Day 4: MAFIA Hit - My Sources Say The Road Is Clear

Shade of Arcturian Garbok Ears retired from the company of his fellow hotel guests, in hopes of finding some way to relax and relieve the stress that had been caused by the events of the last few days. He retreated to an area of the hotel that he had visited before, but not extensively enough to be to his satisfaction: the prism refraction treatment room.

The treatment center was set up as a circuit system, where the shade of color undergoing treatment would be launched from one prism or shard of glass to the next, going in a large circle as many times as the being felt necessary. Each lap would refresh the being, and increase the clarity and vivaciousness of his particular shade.

SAGE entered the machine, and began his laps. He started slowly at first, but with each leap from one pane of glass or prism to the next, he increased his speed, until he was nothing but a bright green blur whizzing around the room. He was going too fast to notice his attackers enter the room and approach the circuit.

One of the beings produced a large pair of novelty rose-colored glasses of dubious quality and origin, and held them up in the between two prisms, directly in SAGE’s path. He never saw it coming, and ran right through one of the red lenses of the glasses. Red and green do not mix, and attempting to do so left SAGE as an indiscriminate dark-colored stain on the floor, devoid of consciousness and life.