I hate my server

The past few patches Icecrown has gone to utter shit. Obscene amounts of world lag, constant crashes, fucked up instances. And for the first time in forever we have been hitting login queueueues. Anyone else's server sucking the big one lately or is it just the curse of Solusek Ro following us?

Rikr 18 years ago
I've had a couple disconnects recently but that's about it. I don't do enough instances to say if they are hosed for me. I wouldn't know.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Anulien 18 years ago
As I said before, fuck roleplayers and their servers. I would probably get banned for not being roleplayer friendly.
Mai 18 years ago
What with your charming personality? *is shocked* The picture of sainthood, Anulien, I can't see you offending anyone.
Anulien 18 years ago
I give hugs irl, want one Mai?
Mai 18 years ago
Vebran 18 years ago
Bah, there isn't a role-playing element on this server, at least none that I've run across.

Granted I play a gnome warlock that has little interest in the rest of the population, minus their ability to help me or make me money.
Vex 18 years ago
kilrogg has been laggin like crazy. I hit a queue last night that i had to sit in for 5min.

mail lags, but whats new, it was doing that shit the day the game was released.

nothing's changed really since i hit 60 and retired in january. you'd think 7 months later they'd have gotten something fixed.
Gilae 18 years ago
I give hugs irl, want one Mai?

Where's mine?

I should check out one of my other servers to see if the lag is as bad. I just assumed it was my PC acting up. I did have to wait in a queue but it was only 2 minutes so I just got up and went pee.
Wasidun 18 years ago
Malygos was fine the last time I logged on, although I have been getting hounded lately to turn IC to be with the old(ish) solro people.
Rikr 18 years ago
I hit my first ever login que last night. Had to wait about 5 min.
Claene 18 years ago
I had to wait 20 minutes the other night on Alleria. That's the first time I've seen that happen though. instances have been acting weird though. We took our twinks to scarlet monastary the other day. We zoned in and got an error message about the instance not being aligned to the group or some shit. We camped, came back and were in Maraudon getting our asses kicked by level 48 mobs. One of the group members couldn't even log in though. He was stuck in world for about 45 minutes.