The Troll Song (sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies)

Come listen to a story 'bout a barshin' troll,
From the swamp an' to the city barshin' away at all the gnolls,
One day he was a'fightin' an' a'lookin' fer some food,
When out from the shadows came a dark elven dude.

Necro that is...lean mean undead summonin' machine.

The elf said "Hey what ya think yer doin' here,
"Yer a troll, this is mad, don't ya even got no fear?
"Them guards is gonna git ya you wont have no place to run
"So get back to Grobb that's where yer killin' should be done."

Good killin' that is. All sorts of swamp creatures.

The troll tried to leave but was stopped by a guard
Who saw the troll scratchin' his backside like some retard.
His faction wadn't too bad but it didn't really shine,
So he said, "You've ruined your own lands, you'll not ruin mine!"

Good lands that swamps 'round here.

Well the troll tried to fight 'im but he didn't stand a chance.
He had to keep quittin' cuz of the itchin' in his pants.
He looked for the elf but the dude was long gone
So he turned full around and he headed for the zone.

Safety that is, guards aint goin' through thems.

Well he finally got home to his native habitat
His friends said "We no see you in long time, where you be barshin' at?"
The troll said "Me not know" and he headed into Grobb,
A little older, a little wiser, still a butt itchin' slob.

Troll that is. Dumbest creatures this side o' Norrath.