Dreamboat 3/?

TITLE: Dreamboat (3/?)
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“Giddy-yup, huh?”
“Oh yeah. Giddy-yup.”
AUTHOR NOTES: This started out as just a dirty fantasy of mine with David Duchovny and then I thought…what a cool story.
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Dreamboat part three

3:37 am

“What day is this?”

Scully had sat down on the couch and had a surprised look on her face. “What?”

“Its Friday morning, isn’t it?” Catherine said, as she stood in the middle of her living room in her blue Rugrats sleepie shirt and chenille white socks. “Well, at least its not Thursday. God I hate Thursdays.” She turned to go into her kitchen.

“What?” Scully had just walked in, flustered from the best ‘dream sex’ she had ever had in her life. “Do you realize why I’m here?”

Catherine came out of the kitchen, glasses and a bottle in hand. “Of course. You had the wet dreams of all wet dreams. Millions of little boys have nothing on what you just experienced, my friend.” She handed Scully a glass.

Looking at it she said, “a shot glass?”

“Its close enough to the end of the work week and its not like you can face Mulder after this dream, so drink up.” Scully nodded, her eyes wide at the though. Catherine unscrewed the cap of the tequila bottle in her hand and filled Scully’s shot glass. “So…you were saying? Something about him reaching into your panties?” She smirked.

Scully threw back the shot and made a god-awful face. “Right. So anyway…”

Special Agent Dana Scully M.D., for lack of a better word, squealed as Mulder reached behind her, slid his hand into her dress and proceeded to get it on. “MULDER!” Scully looked over his shoulder and then turned her head back to see if she saw anyone. She could hear voices, like a party was going on, but she couldn’t see anyone, which made her think, who can see and hear them?

As if reading her mind, “Little louder, Scully. I don’t think anyone heard that.” His face was hovering just inches above her as he pinned her against the stone pillared balcony. Scully focused back onto Mulder, and that’s when she realized…Fox Mulder was wearing a tux.

“Ooh. Nummy,” Catherine said.

All black, double breasted tuxedo. “Oh my,” Scully murmured. Mulder moved his fingers and Scully’s body tightened up as she closed her eyes and murmured again, “Oh…my.” Mulder leaned in and pressed his lips to her soft, white neck and she could feel him smiling. He pressed his body as close as humanly possible but still allowed his hand to rub, rotate and pinch her ‘AMEN’ spot. Scully could hear the voices getting louder.

“Mulder, I hear…oh…I hear someTHING,” Scully grabbed his arms and she felt his biceps tighten.

“Oh and I dig that,” Scully said dreamily.

“The strong arms thing?”

“I love a beautifully cut man. Remember that hallway incident a couple of summers ago, I told you, remember?”

“Right, yeah.”

“He had this black shirt on and it was short sleeve and, well…”

“Giddy-yup, huh?”

“Oh yeah. Giddy-yup.”

Mulder lavished her throat with his tongue and nibbled on her collarbone. He mumbled something incoherent, not that Scully was paying attention because the sounds were getting louder. “Mulder…Mulder, Mulder, Mulder,” she moaned.

He pulled back a little and looked at her with his intense, damning hazel eyes. Suddenly he withdrew his hand and pulled totally away from her, leaving Scully with a bewildered look of disappointment on her face. Mulder turned to his left, and then his right. He grabbed Scully hand and dragged her off to the latter direction.

“Where are we going?” Scully had to hitched the front of her dress to stay with him as he damn near ran to what she saw was a flight of stairs that were connected to the balcony, leading down to the garden. Upon reaching the bottom Mulder stopped again and looked around. Scully saw to her right there was a glass paned door just when Mulder noticed it too. Still holding her hand he walked over and tried the door.

“It’s locked,” Scully said, not a little disappointed. She looked around and saw the edge of the rose garden that was underneath the balcony. She jumped at the sound of breaking glass and turned to see Mulder reaching in with his free hand and opening the door from the inside. “Mulder.”

He turned and looked at her.

“And the way he looked at me. It was everything all wrapped into one look. ‘You wanted this. I had to do it. Let’s go.’ All in one.”

Catherine made an impatient gesture. “You’re killing me, Smalls…what next?”

Mulder, still looking at her, opened the door and let go of her hand. With an almost dismissing flick, he motioned her in. Scully bristled at his body language and that’s when Mulder stepped up close to her and hooked his arm around her waist. “In. Now.”

Scully did what she was told.

Mulder followed behind her, slamming the door, breaking another pane of glass in the door. There was a table to his right and he looked at it as he began to take off his tuxedo jacket.

Scully stood, just a little breathless, watching Mulder as he let the jacket slide off his arms. Behind her was a wash basin and Mulder thoughtlessly threw the no doubt expensive, silk garment into it. He then grabbed her by the hips and pulled her over to the table that was, to both their advantages, face high to Mulder if he knelt down in front of it.

Which was exactly what he did, after he lifted by her ass, onto the table.

Pulling at the long folds of her red, velvet dress he pushed it far enough up to expose her bare legs. He then reached up and pulled off her underwear, shimmying it down her thighs, over her knees, and over her delicate, little shoes. Then, to her surprise, took her right leg and threw it over his shoulder as he knelt down, never once breaking eye contact with Scully, who at this point was just moments away from either fainting, hyperventilating, or have a outrageous orgasm. He paused for a moment and then smiled an open mouth, toothy smiles and…

Scully paused. “For Christ’s sakes, WHAT? AND WHAT?”

“I don’t know how to explain it.”

“Try, for me?”

“Have you ever been,” her eyes went wide and she smiled a drunken smile, gobbled?”

Catherine whispered softly, “Oh my.”

They were in the garden shed, which was attached to the underside of the house and balcony. Scully leaned back onto what she realized was a wooden, broken down table that creaked as Mulder did his ‘business’. She reached up with one hand, over her head, and grabbed the edge of the table for dear life.

He moved his mouth on top of her warm, soft opening and gobbled her. Licking up to her clitoris and back down again. She had never in her life had a man so furiously abuse her body, and at the same time want more. He rocked her up and down, licking and biting her and suddenly she felt a lone finger enter her and she reached up with her other hand and let her other leg almost drape off the table. ‘I’m going to get splinters,’ she thought and then pushed it away as she felt burning in her left leg. ‘A Charlie horse?’ Scully cursed herself and then lifted it back up and in the process of putting it on Mulder’s other shoulder she noticed…

“What?” Catherine said incredulously. “You noticed your shoes?”

“Well, they’re those little ankle wrap-arounds?” Scully said with a drunken, dreamy look. “I had a pair once, the strap wraps around the ankle and they’re opened toed and my toenails were painted red.”

Catherine looked at her, “Dana, are you out of your GODDAMN MIND?”

“I thought they were so cute.”

With her eyes opened wide, “GET ON WITH IT!”

Mulder stopped just as Scully noticed her shoes. “Hey.”

Scully looked at him, responding to his low, grumble of a voice. His lips were glistening with her moisture. “Yeah?” she asked.

He stood up and leaned over her body, planting one hand on either side of her head. Scully lifted her head to meet his and she had her eyes on Mulder’s lips as he said, “Pay attention.” She dropped her head back and down and Mulder slithered back down her body. With a goofy grin on her face, Scully complied.

She felt his, not one now, but two fingers enter her as he tore her apart with his mouth. Again she gripped the edge of the table as it rocked, her chest heaving now as he fingered her and played with her tender spot, running his tongue over it, around it, clockwise, and counter clockwise. Scully closed her eyes and she listened to the rumbling and voices above them. They must’ve been right under a main room. Voices were floating in the air as Scully winced suddenly with pleasurable pain. She heard a faint noise from Mulder, almost a zipping sound and to her great surprise and almost uncontrolled desire, she realized Mulder’s other hand was not on her anymore, but on him. He withdrew the fingers inside her and gripped her thigh as she listed to his breathing become erratic and fast. Then he started to moan.

“Is that not the biggest turn-on?” Catherine took another shot.

“Oh god…it was three words. FAB. U. LOUS.” Then broke out in a fit of giggles.

Mulder was getting himself off. The realization brought her close to climax and she tensed her body up. The table creaked, back and forth and the noises above got louder, and Mulder’s moaning ache inside her. Scully could smell the rose garden as she tightened her legs around the man she had so hopelessly wanted for the past umph-teenth years and reached that peak that every woman dreams about. Just then Mulder bit down on her clit and sucked it into his mouth.

She came. Hard. It was almost unpleasant, the feeling in her. Like a coil under extreme pressure was springing loose. Then Mulder came and her orgasmic wave peaked again, listening to him cum as he whimpered into her. And then…

“I woke up.”

Catherine, with bleary eyes and a drunken stare, blinked at Scully. Finally she said, “what’s the equivalent to male blue-balls, because I think I have them now.”

Grabbing hands they leaned forward and laughed drunkenly into the couch cushions. After a few moments, they leaned into the middle of the couch and wistfully looked up at the ceiling.

“You know, this would be the perfect lesbian moment.”

Again they laughed…no guffawed. After a couple snorts and giggles, the now drunken women looked up again at the ceiling. “So what are you going to do?” Catherine asked, wiping a tear away.

Scully shrugged, “I don’t know. Nothing probably.”

“That…is a damn shame.” Catherine looked at her.

“You know what’s weird though?”


Scully’s face creased with an odd intensity, “in the other dreams it seemed like…well like I was in control of it. Everywhere everything happened was familiar to me. I did all the work too. But not in this one, I had never seen that place before and I didn’t have to do a damn thing.”

Catherine contemplated it. “Hmm. That is weird. Now get out.”

Walking Scully to the door Catherine put her arm around her and gave her a half hug. “I want to thank you for telling me that. I’m going to make a booty call now so you have to leave.”

“It’s almost five in the morning.”

“Ah…men don’t care what time it is when they get sex. Besides, there’s always that morning wood. Don’t drink or drive, now.” Dana hugged her back and laughed. Walking away from Catherine’s apartment, she almost made it to her door when her neighbor’s door opened again.

Coming out and meeting her halfway she said, “I just had a thought.”

“Hmm?” Scully looked into Catherine’s face and saw what sobering effect this thought had given her lovely neighbor.

“Well, maybe you weren’t in control.” Scully instantly sobered up. “Wouldn’t that be weird?” Catherine smiled and turned. “I’m drunk. Good night, or good morning.” Then she waved over her shoulder and entered her apartment.

Scully listened to the soft click of Catherine’s door and then looked down at the wooden hallway floor and thought of roses and velvet.
End of Part Three