Dreamboat 8/?

TITLE: Dreamboat (8/?)
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SUMMARY: Scully tongue darted out and grabbed part of her bottom lip,
dragging it into her mouth, her teeth settled softly into the smooth flesh
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Dreamboat Part 8
Georgetown; Scully’s Apartment

Now, this was an interesting turn of events. “What, Mulder?”

“I was wondering, which dream were you talking about? The abduction ones,
or the ones where we….”

“You’re going to say it again.”

“…Where we fuck, Scully. Or maybe,” one arm snaked around her waist.
“Maybe the ones where you go down on me?”

Yes, this was an interesting turn of events. “Talk like that could sweep a
girl off her feet, Mulder.”

The arm that had made its way around her waist jerked her closer to him.
His roughness surprised her, although he wasn’t exactly polite in the garden
shed dream, but then she was pretty sure this wasn’t a dream.

If she had known, she would’ve worn something more appropriate and not the
cotton sweats that hung loosely at her hips, or the pale pink, thin tank top
that exposed her belly button. Actually, the top didn’t fit as well as it
should, meaning it gaped here and there, so maybe it was appropriate. The
swell of her breasts peeked over the low collar of the shirt, and Mulder
looked openly down at her chest. She could feel the worn leather against
her tummy, and the intoxicating smell of it wafted towards her. He smelled
like a man, testosterone’s raging and pheromones exuding. Scully closed her
eyes and inhaled.

With her eyes still closed, she let her body meld with his strong, rigid
one. She let her arms sway at her sides as she felt Mulder’s arm that
entrapped her, move down her body, stroking her with his hand. It cupped
her bottom and pulled her even closer, so close she could feel him through
his jeans and her sweats.

‘I believe I am being swooned,’ Scully thought to herself. ‘Not that that’s
a bad thing.’

His glorious mouth came down to her ear and she felt the hotness of his
breath. “Did you like the shoes?”

Her hands came up to grab his arms as she felt her legs jell. “The shoes?”
She gasped softly.

“The red, ankle wrap shoes.” His other hand joined the party and it ran up
the curve of her waist. “You seemed to like them enough to become
distracted when you were on the table and I was….”

“Oh god.”

“Returning the favor from the dream before.”

Her face was literally on fire. The blush on her neck must’ve discovered 3
new shades of red as she listened to the melodious sound of his voice. It
sent shivers down her shoulders to the exact point of contact with his
hands. She turned her cheek to touch his. “The dream before?”

His hands slipped up into the back of her tank top. “You remember.” He
took a step back, and Scully went breathlessly with him as he turned her
around, and pushed her up against the door.

She didn’t figure him for a bed kind of guy.

She lost her train of thought, and her ability to breathe, as he pulled away
to slip off his leather jacket. His hands came up and he pulled at his
shoulders, pushing the material off and he rolled them back, swaying his
arms behind him to let the jacket slid effortlessly off his body. He caught
it in his left hand, and without turning, he threw it on the couch behind
him. And there they were.

Those arms. Those beautifully cut arms that grabbed her again and wrapped
her up as if she were a gift. She ran her hands up from his flat tummy and
across the smooth slopes of his chest. ‘God, and he’s 40 this year.’
Scully finally answered him, “The red chair dream?”

“The one where you crawl on your knees in front of me and run your hands up
my thighs.”

Her hands reached the mother load and she ran her fingertips along the
curves of his biceps. She wanted to run her tongue along his bare forearms
and it drove her crazy thinking about it. Scully hummed at the thought.

“What?” Mulder pulled back and asked.

Her eyes were drowsy with lust. Of all the things to be so enamored with,
the thought of just touching his arms sent her into a frenzy, and being
within them was almost too much to endure.

“Your arms.” She could barely get out the words.

Mulder took a step back and opened his arms wide, like a father welcoming
his child. Scully’s eyes went from one hand to the other. Her eyes
caressed his long fingers and then slowly past his wrists to his wonderful
forearms. “Oh god,” she murmured again. Then up his biceps, and along the
width of his shoulders she could see the shirt straining where the material
was pulled tight against him. She could see the outline of the muscles
beneath them, and deep within her she felt a feral like growl rising up in
her. Scully’s eyes moved across his chest, causing the growl to dwindle to
a hushed whimper, and then she leisurely made the long trek, back down the
other arm.

“What about my arms, Scully?” Mulder lowered them slowly and turned. She
made an undecipherable noise that Mulder understood to be something of a

Scully watched him glide across her living room. She watched him take a
first step away from her, and her eyes traveled the vast distance of his
legs, his waist, and then an arm crossed her vision, causing her to sigh
deeply. With a small smile she looked up into his face as he started his
turn around her couch. She moved up to the strong chin, where she had felt
stubble earlier when she gingerly rubbed her cheek against his, and upon
reaching the pot of gold, she kissed those full lips with her mind. Scully’
s tongue darted out and grabbed part of her bottom lip, dragging it into her
mouth, her teeth settled softly into the smooth flesh. Mulder caught her
movement and smiled.

He walked toward the doorway to her bathroom that connects to her bedroom,
and then stopped, his back was still to her. As he turned his head, the top
half of his body followed, and Scully could’ve eaten this next moment with a
spoon. He crossed his arms in front of him and grabbed the material above
the waist of his blue jeans and pulled.

She didn’t know whether to faint, or leap across the room and devour him
whole on the carpet of her living room floor. Mulder pulled the black
T-shirt out of his jeans and over his head. Scully looked at Mulder, with
his body still half turned which perfectly accentuated his slim waist and
wide shoulders. He bunched up the garment and let it carelessly drop to the

He said something just then; at least she was pretty sure he had. Her
attention focused on his lips again.

Mulder saw the question in her face and asked again. “Are you coming?”
Then he entered the bathroom and disappeared.

Scully stood there for a moment before she felt herself fall backwards
against the bookcase that was next to her front door. Catching herself, she
couldn’t help but laugh. “Am I coming?” She asked softly. “You damn
skippy I’m coming.”

When Scully entered the bedroom, she didn’t see Mulder. She did, however,
hear the door close softly, and feel his arms come up around her and engulf
her in the warmth of his body. Mulder reached down and kissed her neck,
again rubberizing her. His hands found the soft spots of Dana Scully, and
he touched her tummy with his fingers, running them up under her top.
Scully’s hands came up and entwined her fingers in his spiky brown hair.
She let her head drop back and away, giving him better access to her.
Suddenly he released her and roughly turned her around and his hands grabbed
her face and he kissed her.

Dana Scully finally had her epiphany, and she would now refer to it as the
‘Mulder Kiss Epiphany’. Professionalism be damned, she thought. This could
always be filed under professional courtesy, and put that guilt aside for
something more constructive, like kissing him back.

This time Scully pulled Mulder to her bed, bed kind of guy or not, and
without breaking the kiss, backed up onto the bed, with Mulder fitting
nicely on top of her. She pulled at her top and Mulder complied by
practically tearing it off her. He pulled back and looked at her for a
moment and smiled the smile of the lewd.

“I’ve never seen that face before,” she said with a large grin.

“You will again, if you’re lucky.” His lips came down on her neck and he
bit her. He grabbed her wrists and planted them above her head as he
devoured her with his mouth. “You know something, Scully?” He said in
between the sucking and biting.

“What’s that Mulder?”

“We’ve never done it on a bed. I mean, we’ve started on a plane and had
each other for lunch, so to speak, but we’ve never been traditional.”

Scully smiled and looked over at the corner of the wall with the floral
print chair. “We’ve never done it on that chair either, but we can fix that
after the bed.”

“Oh, right.”

Scully’s hands came down and undid the buckle of his belt as his arms
tangled with hers. Together they frantically tore each other’s clothes off
when she heard something. Scully stopped and tried to listen.

“What, Scully?”

Her face curled up in curiosity. “Do you hear that?”

Mulder stopped and moved his weight off her and onto his left arm. He
listened in the air. Suddenly he heard it too. “It sounds like a car


He shook his head, “No.”

Scully listened again. The noise was low, constant and still there.
Realization was creeping slowly to the front of her lust filled mind. “That
’s not a car alarm. It sounds like.” She pushed up and looked at something
next to the bed. Mulder’s eyes followed her and they zeroed in on the end

Together they said, “The alarm clock?”

Scully snapped out of her dream and sat up in her bed. The alarm clock.
She picked up the alarm clock and looked at it and then down at her still
fully clothed body. Her face tensed, and then in one swift move she yanked
the clock’s plug out of the wall and hurled it against her closet door.

Scully started to say something, but held back. In fact she started to say
several things, but all she could get out was a long, distinct raspberry.
With a frustrated grunt she covered her eyes and threw herself back, onto
her lonely bed.

End of Part 8