Cliche Series: Airplane 3/3

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Subject: NEW - The Cliche Series: Airplane III (1/1) by ROzH NC-17

TITLE: Clich series: Airplane III (1/1)
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SPOILER WARNING: nothing major
RATING: Slippery when wet.
SUMMARY: The inevitable clich?tight quarters.
AUTHOR NOTES: I'm no good at this, I'm like a buckin' bronco when it comes
to writing erotica?the 8 second wonder. Part three of the Clich series:
DISCLAIMER: If Chris Carter sued me, you think he'd give me his autograph?

Airplane III

It always seemed to Scully that whenever she thought about having someone,
specifically Fox Mulder, declare his undying love for her, it would be
somewhere other than the tight, cramped confines of a public airplane
bathroom. But he had said it, plainly and to the point.

"I want you, Scully. That's all."

Scully smiled, "Well, you're not asking for much, are you Mulder?"

His lips hovered just over hers, "Just companionship, love, a drawer maybe
at your place and constant sex."

"You want a drawer?" They laughed. She felt the warmth of his breath
bathe her face and he pushed against her, almost like a reminder. Which
made her think. "Do you know what I want, Mulder?"

"Hmm?" She reached up with her right hand and grabbed the wrist of his
left. He pulled his head back to see what she was doing and as she
completed her actions the half smile on his face fell and was replaced by an
aroused look. She had drawn his hand off the door and onto her shoulder,
slowly dragging it down and attaching it firmly in place over her breast.
She squeezed his fingers with her small petite ones and she made a small
noise as she sighed into his hand. "You want this, Scully?" It wasn't a
question, but a warning.

"Bring it on, Mulder."


If Mulder were going to pick a verb for how they started to kiss, he would
be at a loss. They fell into it, leaped into it, lunged into each other?
In either case, they did and it was glorious. His mouth found hers and they
engulfed each other with lips and tongues. He gave her breast another
squeeze, prompting her to push her hips forward against him. She felt the
hardness there and nearly lost her mind. His right hand came out of his
pocket and grabbed her waist, and ran it back along her swell of her hip
down to the bottom of her skirt when suddenly he felt her hands.

Scully kissed Mulder with such intensity she thought she had lost years
ago. The sudden rush was akin to drunkenness as she used her teeth to grab
his bottom lip, causing him to whimper, pushing her further to what she
really wanted. She grabbed the buckle of his belt. He broke the kiss and
stared down at what she was doing. His heart was throbbing in his chest as
he watched her undo the buckle and then his slacks. The hand on her breast
was gripping harder and harder and she moaned suddenly against the pain.
His eyes shot back up and into her face. She smiled and then dug her hands
into the boxers underneath his slacks.

What Scully found there was not disappointing. She ran her hands along the
length of his engorged goodfellow and pulled him out. Mulder's hand came up
again and planted themselves along the side of Scully's head, against the
door. He leaned his head forward and bit into the side of her delicate

"Oh Jesus Mulder," she flinched at his biting mouth. Then his hands came
down and tore at the buttons of her jacket, revealing to his surprise
nothing but her bra. He paused for a moment, relishing in the sudden sight
of Dana Scully before he leaned in with his tongue and dug deep into her
cleavage. Again she moaned and she gripped him in her hands and started to
stroke. It was as if one was trying to outdo the other, a contest to see
who could be more erotic, who could turn on the other the most.

Well, ladies and gentleman?Dana Scully won.

She suddenly pushed him back and turned him around so his back was to the
bathroom door. She looked up into his face as she settled down onto the
toilet and reached out. His face crumbled as she grabbed his dick and
pulled it forward, straight into her mouth. When most men found religion
and God in prison, Mulder found it in that bathroom as he realized that
distinct sound he was hearing, that luscious sucking noise was coming from
Dana Scully gobbling him up alive. It was as if he didn't know what do with
his hands until he finally reached out and grabbed the walls of the
bathroom. His slacks fell down the rest of the way to his ankles and Scully
's hands came up and she ran them along the length of his muscular thighs.
Again Mulder thanked god as he could no longer control himself and started
to buck into her lovely mouth. And then to Mulder's surprise, it got better.

Scully slipped off the toilet and pushed Mulder back against he door as she
literally dug in. Her sucking had become furious for lack of a better word
and Mulder looked down at surprise as she treated his penis like an
amusement park. He could feel that undeniable burn in his groin as she
brought him closer and closer. "Sc-, Scully", he said, grabbing her
shoulders. He tried to push her gently away, but she wasn't having it. She
grabbed his hands and held them away as she pulled back and sucked the tip
of him. "Oh Christ, Scully?you have to," he tried to tell her to stop, but
the words wouldn't come. So to speak. She wouldn't let him stop her so he
twisted his hands out of her grip and pushed her away.

Sweat laden hair was clinging to her face, along her cheeks and on her
forehead as she looked up at him and smiled like a Cheshire cat. Her lips
would voluptuous and swollen. With sudden force he grabbed her up. "Very
good, Scully, very very good," his voice rumbled in her chest as he kissed
her softly and then roughly turned her back against the door. His hands
came up the sides of her skirt and as he pushed the hem up, he fingers ran
up her nylons and then suddenly hit skin. He looked down at the garter belt
ties. "I thought you were a pantyhose kind of girl, Scully."

She laughed, "It was hot today Mulder. On hot days I like the coolness of

"Oh," his voice cracked. His fingers dug deep into her thighs, leaving
welts as he pushed her skirt higher. He found her panties and almost
squealed with delight. They were tight and skimpy. "Were you thinking of
impressing someone with these Scully?"

"Are you impressed, Mulder?"

He pulled at them savagely and they flew off. "Since day one, Scully.
Since day one." The mangled panties fell to the floor as he dropped to his
knees and started his assault. He ran his tongue up the inside of her thigh
and then wasted no time on her swollen center. Scully tried to grab on to
something to hold, but Mulder's actions were unbelievable. He twisted her
clit, sucked and licked her body's center and pushed her to the edge.


His fingers came up and replaced his mouth so he could talk to her. "Shh
shh, Scully." He reached up and grabbed her hand, placing her middle finger
in his mouth. She bucked into his hand and he replaced it with his mouth.
He pushed her again till she was on the edge then he stopped.

"You bastard!" she whispered harshly.

"Tsk, tsk, Scully." He stood up and along the way grabbed her hips and
shoved into her violently. She wrapped her legs around him and her arms
clung to his shoulders. "This better, Scully?"

She grabbed his lips with her mouth and kissed him painfully, pulling back
she said, "Shut up and fuck me, Mulder." So he did.


The stewardess had walked back to the bay and suddenly the bathroom door
across from her creaked with force. She looked at the door and then pulled
back the curtains to check the seats of the couple that she had left there
in the bathroom several minutes ago. The seats were still empty. Her eyes
traveled back to the bathroom door and watched it creak against its hinges.
She stifled a laugh. "I swear, some girls have all the luck."


Mulder pounded into her as she bit into his neck. His hands gripped her
thighs hard enough to bruise as he felt the burn returning to his groin. He
was close, but apparently not as close as Scully was as she suddenly bucked
against him, moaning deeply into his neck and squeezing every muscle in her
center around him, pushing him over the edge. As quietly as they could,
which in all actuality was not that quiet at all, they came hard into each
other. His thrusting slowed till he stopped and he gently pulled out and
lowered her to the floor. They rested their foreheads together, their eyes
closed and both now sweating profusely.

Several minutes later two red-faced FBI against returned to their seats.
Mulder caught the knowing look from the stewardess. "She's feeling better

"Oh, right. That's good." She smirked. He held back and whispered
something to her.

Scully sat down first and took out her laptop again. Moments later Mulder
joined her and settled into his seat. He heard her huff and he looked over
at her just as she started to nibble on her broken nail. He grabbed her
hand and handed her a nail file. "Oh thanks."

He watched her file her nails and them something occurred to him. "Hey


"Ever do it in an elevator?"

"Mulder," she dropped her hands and looked at him, " that's such a clich."

"You're right." Scully went back to filing her nails and Mulder closed his
eyes, resting his head back for a much needed nap. At the same time they

Author note: Thanks for reading. ; )