Day 5: SK Hit - One to the 362,993,273,820 against

Matilda wandered from room to room, diligently cleaning the messes and filth left behind by the hotel's remaining guests. Not many guests left, though she thought to herself. She had finally been able to relax a little, now that the last of the murderers had been dealt with. She was actually beginning to hope that she would survive this ordeal.

All that remained was the force of bad luck, which still seemed to curse the hotel. Hopefully, the source of all the unfortunate events would be flushed out soon, and normality would be restored.

As Matilda left a room previously occupied by a particularly filthy Vogon, she heard a faint squeaking noise. Hmm, I should go down to maintainence and get myself re-lubed she thought to herself. Just as the thought left her mind, a dimensional rift opened in front of her and thousands of gallons of extra virgin olive oil spilled forth, enveloping Matilda and instantly washing her away to some dismal end.

Blackrabbit 18 years ago
Noooooo. Not Matilda. Poor, poor Matilda, accused of so many crimes! The injustice of it all!

On a side note, the SK is clearly someone with a squeaky pen. /eyes Mai suspiciously...