Floor Dreams - a poem

I slept on the floor last night
Cuz my bed got soaked with rain
I wasn't very comfortable
But I wasn't in any pain

My dreams were quite unusual
Dancing on the side of strange
I know that you can say that's normal
But even these were out of my range

Tour we took was much too strange to lie
Candy-coated fact'ry with beach of sandy sugar
And this little leprechaun guy
Boy what an annoying little booger

A dog that did tricks; changed shape too
And a hallway of wall-lickable goo
Walls of metal, wands of cold
I was sure the sweetness'd get old

It's the only one I can recall
and for that I'm sure I'm thankful
On the floor my brain worked lower
And seemed to flush the under-tankful.

ROzbeans 18 years ago
lol, cute.