No ties allowed.

TITLE: Ties optional. (1/1)
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SUMMARY: ‘Baby did a bad, bad thing. Baby did a bad, bad thing.’
AUTHOR NOTES: If anyone remembers ‘Offensive Pantyhose’, here is the
over due sequel. Also, try and remember the song that plays during the
new Lexus commercial, Chris Isaak’s “Baby did a bad, bad thing’ and the
Levi’s commercial with the sexy blue jeans artists; Sarah
Vaughn’s ‘Whatever Lola wants’. Imagine those songs, with this story,
and these characters. I’ve changed the titled of this story 3 times
and tried posting this thing twice, let’s hope for the best.
DISCLAIMER: Property of 1013 productions and Chris Carter. Also the
end song lyric belongs to Fiona Apple’s ‘Criminal’.

Sequel to Offensive Pantyhose.
The next day.

Would life be more interesting if lived with a soundtrack? Scully
wondered that, as she stood in the doorway of their basement office,
leaning against the doorframe, staring at Mulder. He was sitting at
his desk; gold-rimmed glasses perched on his snout, and No.2 pencil
dancing on those full lips.

‘Whatever Lola, wants.
Lola gets.
And little man, little Lola, wants you.’

Or something to that effect. Point is, the background music to the
infinite wisdom of those lyrics hypnotized her, but more importantly,
they motivated her.

He had touched her. He touched her with those long fingers, and they
now possessed carnal knowledge of the itemized equipment beneath her
skirt. It had been the first time in quite a bit that she had worn a
skirt. She finally realized they were not conducive to their work
environment; black slacks and boots had been the recent uniform.

But not yesterday.

Yesterday she had worn a burgundy dress suit. Yesterday he grabbed her
by the hips, planted her on the desk, and proceeded to run his hands
underneath her skirt, shimmying her pantyhose down her legs.

‘Baby did a bad thing. Baby did a bad, bad thing.’

The tempo in her mind changed as she cleared her throat to gain his
attention. The song thumped her in her mind as she watched him take
notice of her. Guitar licks vibrated off her shoulders as she leaned
forward and stepped into the office.

He watched her enter, slowly. Mulder leaned back in his chair, and
with his pencil still in hand, slung an arm over the back. His full
lips opened and his tongue peeked out. The soft, red demon flicked out
against the eraser head of the pencil.

‘Baby did a bad, bad thing. Baby did a bad, bad thing.’

Scully moved, one foot in front of the other, till she was dead center
in front of the desk, staring down at him. He smiled. Her hands were
behind her, clasped. She then shifted, her right hip angled out as she
moved her left foot slowly out and to the side. She stood there,
motives guarded, with all her provocative spots were exaggerated.

Mulder’s eyebrows shifted up in surprise. “Scully.”

Her lips puckered. “Mulder.” She drawled.

Mulder gladly sized her up, head to toe and back again. She was
wearing another skirt, a black one with a white top. More of the norm
again, except for the length of the skirt, and the fact that her
matching suit jacket was opened, and the lapels were perched on top of
her breasts. That item noted mentally, his eyes then trailed down her
body to her small legs. She shifted again, this time she began to sway
gently, causing the material of short mid thigh skirt to become taut.
The skirt rose gently as her hips rocked, to and fro.

Mulder leaned closer to his desk to look down her legs at her
feet. “No pantyhose?”

Her pursed lips moved, “You can tell?”

“Not really.” His eyes flickered from her legs to her lips, “Not with
you way over there.”

Scully walked, no sauntered around the desk, hands still behind her
back, and stood not two feet away from Mulder’s chair. “Better?”

“Much,” he answered, his head tilted to the side and his hazel eyes
smiling up at her. He flicked the pencil out of his left hand, letting
it roll lazily to the edge of the desk, far from her, closest to him.
Scully quickly leaned across Mulder and grabbed the pencil.

He could smell her perfume as her chest nearly brushed up against his
cheek. Scully pulled back, smiling like a Cheshire cat, and tucked the
pencil into the pencil holder with its other friends. Scully’s hand,
instead of returning to its position behind her back, moved towards
Mulder and she ran a finger down his red striped tie.

“You looked different without a tie on that snake case we were on.”
His eyes smoldered as he looked at her. “Was that for me?”

Mulder’s mouth opened, but he only sighed softly. His eyes seemed
tainted with some dark emotion. The soundtrack in Scully’s mind reared

‘Baby did a bad, bad thing. Baby did a bad, bad thing.’

“Is the skirt for me?” He finally asked slowly and with a low rumble.
Scully didn’t answer. “You know, that skirt…” Mulder began as he tore
his eyes away from her to reach into a desk drawer, retrieving the now
infamous little book of guidelines from the day before. Turning it the
page he wanted, he read, and then looked up at her skirt. “That’s not
regulation, Agent Scully.”

“Oh? What’s wrong with it, Agent Mulder?”

He snapped the book shut. “It’s a little short, Agent Scully.” He
threw the book back on the desk.

Scully reached forward and opened the book with her one hand. Thumbing
the pages to the spot she wanted. She read for a moment. “Do you know
what it says here about ties, Agent Mulder?” She spoke clear and
bright, like moonlight on water.

“Wait, there’s still the issue of your skirt, Agent Scully.”

“Is that right?”

“It is rather short, so short….”

“So short what, Agent Mulder?”

“Well, so short,” he leaned forward so his face was inches from that
aforementioned skirt. “So short it might as well be off.” He
paused. “Agent Scully.” Mulder’s hands came up and touched the backs
of her knees. Scully’s nostrils flared when his hands made contact.
He opened his legs and he gently pulled her in between them.

Scully’s hand moved from the pages of the book, towards his tie. She
fingered the Windsor knot, “About this tie, Agent Mulder.” Mulder
hummed as his hands moved up the backs of her thighs. “You don’t have
to wear it.”

“I should take it off then.”

“That’s what I was thinking.” Her fingers ran down the length of the
tie, stroking it as she reveled in its softness. “Is this a favorite?”

He shook his head, “Not really, why?”

“I thought I’d help you with it.”

“How nice of you.”

Scully smiled as she finally brought the other hand from behind her
back, out in front. In it was a shiny pair of scissors, and just as
quickly as they were revealed she cut the tie right below the knot.

Mulder’s mouth dropped opened and Scully pulled away from him, laughing
a small laugh. As she walked away from him, she wondered what type of
music would be playing right now?

‘Heaven help me for the way I am, keep from these evil deeds before I
get them done….’