The Hero

This is a poem in dedication of Corporal Steven P. Gill, 4th Reconnoissances Battalion, San Antonio

November 3, 1980 - July 21, 2005

I want to tell you the story of a man who was a hero
He wasn't granted super powers or a costume with gadgets
Instead he was given a good heart and a gun
He was the ultimate hero, he was a soildier.

He was going to be a teacher, sharing God with children
He set his pencil aside and took up arms
When the Bad Men made his country bleed
He became a Marine.

They taught him to shoot his gun
He learned how to jump from a plane
When he was finished training he could hunt men
He was the elite, a Recon Marine

He flew in a plane with other men who had answered the call
They went to a place called Okinawa
Where they met more men who would fight with them
He went to Iraq, the Bad Men in sight.

There he fought, and found some of them
He watched his friend die.
Another friend lost his legs, in front of his eyes.
He shared the Gospel of Jesus, the men needed God

One day the Bad Men left a surprise
He went to investigate.
The Lord called him Home, there on the battle field
He answered The Call, just as he had answered his country's

On that day we lost a hero
He lives in Glory
Today he stands guard on the streets of Heaven
I will see him again, the Hero walking the Streets of Gold

ROzbeans 18 years ago