August Events

If you are currently using a direct link for your commissioned (or gifted) signature, you'll have notice that the link is broken. All signatures and magelos have been moved to my new gallery which is set up in a Coppermine gallery format. Go HERE but it is STRONGLY ADVISED that you save your artwork and use a free service to host it. Like

With that being said, we're totally revamping TAC. I'm moving all my personal info and gallery to will officially be an art community. We are also making the transition to vbullentin and it is, in fact, already up. VBTAC.COM We will be shutting down the old board and transferring the rest of the posts to the new forum and more than likely taking the url so it's a seamless transition. The entire site will be redesigned by Vex She is also known as So much love to Vex for taking this project.

Other than that, the August schedule hasn't been set in stone yet, but we're anticipating doing another Mafia game and a smaller art project. Writers be sure to check out for vamire rp'ing fun.

Stay tune for all the changes and thanks for making TAC.COM as popular as it is.

TAC.COM - Whoring one message board at a time. =D