I'm no poet, by any means. But, sometimes the words form inside your head and you have no choice but to put them on paper...or in this case, type them out. I don't even know if this makes sense to anyone but me, but, I suppose the point of putting your thoughts onto paper isn't for others to understand.

I wait.
Moment after moment.
I'm not searching anymore, merely waiting,
though I have only glimpsed into what I am waiting for.

The sudden impact, so strong
A feeling of molten lava running its course through my veins.
The breath stolen from my very lungs
The realization of that undeniable connection.

I continue to wait.
Breath to breath.
The waiting does not interrupt my daily life,
though it threatens to consume it at the same time.

A calming voice sending reassurance
Gentle fingers on my skin
A serene feeling with one thought
A smile upon my lips with the wink of an eye.

I patiently wait.
Sunset to sunset.
Somedays what I am waiting for is a shadow in my mind,
though the whispers carress my thoughts.

Minds melded, so you cannot tell when one starts and the other ends,
Bodies twined so closely, their tangle looks natural
Feeling the ground shake beneath me from one single look
Becoming irresistable to only one set of eyes

Still I wait.
Heartbeat to heartbeat.
I have become comfortable with this silence of my heart.
Though, I know it longs to beat with another.

So, I shall give in.
My heart, betrayed by others and myself, my lifelong ally, the center of my being, I give in to your request
And I wait.

Mai 18 years ago
That's beautiful Immy
immy 18 years ago
ROzbeans 18 years ago
So pretty, Immy.