Girls Don't, Girls Can - a poem

Girls don't pee, poop, belch or fart
Girls don't share what's in their heart
Girls don't call the guy so much
Girls don't instigate love's first touch

A girl can be an uncontrollable flirt
And with precision cause deep-rooted hurt
But back you turn, for you both know
There's nowhere else you'd rather go.

Girls understand guys much too well
Girls can turn heaven to hell
Girls can bring you joy or pain
And even turn your sunshine to rain.

Verileah 18 years ago
Sounds like someone needs a -woman-
Mai 18 years ago
Its good..but I agree. y
Mileron 18 years ago
This actually resulted from a combination of a good conversation with mah best friend, and a freaking annoying conversation with my mother and sister.