as I see it for being able to create the fun things like sounds, smells, and touches.

I'm not sure I buy the 'standing on a stool' theory myself. I dunno how tall you are in real life, but I'm only 5 feet tall and I would not like to balance on a stool outside a door and take a whack at the general level of a large man's face as he comes through. That doesn't really seem like a very effective way to off someone, imo. Not only are you going to be off-balance and susceptilble to his retaliation should you NOT knock him out, but chances are that a good hearty whack is gonna throw off your balance enough to knock you off the stool as well. :P

There's gotta be something we're missing in this one. The 'friend' thing jumped out at me also, but I'm not sure what that's from. I can't find any reference to Zone having some tight buddy in the group. :/
Cobert 17 years ago
Ok, townies. We can win this.

There are two mafia left. If you hadn't figured it out I'm the selfish self perserving Doctor (Yes I can do that). Zone was the Sheriff. Before Zone died, he told me about his skids (as a townie he had no reason to lie). He Skid'd Etric (Tinct) and it returned as mafia. He then skidded Temprah (redd) and it returned as not-mafia.

So here's how it should go.

Etric first. Then after tomorrow's scene we work from there.
MEC 17 years ago
Yeah, I thought it was rather obvious you were the doctor.

But, I thought the sherrif was Martha. lol.
Hiejinx 17 years ago
Sorry All, had 10:30 tickets to SW

As Yoda said: "Use your feelings, find him you will"
I wasn't saying you were standing on a stool, (I was but I wasn't the point I was trying to make was there is not enough information given to reach a better conclusion than where we were several days ago. Anything was possible and from the write up also still likely.

My own conversation with the sheriff was very convincing that Tinct was mafia.

I do find some points of interest though --
In reading the write up:
he noticed that his friend seemed… different. The most surprising change was that the other mutant was holding a large butcher knife, and looked as if they were ready to do murder.

As this is a RP game and outside relationships have no place 'in character' this statement about "different" is referring to another mutant friend in the group. With that said, the Prophet was friends with Zone and MEC probably knew him from the educational and scientific community as could any of us as a mutants. I took it simply that Zone knew the mutant and had probably had a few drinks with him or her so he (Zone) could carry on a decent conversation or perhaps even a flirtation when Zone cycled around for that. Let's look too at Desire's bio:
People always commented on how different I was

He (zone) quickly dashed out the door, only to get cracked across the face by a large metal pipe being swung by a second attacker, who had been waiting outside.
There is nothing here that indicates the attacker was hidden or whether the attacker was beside the door waiting. It also doesn't say whether the door was left open when the first person came in or not. We have no way of knowing if Zone had to swing the door open or just dashed through...... I do find it interesting in Desire's bio:
She also has pretty extreme strength for a small (but tall) girl.

It just says he was knocked down. It doesn't say the attacker was tall, small, cute, ugly, shadow walking, illusioned, shape shifted, humming to themselves, or sexually manipulating him....