What the stink is this section?

I know you're thinking that. This was a hobby before the cursed Everquest sucked me and the hubbo in. This fascination started back in 1999 before my daughter was born. Xfiles was just finishing up its 6th season (back before it sucked) and I read an article in Entertainment weekly about TinyDancer's site. That site was renamed/brought down because of some copyright infringement I think (Elton John song, I think) but it was featured in an article about Fan Fiction. So, I went and looked it up.

I ended up sitting every night into the wee hours of the morning reading all these stories. Some were VERY good, some were VERY bad. The bad one's inspired me. My first story was 'Want and Need'. Extremely shippy (relationship) and MSR (mulder-scully romance). Yes, I am a dork, but this was huge even for the net back then.

I wrote for about a year and my last story was 'Dreamboat' which is still unfinished. I know how it ends so I'll probably try and finish it, now that I quit playing EQ after all these years. I recently found the missing parts to Dreamboat and it inspired me to get back into the whole MSR thing. In any case, enjoy =D