XMEN Day 6: Voting

Choose wisely

Blackrabbit 18 years ago
Going on a hunch. It's probably wrong, but what the hey. :P


Sorry if I'm wrong. :P Nothing personal, and all that.
Briare 18 years ago
hmm........... Elvaiz
MEC 18 years ago
Is voting is still open?
Rasberry 18 years ago
I wasn't gonna make it on tonight till late (and its late). We're missing a few votes, so I'm gonna leave this open till Jin can get around to doing the lynch (really tired right now). If you wanna vote, get them in before he closes it.
Jinheim 18 years ago
Ok it's 2:30am and only two people have voted, so I am just going to go to sleep and write it when I wake up, or Rasberry will if she wakes up first.
MEC 18 years ago
I 'm not sure who is actually mafia now, gianna seems really set on lynch Elviaz, who claims to be the doctor. I thought there were clues pointing to Cache, and gianna does have a point about Elviaz. I thaught about it alot, and I think that maybe he claims that he will you his doctor position to protect himself every time as an excuse as to why the mafia never try to hit him.

I think I will believe gianna and vote for Elviaz
Jinheim 18 years ago
Alright, that's a majority even if the other people decide to show up and vote. Scene coming soon.
Jinheim 18 years ago
The mutants stumbled one by one out of the woods, as they approached the rendezvous point. What had appeared to be a cluster of buildings from the distance was revealed to actually be a rather large and secluded vacation home, nestled deep in the wooded hills and far away from civilization. This place, it seemed, was not abandoned and desolate like everywhere else they had been. Rather, it merely seem unoccupied, as if the owner might return at any moment. Still, they needed shelter and a safe place, so the first mutants to arrived broke in, and then waited for the others.

Strangely enough, the last to arrive was Sabertooth. The wound in his back from his confrontation with Mystique had been aggravated terribly by his run, and it was now bleeding badly. He limped along slowly, Quinn at his side, badgering him to take off the collar that inhibited his powers. If he would only remove it, his mutant healing abilities would take over instantly and the wound would close almost immediately. Still, he refused.

When the pair finally made it to the house and entered, tensions were high. The situation seemed almost hopeless. Their numbers had been whittled down from almost 20 to only a handful, and Sabertooth seriously doubted the competence and ability of these survivors. How they had lived this long was a mystery to him, except for that one…. That one was sneaky and devious, and gave off an evil aura. The huge mutant didn’t trust him. As the blood loss began to take its toll, his mind began to cloud and his judgment started to fade. He decided that the nameless mutant was a threat, and had to be dealt with.

Sabertooth had been alone in a bedroom while the others sat in the spacious are rather well furnished living room, trying to decide what to do. They all looked up as Sabertooth entered the room. He looked full of purpose and composed, and some were relieved to see him back on his feet. Others were unnerved by the massive and dangerous mutant. One mutant in particular seemed to sense something, and started panicking. As the Prophet’s heartbeat quickened and breath shortened, everyone in the room started to feel the effects of his powerful aura. Heads started to ache, and stomachs start to churn. Sabertooth seemed unaffected, though, as he strode across the room to the mutant.

The prophet stood up out of his char just as Sabertooth was reaching him, and tried to back up and away, but it was too late. Sabertooth reached out and grabbed the mutant by the throat, lifting him off the ground. The hapless mutant struggled and gurgled, but to no avail as Sabertooth swept his free hand across his belly and his claws tore through the mutant’s flesh, spilling blood, guts, and gore all over the floor. Sabertooth, satisfied that the wound would be mortal, tossed the mutant across the room and against the brick fireplace. The mutant crumpled into a heap, and continued to bleed out across the wooden floor.

Then, strangely enough, the sickening aura that the mutant had been producing all this time disappeared, and was replaced with something different. Instead of feeling ill and sick, the mutants felt… better. It was like the presence of the dying mutant was soothing. Sabertooth straightened fully, the pain in his back apparently fading, and the other mutants felt hopeful for the first time in hours. The injured mutant, though, was bleeding too much, and his insides were spilled out across the floor. There was nothing to be done for him. As the other mutants watched in horror as he died, he managed to lift his head up towards them and speak one final time:

“There… is no one… to save you now.”
Cobert 18 years ago
MEC 18 years ago
Oh, by the way, my last hit was cache, I figured that since rabbit was so nice that she killed the doctor for me, that I would bring her to the tie.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
It was yuor arse I almost tried to gank, I shoulda gone with my gut instinct. I knew it was you dangit, but I was so darn sure you were innocent from what happened at the start. :P