Day 4: OOC Conversing

Bonus point for whoever knows where the title of the mafia hit comes from.

Pulvani 17 years ago
Ooh, ooh!
From the Incubus album, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., title A Certain Shade of Green.

Is that like...immunity against death?
Pulvani 17 years ago
Here's something I found interesting from day 3's SK hit that just occurred to me as I was going back over the previous hits:

The women began pointing at his feet and screaming hysterically, and one of them even jumped up on a nearby table

Now why, WHY would they do that? It's certainly quite an odd reaction to have to someone's dancing...but stop to consider this - have you ever seen a person when they see a mouse dart across the floor? Or a rat? I've seen that same reaction happen when someone spots a mouse and screams and jumps up on a chair.

One of our characters is a rat...

Food for thought.
Gilae 17 years ago
Given all the stuffing is missing from the mattress, I'd say the rat is a good choice