XMEN MAFIA - An Explanation

I feel that an explanation is necessary.

A few days into the game, it became appearant that someone had done some things that went against both the rules and the spirit of the game. Their actions were decidedly anti-mafia, and at the time the remaining mafia and the moderators all felt that the balance had been unfairly shifted against then. The mafia were very discouraged and about ready to forfeit the game, and the moderators and administrators got together and decided that the best thing to do would be to do something a little unprecidented:

We allowed them to recruit another mafia member.

I had the godfather submit a list of names to me that they felt were suitable candidates, and I picked one off that list that I felt would be the best fit, and approached that person to see if they would join. They readily agreed and became mafia that day. The new mafia member was MEC, who played the rest of the game flawlessly and managed to tie it.

In hindsight, this may or may not have been the right move to make. Either way, we did what we did, and I think you all deserve a heads up about what happened.

I just want everyone to take some time to think about what this game is all about for them. We, the writers, believe that this game is different from other games in that the single goal is not to win. This game is about mystery and intrigue, and roleplaying your character as a part of a dynamic storyline. If you manage to legitimately manipulate the environment in such a way that you win, then more power to you. However, 95% of people fail at this, and are going to die. It is not worth cheating or using tactics that go against the spirit of the game just to win. That sucks the enjoyment out of the game both for the person doing it, and everyone who is effected by it.

We added MEC as a mafia in an attempt to undo the damage that had been done, and set the game back on track to have a close and suspenseful ending, and I believe that we definately accomplished this. I apologize to the townies who feel that we might have overcompensated and robbed them of a victory. I just ask you to consider this: Does it really matter who wins? This is one of the few games where "It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it is how you play the game" truly applies, and I feel that you all played very well.

In order to avoid this problem in the future, I will go in to much greater detail at the beginning of any game that I moderate about what kind of attitude and conduct is expected from players. I apologize to those of you (the vast majority) who have always played by the rules for having to endure this post.

See you next game.

- Jinheim

Blackrabbit 18 years ago
That explains a WHOLE lot. I had been pretty certain MEC was Mafia by the end, but I didn't vote for him because I'd been so certain he wasn't at the beginning.
Cobert 18 years ago
This pisses me off.
Cobert 18 years ago
MEC 18 years ago
Hey, I never killed you, I was thinking about bringing you to the tie before rabbit killed you for me.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
I wouldn't have suspected him if they hadn't brought you into the mafia; as it stood, Elvaiz and I were both right in that the two remaining mafia were Cam and Tinct. After that is when everything got thrown off.
Rae 18 years ago
I know people on both sides are probably a bit upset. I am sure there was some concerns about whether or not the mafia would have been discovered as quickly under normal circumstances. I know alot of people were looking forward to this game and that a signifcant amount of work went into it. The mods probably did what they thought was best to save the game for those who had been excited about it and so that all of their hard work would not have been wasted by canceling the game. I think Jinheim, Rasberry, Geeii, and everyone who worked on it should be congratulated for doing such a wonderful job under the circumstances. Thank you all very much. I enjoyed it, even if I did get killed by my own mother. :P
MEC 18 years ago
I told her to do it.
Rasberry 18 years ago
For anyone who is upset about what happened, it just shows how important it is to maintain the integrity if your roles... if it's any consolation we weren't very happy either. What makes the game fun is trying to figure out who is who, deciphering the clues, and playing your part in the puzzle. If you have the key to the crossword before you start working on it... what's the point?

What we did, in adding MEC into the mafia equation, was try and level out the playing field. We weren't trying to push the outcome in any one direction, we just wanted to keep it going... cuz the alternative would have been to end the game right there. I think the last vote was fair, it came down to the townies choosing their fate, and they chose poorly. *shrug* it happens.
Hiejinx 18 years ago
A round of applause and thank you to the mods -- your hard work and dedication was evident. Here! Here! Jon can share his Jamican souvenirs or pass the drinks! Either way, I enjoyed the game, even with a few missteps on my part...but hey, that is what learning means.

And it was with great pleasure I sent that SKID in darling daughter --as I figured you had already ID'ed me but turns out you hadn't....Neener, Neener!!!!!
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Definitely, grats again to an excellent and well written Mafia Thank you to everyone who participated and again feel free to keep the signatures, just be sure to credit either Rasberry for the Wolverine or Kassy for the other xmen. =)
Temprah 18 years ago
Good game, good solution.. but I do think you should modify the FAQ some since it does say you can tell people what your role is. If mafia should keep that a secret it should say so..
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Good game, good solution.. but I do think you should modify the FAQ some since it does say you can tell people what your role is. If mafia should keep that a secret it should say so..

Forming alliances is definitely encouraged. During the blade runner mafia, we formed an alliance that consisted of the SK (me), Mafia (jin and pharren), the doctor (geei) and the sherrif (vulash). Yeah it was a horrible alliance and we played totally into the mafia's hands but omg it was some fun and wow were they pissed to find out I was the sk =D I almost won!

In the haunted mansion mafia, the SK and 1 mafia figured out who each other were thru discussion. References to finding out thru other methods is what is frowned upon and clearing outlined in the FAQ under definition of cheating.

In any case, all mafia's will have a clearer definition of the rules for newer players and anyone with questions on what might be crossing the line should always ask whomever the game Mod is to prevent confusion first before trying anything questionable out. =)
Dia 18 years ago
im confused!

i did have lotsa fun tho so maybe being an airhead thats normally clueless isnt so bad =D
Mai 18 years ago
You guys did an excellent job of modding the game. I think it was the best solution in order to continue playing. Ending the game would have disappointed many people, mods included. If people feel upset or slighted by the results, please remember a couple of things. 1. Its a game, not life. 2. The mods were in a difficult position and did what they thought best. Would any of us handled it any better had it been our choice to make? I don't think so. They were as fair as possible and as reasonable as possible. I, personally look forward to more games run by the both of them.

And Rae...I laughed about it. y