DAY TWO - SK HIT: A Long Drop and a Short Stop.

It is an important and popular fact that undue anxiety is the cause of a great many problems throughout the Galaxy.
Since most people have enough problems of their own without going about and recklessly creating more of them, it has been decided that it would be better off for all involved if the following information was revealed in advance:

Aniyah survives the sudden and unexpected elevator malfunction which is about to occur, but is killed in the sudden and unexpected werewolf attack that occurs shortly after. Both the elevator and the being responsible for its malfunction escape unharmed.


Aniyah almost didn’t see the individual racing to join her in the elevator, and nearly allowed the doors to close behind her. She managed to slip her hand between just in time to catch them, and they reopened with a content sigh. GPP, she thought. It was everywhere in this hotel. You couldn’t open a sock drawer without it anouncing how pleased it would be to hang on to your unmentionables for you. In all, it was rather disconcerting at times.

“Lobby?” She asked the other passenger, getting an affirmative nod in response. She pressed the corresponding button, and the elevator issued another sigh. It seemed quite pleased with their choice in destination. “You’re lucky I caught that door when I did, or you would have had to wait for the next one!”

Not a moment after she said this, the elevator gave a quick shudder, and then lost control of its brakes. The two were flung upwards against the ceiling as the elevator plummeted out of control, spiraling downwards at incredible speeds, all the while apologizing profusely for the inconvenience. Then, just as Aniyah had come to terms with her imminent and unfortunate demise, the elevator stopped, gravity kicked in, and she fell face first to the floor.

Resolved that from now on she would be taking the stairs, Aniyah was about to ask if the other passenger was okay when the elevator doors opened. Beyond sat several expensive ships, each hovering lethargically in numbered partitions. Apparently, they had ended up in the car park of all places, though she was sure the manager had told her the elevators didn’t come here. For safety reasons.

Aniyah peeked out, and on first pass it seemed perfectly safe. Not a creature was stirring outside the elevator doors, and she certainly didn't see any of these werewolves everyone was going on about. In fact, she was beginning to think it was all just some ploy to keep them around for that tedious convention.

“Looks like its our lucky day, after all” she whispered back to the other passenger, who had curiously opted to stay in the elevator. Not a moment after she took her first step outside, one of the imaginary werewolves stepped out from behind a nearby ship and twisted her head round backwards.

The elevator doors closed behind her, and the remaining guest rode it all the way back up to the lobby.