A moment in time.

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TITLE: A moment in Time (1/1)
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SPOILER WARNING: sixth season to Milagro
RATING: Pretty harmless
SUMMARY: POV for Milagro
AUTHOR NOTES: Hey, I'll be honest with you, I HATE Post EP stories, not
because they're bad, but because everyone does them and I swore I wouldn't.
And of course here's my take on what Scully and Mulder were thinking during
the intense MSR parts of the EP. And yes I would like some ketchup with my
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a moment in time

Padgett said he was mistaken and explained why. Then he walked out of the
holding cell area and away Agent Fox Mulder and Agent Dana Scully.

She had turned to watch Padgett leave. She did not, however turn to look at
Mulder, standing three feet behind her with undoubtedly his eyes upon her.
Scully blinked once. She licked her lips and blinked again. Mulder was
still quiet. Without a word Scully started to walk away from Mulder, the
sound of her heeled boots vibrating against the concrete floor. She widened
the gap between them. To Scully's relief she started her turn around the
corner, leaving Mulder to whatever private thoughts he was having about what
took place.

"Scully?" He said softly. She stopped just as she started her turn around
the corner. She did not turn to face him; instead she looked off to the
left, turning her ear to him. "We'll set up a surveillance camera," he

"Right." She could feel the pain well up inside her now. 'Let me leave,
Mulder. Please, just let me leave,' she prayed silently.


She turned now to look at him and to her surprise he was only four feet away
and closing. She turned to look at him fully, the sudden despair rising up
in her eyebrows, crinkling her forehead. He stopped inches away from her.
The despair turned pathetic as her eyes pleaded with him again. 'Let me
leave Mulder,' they begged.

Mulder lowered his head, letting his shoulders slump. His left hand
reached up slowly, Scully caught it in her peripheral vision. His fingers
came up and caught a strand of her hair.


The word caught in her throat like fire. She couldn't deal with the feel of
his fingers touching her. The gentle caress of his slightly callused hands
on her skin. Just the feeling of it hovering just millimeters from her skin
almost broke her. Her eyes had been on his Adams apple, watching it bob
slowly. Slowly she looked up into his eyes.

Control. That's all she ever wanted in her life. For as long as she could
remember, she had that control. Its what made her the fierce woman she
was?is. But when she looked up into Mulder's eyes, his damn soft, hazel
green eyes, all control flew out the window. She couldn't imagine being
with anyone other than Mulder, she couldn't begin to fathom what that would
feel like. But there was no control with Mulder, not when he stood so close
to her. Not when he looked at her with those poor, suffering, accusingly
erotic eyes. Damn Fox Mulder.

His hand froze. It was as if he suddenly realized what he was doing, and
where he was. He dropped his hand and pushed past her.

Scully pushed out her lips and her eyes following him down the corridor. He
did not turn back to look at her. She did not call his name. Her soul was
wrapped so tightly in a ball she thought she would implode. Scully started
to walk after Mulder, but in no hurry to catch up. She was in love, which
was most obvious now.

She was also most assuredly out of control.

Mulder had run back up the stairs when he had heard the shots. They could
not have come from anyone but Scully. Terror had risen its ugly head again
as Mulder ran loudly down his hallway to his apartment. He turned and
looked in.

She lay there, motionless and in an enormous amount of blood. Fox Mulder,
Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigations ceased to exist. Fox
Mulder, mortal man stood exposed for the entire world to see his breaking

Mulder kneeled before her, his face strained with emotion. He looked at
her, and everything around him started to crumble. All that mattered was
Scully. At 38 years old he had come a long way without letting himself feel
worthy of anything, much less Dana Scully.

At 38 he kneeled before the only woman he ever really loved, the only woman
he ever let himself become so consumed with, the only woman who made him
whole. With trembling hands he reached for her.

With a sudden jerk Scully fought against his hands, scaring the living shit
out of him. Scully's eyes focused on the only face she's ever wanted to
see. She reached for him with sudden urgency and wrapped her arms around
him, crushing him with her petite arms.

Mulder welcomed the suffocating pain, warding off another more horrible type
from his heart. Just then he heard her sobbing. He had never heard her so
close to desperation before and it warmed and scared him. He never wanted
to see her so terrified, but that she clung to him for safety made his heart
ache beyond words.

Turning his head he inhaled the smell of her hair, relishing it, enveloping
himself in her aura and squeezing her excruciatingly close.