DAY 2: MAFIA HIT - Writer's Block

Jax Copywrite stood in the queue at the complaints department of the Hiltondorf Continental. It wasn’t a queue, really, since he was the only one there, but he didn’t know how else to describe it. The complaints department was, not surprisingly, completely deserted because very few beings could find anything worth complaining about in a nine star hotel. In fact, the complaints department did not actually have any employees, and one was being quickly trained in order to answer Jax’s complaint.

Two days later, Jax heard a shuffling on the other side of the one-way mirror that was the barrier between the complainer and the complaint taker. The employee on the other side slipped a form through a slot, and Jax took it. He had been waiting so long that he had actually forgotten his original complaint, so he had decided to change his complaint to complaining about the wait time in the complaint department. As he began filling the first form out, another one was slipped through the slot. He merely ignored this one, but another quickly followed it, landing on top of the other. Not wanting them to be out of order, he stopped writing and rearranged them so that the later form was on the bottom. As soon as he had returned to the first form, though, another form popped through the slot. And another, and another, and another.

Jax did his best to try to collate them, but it was no use and they were coming faster than he could deal with them. He started stacking them on the floor, but the stacks quickly turned into large pillars. Eventually, he said “bugger this” and turned to leave, only to find the door locked tight. He was trapped, and paper was continuing to flow into the room.

Hours later, Jax’s body was pulled from a mountain of paper. He had eventually been crushed to death beneath the weight, which had been estimated at about the equivalent of several large rain forests.