Dreamboat 4/?

TITLE: Dreamboat (4/?)
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“Why have you been drinking?”
“Oh, because I had this erotic dream about you.”
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Dreamboat part Four

6:02 am

Now, you can imagine her disdain at the sound of her phone ringing so bright and early. Scully nearly fell off the bed, still drunk from her festive morning drunk bash with her neighbor down the hall.

She answered the phone and slurred into it, “Schully.”


Slurring again, “Schully.”


She opened her eyes and smiled, “Mulder!”

A slight pause on the other end, “Scully?”

“Mulder! Its me, Schully!” She turned over and smiled into the phone. “Its you, Mulder.”

“You’re drunk.”

“Oh yes, immensely so.”

“Wh-,” he started. “Why are you drunk, its Friday morning?”

“I can drink too, you know.”

“I see that. You’re not coming into work today, are you.” It was more of a declaration than a question.


“Good, because we’re catching a flight at 10.”

“P.M., Mulder?”

“No, Scully…A.M. Do you want me to come over?”

“Noooo. I don’t want you to COME over.” She drunkenly emphasized on the double-edged, slash double meaning, word. “I think you’ve done enough of that.” She laughed again.

With a smile, “uh, Scully?”

“Hmm, Mulder?” she hummed into the phone, already half asleep again.

“I’ll reschedule the flight for later, ok?”

“Sm-oky, Mulder.”

Mulder laughed now. “You sure you’re going to be alright, Scully?”

“Hmm,” this time is was a lower hum, something akin, if not directly related to, a seductive noise. “Yes, Mulder.” And she clicked the phone off.

Mulder stood near the edge of his bed with his hand loosely on his tie. He looked at the phone and then threw it on the bed. He blinked a couple times and then grinned.

If Scully still weren’t very inebriated, she would’ve anticipated Mulder’s arrival and taken a shower. Or at least put something more respectable on, but she definitely would’ve gotten out of bed, because that’s exactly where he found her.

“Scully?” In a dark blue suit and tie, Mulder walked quietly into her apartment, using the key she had given him, and looked around the dark apartment. Walking into her bathroom, and through to the other side, he could see a muff of red hair splayed across a pillow and her face turned into it. She was wearing satin white pajamas. He reached out, and gently touched her shoulder, shaking it a bit. “Scully?”

When she stirred, he sat down next to her on the bed and watched her turn over. He could feel his stomach tighten as he watched her smile up at him, and even though her face was softened by sleep, her actions stirred something inside him. He looked down and saw that her pajama top buttoned in the front and it was gaped open for him to see. He reached out and gently pulled the material closed. “Mulder,” she reached out and grabbed his hand, pressing it close to her chest. “You came. Again.” And then giggled.

His eyebrows went up and he ever so slowly pulled his hand away. Not that he wanted to, but ‘she’s drunk, she doesn’t know what she’s doing’ thought crossed his mind and Mulder must be the constant noble man. ‘Damnit,’ he thought. “You need to get up, Scully, and take a shower.”

She titled her pretty head and sat up. “You want me take a shower, Mulder?”

“Yes, Scully. I’ll put on some coffee. Now get up.” Scully did what she was told and pulled back the covers, revealing that the satin white pajama top that she was wearing, did not have matching bottoms. He stopped her. “Wait, wait, wait.”

“I thought you wanted me to get up, or do you want to get in?” She reached out and laid a hand on his chest.

Standing up off the bed, he grabbed both her hands and held them together. “Let me leave first, Scully, ok?”

“Why?” She asked with a doe eyed look.

“Because you’re half naked, Scully. What…” he started, lost in a thought he laughed, “if you only knew how you were acting Scully.”

“How am I acting,” she asked as she slowly pulled him back onto the bed with her. She slowly rose up on her knees so she could look down at him.

Mulder looked at the wonder he called Dana Scully and wished to god he wasn’t a better man. “You’re acting like you want me, Scully.”

“You don’t want me?”


Her mouth came open and she shoved him. “Why not!”

“Because you’re drunk, Scully and there’s something so wholly unattractive about a horny, drunk woman.”

Her mouth dropped open, clearly offended.

“I’d rather you’d want me sober and one hundred percent aware of what I’m doing to you, if I’m going to crawl into bed with you, Scully,” he said honestly, knowing that how drunk she is, she won’t remember later.

She settled back onto her knees so their eyes were level. “Oh.”

Mulder stood, again, and smiled down at her, “What have you been drinking?”

Her frown disappeared and her smile lit up the room, warming his heart. “Tee-kee-la.”

He made a wincing ‘O’ sound. “Why have you been drinking?”

“Oh, because I had this erotic dream about you,” Dana Scully said, matter-of-factly.

“You had what?”

“Have you ever seen that movie, ‘Pillow Talk’ with Doris Day and Rock Hudson?”

“I think so.”

“Well, do you remember the dress she was wearing during the ‘rolly polly’ song?”

“What song?”

“The ‘rolly polly’ song.” She looked at him as if he was crazy for not knowing just what exactly she was talking about. “The bar scene near the end?”

“Oh oh.” He shrugged, “vaguely. Men really don’t remember things like that, Scully.”

So she described it to him. “I was wearing that beautiful dress. It was red and VELVET,” she emphasized, “and it had straps that went over my shoulders.” She outlined just where she meant and it caused her top to gape open a little as she dragged her fingers down the front of her top. “Then it dipped, really, really low in the back, so you could see my tattoo.” She pointed at him, stressing the ‘you’ and she turned around to show him how low by running her fingers along the point where her back ended and the curve of her bottom started.


“Anyway, the dress went down to my ankles,” and out came the legs again. She pulled back the covers and ran her hand down her bare legs. Mulder’s eyes went with them. “Then there was the slit.”

“Oh, that dress, right. I remember now,” his voiced cracked and he started to breathe heavy, watching her turn, twist, and touch herself in front of him.

“You know the one I’m talking about?”

“Oh, yeah.” ‘No, but I can’t take this anymore,’ he thought.

She turned around again and pointed to her hip, “you remember the slit that started here?” Her finger was at the edge of her top and it showed off more than he could handle, right at that specific moment, seeing.


She turned to face him. “Yes, Mulder?” The doe-eyed look again.

“Please stop.”

“Stop what?”

He reached out and touched her shoulders, settling her back down again on the bed. “Please,” he leaned in closely, and asked again quietly, “please stop.”

She hummed, which was Mulder’s undoing. “Stop what?” She reached out and touched his tie; starting at the top she grabbed it in her hand and slowly let it slide to the bottom, only to start back up again at the top.

Mulder was leaning over her, pressing her up against her headboard as she slowly and seductively gave his tie a hand job. He looked into her blue eyes and just about died. He placed both hands on either side of her head, gripping the headboard and whispered in her right ear, “just please,” he whimpered. “Stop doing this to me.”

Scully rubbed her right cheek against his and she felt his body tremble. “Mulder?” He titled his head down and ran his lips along the collar of her top. “It was you, last night, wasn’t it?”

End of Part Four