XMEN THE MAFIA - Day 4: Voting


Hiejinx 18 years ago
Are the votes due in by midnight tonight? -- I have tickets to Star Wars
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Briare was running out the door and IM'd me her vote right quick.

Lady Sharia: I am leaving now I dont have time to post *cries hehe
ROzBeans: ok
ROzBeans: for who?
Lady Sharia: Tinct
Cobert 18 years ago
MEC 18 years ago
I saw star wars at 2:00. :P
I kept waiting and waiting for the "You were the chosen one!" line, I thought it was during the fight.

anyway, I'm going to vote for Tinct
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
Dia 18 years ago
Sources say Tinct.
Rasberry 18 years ago
Oh yeah, voting closed and stuff. Scene to come soon.
Rasberry 18 years ago
The underground halls of the camp were a designers nightmare. Yellow and white checked tiles spread across the floor, dotted occasionally by rebellious blue tiles that seemed to have snuck in from a floor in some other building. The walls had been painted a dull orange in some areas, and in others hadn’t been painted at all, forcing Tinct to assume that asthetic wasn’t the driving force behind construction of the facility. Perhaps, he thought, they had wanted to blind the mutants before they were to be executed. He was tempted to re-decorate, but something about that seemed wrong to him, as though he might disturb the restless spirits of those whose lives had been abruptly cut short here.

As he wandered the halls, he came across a double door with two small circular windows set at eye level. He tried to look in, but age and neglect had left the windows inordinately filthy, so he touched the panel on the wall, and to his surprise the doors slid open.

When he flicked the light switch, the room gleamed with stainless steel. Operating beds lined one part of the room, and the other was dominated by a massive chamber encased in glass and electronic equipment.

Tinct knew what it was. Genetic destabilization had been a popular method for destroying mutants, though he was pretty sure it would work on just about anyone. He walked over to the machine and touched his fingers to the thin layer of dust that covered the control panel. It was then that he heard the doors slide open behind him.

When he turned, he wasn’t really that surprised to see the rest of the group standing there. He felt as though he had been drawn here, and he supposed the others probably felt the same pull, as though guided by some unseen force. The look in their faces he hadn’t expected however, and it brought dark premonitions. He knew those eyes.

Though they had effectively blocked the only exit, Tinct made a run for the doors, and as they grabbed him panic overtook him, and streams of color ran wildly up their arms. He snarled and clawed, but couldn’t break free from their grasp as they threw him into the glass chamber.

The hatched closed behind him, and he heard a dull hum as the machine charged up. He beat viciously against the glass as the others stood and watched. Blood began to trickle from his nose, and then from tiny tears that sprouted on every inch of his skin. As the machine began to break down his DNA, the tears gave way to larger wounds, and then to worse, as his skin melted into pools of blood at his feet. He fell screaming to his knees before the rest of his body broke down in turn, leaving just a throbbing pool of primordial goo on the polished floor of the machine. As the group left, the lights were turned off, and the chamber grew dark and colorless.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
Wow, we're evil.