A new WoW project!

I got frustrated as hell tongiht and decided that I'm going to take on a new project to keep me busy. How many of you guys love those little crate pets that you can get in various places of the game? Or the little dragons..Or sprite darters! or..or..Puppies! I love my pets in WoW...I have an entire backpack full of them that I carry around with me.

Well, tonight I decided that I was going to try to find a complete and accurate listing of where all the pets come from. Which are quested, which are drops, which are vendor dropped. Which are horde questable, which are alliance. Which ones you have to smuggle through the borders of Gadgetzan. :P After a few hours, I realized that there wasn't any such site. Most people I know will usually give up out of frustration and won't even bother with them. Not me!

Ok..Enough rambling! What do you guys think of a project to compile a database of these pets? Do you think I'd be out of my fucking mind, or that it would be something fun and useful? Am I the only crazy person that loves those pets? lol

ROzbeans 18 years ago
I think that's pretty cool. I got my Siamese Cat from VC's Deadmines. =D
Jinheim 18 years ago
Allakhazam's is down right now for software updates, but something that all pet carriers have in common is the text "summon and dismiss" in their description. If you searched for that, it might give you a list of all of them.
Claene 18 years ago
It does give you a list. Alot of them are missing though, and some of them are mislabeled with the wrong zones or whatever.
Cidwin 18 years ago

Was this the thing that was out of date and mislabled? seemed pretty much right on to me.
Gilae 18 years ago
I think that's pretty cool. I got my Siamese Cat from VC's Deadmines. =D

Me too. I love pets I have a snake and a robotic squirrel and a cat.
Rikr 18 years ago
My pets are of the flying persuasion. I'd like to get a Dark Whelpling.