TITLE: Cashmere (1/1)
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Cashmere (1/1)

Present Day
Clovis, New Mexico AKA Middle of Nowhere

‘Cashmere. Soft, supple cashmere stroking tenderly on bare skin. The feel of it under my fingertips as it glides along equally soft skin sends me into a rapture I wish not to recover from. Cashmere. I adore it.’

Dana Scully stood in, for once, a reasonably nice hotel. It in fact was a hotel with a fashionably expensive store in its lobby. She was staring up at a mannequin wearing an off the shoulder, one piece dress made of luxurious cashmere that flowed effortlessly to the ankles. ‘In the middle of New Mexico,” Scully thought to herself.

She reached out with the manicured fingernails of her right hand and touched the hem of the dress. She let out a sigh…cashmere. There wasn’t much that was designer that she could afford on her federal paycheck, much less a complete floor length cashmere dress, but then…that’s what credit was for.

Dana Scully smiled.


Coming out of the hotel lobby he spotted her standing by the front entrance waiting for him. He took in her features with a spoon; with her back to him he studied the curve of her waist and the slimming black slacks that brushed the top of her chunky heeled boots. Mulder was relieved when she stopped wearing her suede heels and switched to wearing darker colors. It made her seems more dangerous and a little less like the innocent girl who walked into his basement office so many years before. It gave her a jaded, delicious look and, as he thought this, she turned her head and he caught her profile. As he slowly walked towards her in a straight shot across the lobby he saw her blue eyes zero in on him from over her left shoulder. He slowed his walk and admired the view.

‘Damn’, Scully thought to herself as she watched him saunter over to her. She nervously twitched her right hand holding the shopping bag full of her personal desire and turned to face him fully.

‘Damn that look,’ she thought again to herself. He was looking at her with a half smile and his eyes blazed green. She felt something pinch inside her stomach as she tried to quash the butterflies doing the tango within, so she concentrated on not betraying her emotions by plastering on her trademark expressionless face. It took everything not to start at the bottom and work her way back up into those hazel eyes, relishing in all parts in between.

‘Damn him,’ she mentally cursed.

“Hey.” His voice was soft.

She awarded him with a small smile. “Luggage is in the rental.”

He looked outside towards the running cab and then backs towards her. “So what did you think of Clovis, New Mexico.”

“I’m trying not to blink, I wouldn’t want to miss it.” She pushed the foyer doors out into the freezing cold. The only thing not subtle in New Mexico are the stucco buildings and the seasons, both being very extreme. Stifling hot summers and below zero winters, each season bearing the most intense of trademark features.

“You know,” he said opening the cab door for her, “there’s an air force base nearby.”

“What Mulder, when in New Mexico, do as the riticulans from Roswell do?”

“Ooh, that stung, Scully.”

“Right, get in.”

TWA Flight 1559
35,000 Feet

He had seen her hold the little shopping bag as if it were a child. He very much wanted to know what was in it, but when she stowed it away in the overhead department his hopes seemed dashed. Until of course she went to the bathroom.

“Let me out.” Scully half stood up from her window seat reading to make a break for the bathroom. “That chili isn’t sitting very well. I swear I’m going to become a vegetarian.” Then he watched her rush down the aisle towards the poor excuses for bathrooms. Why they had to be no bigger than a broom closet, he’ll never know.

Mulder stood up as she disappeared behind the curtains and straightened out his pants with a clean swipe downwards. Guilt started to rise up in him, but that was effectively put down by curiosity. Reaching up he opened the compartment and dug his hand around, looking for the offensive bag.

A minute goes by and nothing. ‘Where did she put it? How can such a short woman hide something so far up?’ As Mulder finished his thought the plane hit an air pocket and it lurched upwards, sending the bag from on top of her carry-on onto its side, and its contents spilling onto Mulder.

At first he thought it was velvet, but then realized it was too soft and too light for that. Then a voice came, “Cashmere. Wow.” Mulder turned, it was another passenger. “That’s cashmere. Is that floor length?”

Mulder made an unsure face and he found the top of the dress and let it roll out in front of him. His fingers found the slit on the side. There were a couple whistles from a few, more than likely, other female passengers.

“That is floor length. Good lord that must’ve cost at least 2 C’s.”

“Two hundred dollars?” Mulder gasped.

“Oh hell, at LEAST, if not closer to five hundred. That’s cashmere.”

“So you said,” he mumbled softly as he ran his hand along the length of the dress as he pressed it again his leg. Even he whistled. Then something in him snapped. “It’s off the shoulder I think.”

“You’re a lucky man.” The female passenger looked at it from top to bottom. “A very lucky man.”

He looked up from the dress into the face of the passenger and saw what she meant. “Oh, we’re not…”

“Is it a surprise, because if it is, it won’t be for long.” The woman motioned to the curtains, which was pushing back. Scully! He quickly rolled up the dress, relishing and missing the feel of it as he shoved it in the bag, and then back into the overhead.

“What are you doing, Mulder?” Scully had come up behind him.

“Your bag fell.” He smiled. “What’s in it anyway?” he asked feigning ignorance.

“Nothing much,” she answered with her eyes downcast as she side stepped back to her seat. “Just a little something I picked up.”

‘She’s lying,’ Mulder thought. “Oh,” he answered.

Scully leaned back her chair and yawned, “Nudge me when we’re there, will you Mulder.”

“Sure.” He turned and watched her close her eyes. Now, unseen and unnoticed Mulder looked at the full length of her body, trying to imagine the dress on her. The off the shoulder, cashmere gray dress. There would be a slit along the right hip that spanned upwards almost to the top of her creamy thighs. Mulder’s breathing quicken as he tried to picture the soft material gathered around her round shoulders, the material dipping provocatively in the front and in the back. She would practically have to hold the soft material up to keep it from sliding off her body.

Off. Her. Body.

Mulder gulped and closed his eyes as he listened to the jet’s engines roar in his ears.

Scully’s apartment
9:30 p.m.

Dana Scully was laughing. Not the sweet twinkling of bells most would assume her laugh would be like. It didn’t sound like a choir of angels, it didn’t sound like the little cats mewing or the light laughter of a young girl.
It was a straight out guffaw.
From the depths of her belly came the laughter of a hundred men as she stood in front of her mirror. Now, it wasn’t as annoying as that, but it was true, unashamed, joyous laughter that caused tears to well up in her eyes. As Scully stood in front of her full-length mirror she looked at herself and more laughter came. She had her arms crossed in front of her breasts, supporting the cashmere folds of the dress she had paid entirely too much money for.
It was too big. The off the shoulders arms were definitely off the shoulder as they hung by her elbows. The length of the dress not only touched the floor, but it left a cashmere train behind her. Scully thought to herself, ‘I could get it hemmed.’ Then the though of the waste of the extra cashmere made her shudder. Out loud she laughed, “I could make cashmere panties! Huh, wonder what that would feel like?” Suddenly the urge for chocolate cookies struck her blind and she ran off to her kitchen, nearly tripping over the extra material.