XMEN THE MAFIA - Clues? What clues?

The first thing I would like to say is that I don't use vague semantics for my clues. Any time that the wording or phrasing of a sentence reminds you of a particular character, it is purely coincidental.

For example:

The mutants assembled on the steps, some crouching down, too exhausted from the previous night’s events to waste energy on standing. Others stood, shifting in place, too restless and anxious to sit still.

As you can see, I used the words "energy" and "shifting" in the same paragraph. However, this was not a clue pointing to the energy shifter, Redd.

<3 u veri.

On with the show:


Clues in day 1's SK/mafia hit:

The first clue is a circumstancial one. The serial killer is off alone, by himself. What would he be doing all alone by himself? It isn't supposed to be obvious at first, but it was a recurring theme and eventually someone picked up on it: He was alone because he was smoking pot.

"The mutant’s dire musings were interrupted by an abrupt change in the wind, causing yet more unfamiliarly cold air to invade the sanctuary the mutant had found huddling underneath the awnings that shielded the church’s back entrance."

The air is "unfamiliarly cold" because the serial killer is from Jamaica.

"As they edged away from the small vortex of snow and ash that had been kicked up in front of them"

There is ash mixed in with the snow because the SK is smoking pot.

"A lone mutant sat crouched against the church’s rear wall, staring out across the now desolate cityscape that sprawled out before him."

Whoops This was a mistake on my part. I doubled checked to make sure I didn't use any sex-specific pronouns, but next time I will quadruple check.


Clues in Day 2's Mafia Hit

"He followed the tracks for almost a mile as they continued straight down what was once a major street, and after a while he came to a section of road where the snow, and thus any footprints, was being washed away by moving water, the runoff from some of the slowly melting snow. He looked across the small stream, only to see no footprints on the other side. "

Visualization is key for a lot of my clues. The melting snow had nothing to do with any of the mutants, but what is important is that the mutant who left the tracks entered the stream, but appearantly never came out. You should also note that he is in the middle of a major street, and thus has a clear line of sight all around him.

"He started to back up, only to bump in to something solid. He spun around, only to lock eyes with another mutant."

He backs up in to a mutant that was not there before. Or were they? He is in an area where he could easily see anyone approaching him. The mutant had been standing in the stream waiting for him the entire time, and they were invisible. The rock they hit him with was also invisible. The mutant in the creek was Camfluxxor, who has the ability to go invisible and take non-metal objects with her.

"When another pair of footprints came from a side street and joined the first two, Sabertooth’s curiosity was piqued."

There was some confusion here. When I said "pair of footprints" I meant that there were two sets of footprints, i.e. tracks from two different people. Sorry for the ambiguity.

“He was suffocated with snow. He asphyxiated, and then the snow melted due to his residual body heat, thus leaving no trace. The Russian Mafia calls it the White Death.”

When Quinn says he was suffocated with snow, she means that his mouth was opened and snow was crammed down his windpipe until he choked on it, NOT that they buried him under a mountain of snow and hoped he died before help arrived. I don't think that would work as well :P I took this from a Dan Brown book, and it is done in real life.


Clues for Day 2 Serial Kill

"A man walked alone in the dark, his flashlight off, stepping lightly as he crept back to the storage area. As he passed through an aisle full of hand tools, he heard the faintest of sounds come from a behind him. He froze in terror. Who else would be out here in the dark, with their light off?"

Why would the victim in this scene be walking through a dark warehouse with his flashlight off? What did he mean by "Who else..."?

The answer: The victim in this scene was a mafia member coming back from a meeting with the other mafia. To avoid detection, his flashlight was off.

"A few minute’s later, Quinn was walking down the aisle for hand tools, shining her light from side to side and taking in her surroundings. Everything in this warehouse had been in perfect condition, exactly as it had been left years ago when the previous owners had fled the area. A thick layer of undisturbed dust covered everything she could see: floor, shelves, tools, everything. In addition, it looked like the place had never been looted at all. On all the shelves, all the merchandise had been moved to the front of the shelf and oriented so that the front label faced outward, and the lack of any gaps suggested that nothing had been taken or moved since the store was boarded up and abandoned"

Someone nailed this clue. In the aisle with hand tools, Quinn notices that none of them have been moved or touched and it looks like none have been taken. This is extended to the saws, which are on the hand tool aisle. The body was sawed apart, though, so where did the killer get a saw? He morphed his hands in to them.


Clues for Day 3 Mafia Hit

This was the scene where Razor went after the suicide bomber and died along with her. I didn't include any clues other than:

"There was a commotion from the front of the car. Some voices were raised from some kind of petty argument, but they sounded angry, like there was about to be a fight."

It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to suppose that the commotion up from was caused by the other mafia members as a diversion. This would indicate that there are at least two more and that they are not mute (as several of the mutants in this game were).


Clues for Day 3 Serial Kill

As is tradition, whenever someone fails a hit, they get some nasty clues pointing towards them. You guys nailed them all:

"The Shadow Walker found one that worked, finally, in a distant corner of the underground station."

Who else would be in a bathroom in the far corner of the station? Our pot smoking serial killer.

"As he walked in, the first thing to assault his senses was a very powerful, yet oddly pleasant smell, once that he was not familiar with."

The smell was weed, which the Prophet did not recognize because he is not from this dimension / is completely batshit insane.

"Moments later, the attacker fled as the Prophet lay on the filthy tile of the bathroom, blood pouring out of numerous wounds to his chest and face."

If he's bleeding profusely, he probably got cut by something. In this case it was the scythes that the serial killer morphs his hands into.


Clues for Day 4 Mafia hit

"Zone emerged, squinted in the bright sunlight, and crossed the street to an empty cafe, and went inside. He headed towards the back of the building, in to the kitchen, and waited. His mind was racing, turning over all the possibilities and implications of what he knew."

What did Rae know? Why was he coming out in the middle of nowhere to tell them? He was the sheriff, and he had just successfully ID'd MEC as mafia. Unfortunately for the townies, he never told anyone.

"Excited, Zone called out a greeting and hurried to meet the newcomer, only to stop in surprise when he noticed that his friend seemed… different."

Why did this friend seem different? Because it was MEC, shapeshifted to look like another mutant (no one in particular, though).


Clues for Day 5 Mafia Hit

First off, the shifting shadow that the mutants see out in the distance is not related to the mafia in any way. It is Mystique, who had become a Hound and was hunting them.

"Birdie arrived at her post, and climbed the ladder up to the guard platform attached to the gate. She would probably be the safest up here. She could see for miles in all directions, and no one could climb the ladder without her noticing."

This is the same clue as day 2. The victim is somewhere where no one could possibly sneak up on them, yet somehow they are ambushed. As before, it is Camfluxxor. Also, Birdie weighs all of 90 pounds and was already leaning halfway over the railing, suggesting that the killer could easily have been a small woman since it would not require any strength at all to throw her over.


Clues for Day 6 Mafia Hit

"Her powers were useless against a machine, although she could have maybe defended herself from the other, if only she had known"

Here, Desire laments the fact that her powers could have saved her from the mutant that betrayed her. She has sex powers, which obviously only work on men (and possibly lesbians? I never fully understood the nature of Desire's power). At this point there were two men left alive: MEC and the doctor. Whoops

Also, MEC was driving the transport. It is possible that he could have stopped the transport with the intention of forcing everyone to get out on foot and split up, so that he could be alone with one of the others.



Blackrabbit 18 years ago
I've been feeling like I managed to lose the entire game for the Townies, since I had a huge feeling MEC was the final mafia but for some reason Cache believed me about Prophet. :/

By the second to last day I was almost certain it had to be MEC, but I'd been so darn certain that he'd been a townie in the beginning, I thought it was just coincidence. To top it off, Elvaiz had been in contact, telling me he was the doctor and that he though Cam and Tinct were the only 2 mafia left. When that proved to be untrue and we still got hit, I waited to hear again from Elvaiz but never did, which made me think he'd been lying about being the doctor, lol.

I should have gone with my gut feeling and given MEC a big old slap in the face. Good game though. I hope y'all aren't too mad at me for pointing my accusatory lil' finger at Elvaiz. :P
MEC 18 years ago
The "You were the chosen one" line I mentioned in one of my votes was supposed to be a clue for you guys that I turned mafia.

Also that whole kitty thing, that wasn't originally how is was going to go, at first I was simply going to mention that I had a black pet cat named Jiji, because I had recently acquired a rare black sato mag in PSO. But then I joined the mafia, and the scenario for them was that they had loved ones being held hostage. However I have no memory of loved ones, so I made some new ones.
Temprah 18 years ago
Sure MEC sure.. that's what was up with the cats..

Clues were really good!! Annoys me that I nailed the SK from the clues on day one and then doubted myself enough to change my mind :/
MEC 18 years ago
Well yeah, that and I thought it was funny.