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Axelle Red
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(5/19/02 1:01:38 pm)
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Axelle sighted. She never thought that her first week as commanding officer of the Neriak's Dragoons would be that rough.

She couldn't believe the report she was reading. How that could be possible? she asked herself. Axelle stepped out of her office and told her secretary:

-Venilae, please pack my gear. I'll be leaving shortly for a few days.

-Yes, Lady Axelle, she replied. Anything else?

Axelle paused briefly, thinking.

-Oh yeah, please get Captain N'Farre. It's urgent! she says before going back in her office.

A few minutes passed.

A tall man in armor entered into the office and says You asked for me, Axelle?

Due to the gravity of the situaton, Axelle overpassed the lack of respect of the hierarchy N'Farre just showed. Without saying anything, she handed a picture to him. It was a Tier'dal women wearing some green garments.

-Who is she? asked N'Farre.

-Believe it or not, it's Caitlinn V'Bran! she responded.

-What? The druid? Isn't she one of the Indigo Brotherhood most wanted?

-Yeah, I know. It seems that she can now disguise herself to our apparence. We cannot let this treachery unpunished.

She was now standing up. Captain, I want you to double the patrols in the forest and in the city.

N'Farre nodded and added: I will settle camps around the druid rings in the Lavastrom Montains and in the Commonlands too. We never know what can come up of this.

Axelle was surprise at that idea. It was a very good idea indeed. How come I didn't think of that myself? she asked herself.

-Very good Captain. Make this quickly. We don't know what V'Bran can do with her apparent new powers. Oh, one last thing. You're in charge here while i'm gone.

-Oh? Where you going?

-To the Overthere. I'll tell the news to General V'Deers myself. It shouldn't take more than 3 days.

-Very well then. You can count on me, Lady Axelle. He saluted and stepped out of his commanding officer's office.

Axelle had no doubt at all that N'Farre could accomplish the task. He was a good Dragoon. I fact, she was surprised that she got that job before him. She really thought that he was more qualified to lead the defence of Neriak. Oh well, the Indigo Brotherhood thought otherwise.

She sat back in her chair. She closed her eyes and began to think of recent events. Is V'Bran as something to do with newly incursion of orcs in the forest? Maybe... What about the halflings that have become more and more daring in the last few months? These are indeed dangerous times for Neriak...



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(5/19/02 1:45:17 pm)
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Re: Caitlinn V'Bran, Neriak's most wanted.
The day slipped slowly into night as the Dark Elf camp near the Eastern Commons border settled down for dinner. Priestess A`Tzae and Priestess Shar'Har conferred quietly in their tent with their trusted security officer, Captain N'Viros.

"What news do you bring us, Captain?" The Priestess asked in unity.

Captain N'Viros kneeled and spoke with a bowed head. "I bring urgent news from Commander Axelle."

Priestess A'Tzae lowered herself into her plush, blood red pillows and gazed at the young Captain N'Viros. "Speak then, Captain", she purred.



Kizdean Gix turned from his post in between the toll booth and the West Commons Inn. The day was almost completely gone and in the shadows of the inn stood a dark elf.

"Brother Gix...may I speak with you?" The dark shadow asked.

Kizdean Gix was no fool. "Step forward and show yourself or feel the wrath of the Indigo Brotherhood." He drew his dagger and stood his ground. From behind him came another voice.

"Brother Kizdean, we are but brethren." The voice came from a chain wearing dark elf with red eyes. Kizdean relaxed and sheethed his weapon. He watched the showdow from the inn draw closer, this one wore light clothing, mostly leather. Again the chain wearing Dark Elf spoke, "We bring news from the homeland, Brother. It is time."

Kizdean faced his two Dark Elf brothers. "Time for what?" The leather wearing Dark Elf smiled and pointed behind Kizdean. The dark elf turned slowly and there before him was a dark elf female wearing green leather and carrying a druid's epic.

Caitlinn V'Bran raised her hand which was now glowing bright red. A circle of flame burned around her as she said with a half smile..."Time to die."


"What you speak of is impossible." Priestess Shar'Har. "No druid has that ability."

"This is straight from Axelle, Mistress Shar'Har. We have no reason to...", the young Captain was cut off by sharp tip of a ranger's arrow. The two women screamed and jumped out of the tent. Outside their screams were stiffled with fear. Surrounding the fire were bodies of their Dragoons and standing in their blood were a group of dark elves.

A ranger, a shaman, a monk, a bard and a druid stood before them. With a smile the shaman stepped forward, his guise dropping revealing Aramous, barbarian shaman. He bowed gracefully. The next to step forward was Tanas, his guise dropped, revealing a wood elf ranger. The tallest of the 5 was Raavin, human monk and with a smile he raised a hand to the dark elf women. Sparkles encircled the bard and husband who twirled his singing short sword with flare. Vebran bowed humbly at the women. The last was the foe the Captain N'Viros had spoken of. The dark elf women snarled at this one.

"Ladies...", Caitlinn V'Bran shook her head, her guise revealed a wood elf druid with blazing red hair and grey eyes. "Now, now...let us mind our manners. We bring only a message for your master in the Overthere and your Commander in Neriak."

"And that message would be?" Priestess A`Tzae sneered.

As the sun was finally swallowed by the night, the horizon burned. "The Neriak horizon burns, my burns Scarlet red."

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Re: Caitlinn V'Bran, Neriak's most wanted.
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ohmygod.. that is so awesome
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Axelle Red
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(5/19/02 49:30 pm)
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General V’Deers changed color as he learned from Axelle’s mouth the V’Bran situation. I knew it was coming, he said his face hidden in his hands.

Axelle, puzzled, asked back You knew what? What are you talking about?

V’Deers asked his staff to leave Axelle and him alone in the room. When they were both alone, he whispered The prophecy is true, then.

-What prophecy? What I’m not knowing? Tell me! She hates when she’s being kept in the dark about something. She had to know.

The general didn’t even bother to answer her. He took a piece or paper and started to write something on it. Axelle was to far away to see what it was. When he was finished, he sealed the message and handed it to Axelle.

-Take this to Dorn B’Dynn. He is in the desert of Ro. When done, report back to your duty in Neriak.

Axelle violently took the message and exploded: My duty? How the Indigo Brotherhood can expect of my Dragoons and me to protect our people if you’re keep us in the dark, as usual?

He interrupted her, Excuse me, but your Dragoons, as you say, and yourself aren’t expected to protect no one. We, the Indigo Brotherhood, are the caretaker of the Tier’dal. Now, go and take that note to B’Dynn, Dragoon. The rest is not of your concern.

Reluctantly, she saluted her superior and left his field office. Damn, she thought to herself, I’m captain of the guard, and I’m doing the courier’s job.

Meanwhile, in Neriak, Priestess Helspeth had urgent and troubling news for Axelle.

-She is not here at the moment, said Axelle’s secretary, Venilae, to the cleric. Captain N’Farre is replacing her in the meanwhile.

-Very well, I’ll see him, then.

Helspeth entered the Captain’s office and bowed before him. He returned the gesture. What can I do for you, Priestess?

-Two of my Priestess just came back with horrible news from the commonlands, she told, almost crying. All hers escort got killed by some highwaymen. They both are the only survivor.

N’Farre couldn’t believe his ears as she continued telling the events. We’re talking about a dozen of well trained Dragoons, all dead? It’s almost impossible. And above all, he sent them there… to their death. He wanted to cry too, but he couldn’t. He’s a senior officer, after all.

After some comforting words and a promise that an investigation will be held, the Captain sent back the Priestess to her duties.

-Oh! One last thing, Priestess. Please isolate your two clerics. I have some questions to asked them, and I’m sure Lady Axelle will too, when she’ll get back.

She nodded and got on her way out.

He knew this incident was somehow related to the current “V'Bran crisis”, he just couldn’t tell the Helspeth, or no one, for that matter.

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(5/19/02 55:07 pm)
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Re: Caitlinn V'Bran, Neriak's most wanted.
"You eat too many pears."

Caitlinn V'Bran looked up at the voice and wiped the pear juice from her glistening lips. "Its good for the skin." Then she smiled at Tanas.

The 5 Scarlets sat at the hearth of their guild's Castle. "The other dark elves in the guild are whispering", Raavin said. The human monk kicked his feet on the table and drank his Kromif Spit Whiskey.

Vebran looked up from cleaning his singing sword, "Whispering about what? Aren't they always whispering about something?"

Tanas chuckled, "They know what we're doing. They heard about WC."

"Technically we didn't do anything that bad." Caitlinn cut another piece of her pear with her nature's walker scimitar.

"Technically no," Tanas said. "But still there is gossip in the guild that the Dark Elves aren't taking too kindly to us running around impersonating them and killing their brethren."

"We should kill some humans maybe?" Vebran offered.

"Hey, hey." The human monk scowled at the bard, ready to attack him.

Just then Aramous entered the room, walking straight to the group of Scarlets. "I just heard something from Noktaris."

"Veirna's husband?" Asked Caitlinn.

"Yeah, get this. Not only are we destroying what Indigo Brotherhood faction we may have left, there is word that this has gotten back to Axelle."

Tanas winced. "What did she say? I didn't think she'd like us doing this."

"All Veirna told Nok was that Axelle was headed out to the Overthere to talk to the General."

Caitlinn sat up and clapped. "Alright! This is getting good! So what now? Full out Dark Elf war against us?"

Just then Vdarious entered the room. "No, just against you, Cait." The dark elf warrior approached the druid and chuckled. "You done pissed off my boss."

"Well, its nothing personal...HEY?!" Vdarious unsheathed his blade and swung at Caitlinn. "Whoa, whoa!" Her legs came up and flipped her chair back, just out of reach of his mighty long sword. Drawing her sword she held a hand up stopping Vdarious from advancing. Her hand flickered with red flame. "Vdar, baby..."

The other men grabbed Vdarious and disarmed him. "You kill my brethren and you call upon the wrath of all Indigo Brotherhood." He wrenched himself from their grasped and adjusted his breastplate. "You do well to watch your back." He looked at all of them. "You all would do well to." With an evil dark elf sneer he turned on his heel to leave.

"There's something about a dark elf warrior's height that just isn't imposing enough." Vebran chuckled but then touched the hilt of his sword as Vdarious walked by, glaring at the half elf bard.

Raavin straightened the chair and looked at the druid. "This could be bad."

"This wasn't just my idea." Caitlinn shrugged. "What happened to the old days of killing a couple Dark Elf here and there?"

"There's something else going on." Tanas thought for a moment. "Has anyone seen Helspeth tonight?"

Vebran answered, "I haven't, but I saw her half sister Wolenu earlier in the courtyard."

"Those were Hels' priestess' in WC. Think someone should talk to her?"

Aramous offered, "I will find Wolenue and ask about her sister.."

Caitlinn ate the last of her pear and said, "Welp, I think we should leave for a bit."

"No more Dark Elf killing tonight, me thinks." Raavin mumbled.

The druid thought for a moment, "Lets get drunk?"

"Yeah that'll work." And with that the 5 left.

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Axelle Red
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(5/19/02 8:49:47 pm)
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Axelle couldn’t move at all, except for her head. She was tied to a tree, but there was no rope or any kind of constraint. It was dark and foggy. She had no idea of how she got there. She was trying to move and break free, to no avails.

Don’t even think to escape, you can’t, Axelle, a feminine voice said out of no where. Then the voice laughed.

Who are you? Where are you? shouted Axelle.

A silhouette appeared in the fog before her. She couldn’t tell yet who or what it was, but it was approaching slowly.

Who am I? asked the silhouette before laughing again. Do you even know who you are, Axelle?

For the first time of her life, she was scared. “Do you even know who you are?” What the hell is that supposed to mean? she asked herself, breathing heavily.

The silhouette was now very close. Axelle could now see an Elven woman, clothed with a greenish armor and holding a scimitar. She stopped breathing as she finally recognize who it was. Caitlinn was then a few inches away, eyes to eyes, grinning evilly. She repeated, Do you know who you are, sister?


Vdarious was hurt. Or so it seemed. He walked quickly outside in his home forest of Nektulos. It was clear that he knew the woods by heart. He looked often ever his shoulder as if he was looking if he was followed.

As it was not the case, he continued until he reached a rock, the size of a cow. Right beside it, a very old tree. In some way, the tree looked alive. Vdarious sat down and waited for someone…


Axelle! Wake up. You’re having a bad dream, said Dantael as she shook Axelle to wake her up. They were both in a cabin on the ship that were taking them to the Oasis of Marr.

Axelle awoke and jumped up, assuming a defensive position.

Calm down, it’s just me, Dantael, she said smiling.

Axelle was completely lost. She remembered talking to V’Deers, the note for B’Dynn, getting on the boat. But what the hell Dantael was doing there?

Don’t you remember? she asked puzzled. General V’Deers asked me to accompany you… So? What were you dreaming about?

Oh, yeah, I remember now, answered Axelle. What was I dreaming about?… I’m sorry, I never remember my dreams.

She then exit the cabin for some fresh air on the deck. She just lied to one of her best friend. No, she didn’t remember V’Deers asking Dantael to accompany her. And no, it’s not true that she forgot what she was dreaming about. Who could easily dismissed that kind of dream?

Forget about it, Dragoon, she told herself. Concentrate on your mission. Get the note to B’Dynn and get quickly back home.

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Malenko Lightbringer
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(5/19/02 11:55:49 pm)
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Malenko stood behind his desk in the highest reaches of the Temple of Marr in North Freeport staring down at the town he called home. Just yesterday he had rallied the normally peaceful worshipers of Marr to the defense of his beloved city. For reasons known only to the gods, an army of Tier'Dal under the command of Axelle Red had cut a swathe through the Militia and threatened the sanctum he held so dear. But before his thoughts could ramble further, his aide Percival burst into the office, putting a halt to his musings.

Sir, news from the Commonlands, he said, forgetting in his haste to salute.

Well? I haven't got all day you know? I still have to brief Sir Dushire in the Hall of Truth and try to get that damned Lucan to organize his troops into some sort of force should Axelle regroup.

It seems your comrades in Scarlet Horizon are making a nusciance of themselves for Axelle and her troupe. Our spies returned just moments ago with this. . . With that, he handed Malenko a copy of the wanted poster for Caitlinn.

Malenko absentmidedly glanced at the poster , pondering instead what the reports of Tier'Dal troop activity could mean. Why had Axelle seemingly turned her attention away from Freeport and onto this one person? What could it mean?

Sir, his aide cautiously interrupted, there's more. Reports have come in that Kizdean Gix was assasinated last night, as well as the bodyguards of Helsepth's priestesses nearby. The priestesses were allowed to live however, for reasons unbeknownst to us.

How terribly interesting, Malenko stated, as much to himself as to his aide.

Sir, that's not all, the aide once more interrupted, gaining a look of disapproval from Malenko, who couldn't possibly have known what was to come. Altrunic Jartin reports that he heard the screams of the priestesses as he was patrolling the commonlands. He says that as he ran to investigate, he saw a group of Tier'Dal fleeing at full speed. Included in the group was a shaman, monk, ranger, and druid, or so it appeared.

I see. And tell me, was Sir Jartin's breath reeking of alchohol when he told you this?

Not at all sir, why do you ask?

Simple Percival. Have you ever, in your studies, heard of a Tier'Dal posessing the skills of any of those professions?

Well, I, uh, that is to say . . .

No Percival, of course you haven't, because they don't exist. Now, either Sir Jartin was incredibly inebriated at the time, or the game is far more afoot than one would have imagined. Bah, anyways, I must meditate on these matters. You have done well Percival. Go find out what you can from the guards in Northern Ro. The last thing I need is an army of those accursed Trolls on my doorstep. At least the Tier'Dal bathe. With that, he dismissed Percival with a gesture and moved to return to the window. He took a draught from the coffer of wine sitting on his desk, glanced down at the poster Percival had handed him, and proceeded to spew the recently ingested wine halfway accross his office.

Staring back at him was the image of a beautiful dark elf, clad in druidic armor and wielding a Nature Walker's Scimitar.
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The night was thick and the stars shown like white diamonds from the Mines of Nurga.

The companions were talking in fire warmed them this night.

"We should gather the other Scarlets and prepare ourselves. I have gotten reports back from the Glade Trackers.... Janaleea says that the world is different and that something is amiss, just as we suspected." whispered Tanas.

I have also sensed it here in the forest, the animals are restless.

Caitlinn looked over at Tanas and nodded agreement.

"I think we need to continue to strike, but I am worried."she shifted uncomfortably.
"I am not sure how much longer our fellow Tier'Dal Scarlet brothers and sisters will tolerate this. Vdarious, will not stand for it much longer me thinks."

Raavin sat upright and smiled, "I will speak with him tomorrow about things and get a feel for what he knows or what he suspects and then deal with it accordingly."

Vebran kind of chuckled, "Vdarious would be wise to watch himself or there will be one less Warlord among us me thinks."

"We must leave this place. We should not stay to long at one spot for the dark magic’s are at work and no doubt spies are about." "Are you all ready for travel?", Tanas smiled and asked as he stood.

The others stood quietly and gathered around the Druidess. She started to chant in a low whisper as energy escaped from her lips and encased her with a glow so soft it was barely noticeable in the darkness under the starlight.

Tanas hated this kind of travel and preferred to run like the wind over ground either in wolf form or with the speed of wolves commanding his muscles.....but he knew that time was of the essence......he strung his bow and notched an arrow....

The area glowed softly and then there was trace that anyone had ever been here next to the river in the North Karranas. Where the companions went only they would know......

Darkness.....more black than any night could possibly be...

Tanas sensed it and dropped to the ground firing arrows into the first 3 Indigo Brotherhoods that were slowly moving towards the sacred druid ring here in the West Common lands.

AMBUSH !!!! he cried..... the others cleared the unatural darkness that could only be cast by Tier 'Dal.
Those Dark Elves were not prepared for the onslaught that insued. They foolishly thought they would have the upper hand.....

Raavin, moved with lighting speed, using feet and hands to crush and break bones faster than could be followed by the eye.

Vebran sang and the companions hearts raced...they became flurries of motion cutting down the brother hood with an unnatural swiftness.....

Star Fire erupted into the dark ones turning many into ash where they stood....Caitlinn had a look in her eyes that would make any mortal take pause but just long enough for her to enact devastating consequences on their very soul.......

Aramous towered above Caitlinn not moving from her side, bolstering the companions with enhancing spells to help them maintain the pace in which was now set.....none would get near Caitlinn as the big Barbarian wielded a fierce Spear that easily was the size of 3 Tier'dal......

Two Lightning swords now escaped from the sheaths that held them, twirling and disappearing into flesh, sparks flying as Tanas enacted his weapon shield, no blow from any Tier'Dal could touch his skin.....they bore down on him but they all fell.

Bard, Monk, Ranger, Shaman and Druid.......cutting a swath into their midst......until there were simply none left. The fight was over...

Tanas came out of the darkness back from inside the ruins.

They have all been slaughtered. The druids that once defended these ruins are no more, we will have to come back during daylight to bury them properly.

Tanas looked around one last time. We must go now.....make haste my friends

All looked at each other and nodded somberly.

Time for us to get some answers. Aramous voiced.

and time for us to find Helspeth. Vebran added.

As Caitlinn whispered a spell the companions melded into their surroundings and were gone.....headed for the East Common lands and the enemies that would surely await them.....

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Re: Caitlinn V'Bran, Neriak's most wanted.
The Scartlet companions ran at a break neck speed as they entered the Eastern Commonlands. Their mystical blur stopped near the orc camp just before the hill that lead to the Tier'Dal entrance. Vebran chanted quietly to himself and then his companions watched him turn from half elf to devilishly handsome Dark Elf. He looked up at a cracking noise.

"Sweetie, you really have to watch those hills while we're following you." Caitlinn stretched out her back and moaned quietly. "Not all of us have safe fall."

Vebran reached out and pat his wife's bum with a chuckle. "Yes, Dear."

The large barbarian squinted into the night and with a disgusted grunt, he too changed into his Dark Elf guise. "Much better. Barbarian sight is a foul thing, or lack thereof." He tilted his head out beyond the hill. "Are you sure she's here?"

Tanas gave him a nod, "She's here and she's out by the inn, across the forest." As a ranger his tracking was well renown and trusted. "You sure you want to go alone?"

Aramous closed his eyes and chanted his spell for wolf spirit. "I'm a big boy, Tanas." With a smile the barbarian ran off to find his prey.


Wolenu was busy collecting ingredients for ale. Lots of ale. Her furry little companion ran around her feet, barking softly like a dog. Wolenue reached down and ruffled the fur of her summoned bear pet and went back to her gathering when it suddenly started to growl. Turning quickly she came face to face with a dark elf. With a crash of her bottles, Wolenu gasped.

The dark elf's hand came up to calm her, "Its me, Wolenu. Its Aramous." His guise melted away, leaving in its place the large barbarian.

Her pet bear immediately stopped growling and started doing figure eights in between Aramous' legs. "Dont do that, Mous. This place is crawling with dark elves now and being alone with a male doesn't exactly please me."

He smiled and squinted in the darkness at her. "Speaking of which, I've come to ask you something."


Caitlinn was rooting orcs, watching them die by the thorns that surrounded them as they waited for Aramous to return. Raavin checked the corpse and mumbled again. "Do any of these ever drop ale?"

Vebran's bard tracking was the worst of those present, but something was bothering him. He moved to the top of the hill and looked down at the entrance to Nek Forest. He blinked and looked off to the right into the forest, just catching a glimpse of something. He whistled to his companions.

Reaching the top of the hill they stood. "What do you see, baby?" Caitlinn asked her beloved husband.

Vebran made a face and shrugged. "Nothing now, what do you see?"

Caitlinn and Tanas looked out into the forest. Suddenly Caitlinn's hand came up and grabbed Vebran's arm. Tanas pulled out his swiftwind and earthcaller, their steel glinting in the night. Raavin asked startled, "Aramous?"

Vebran unsheathed his singing sword and sang his speed song. Like the wind they ran towards Aramous and his impending danger.


Aramous kept having to squint to see Wolenu, especially as they left the inn and stood in the dark forest talking. "I've come to ask of your sister, Helspeth."

Wolenu looked at him with a curious expression, "She asked me about you and the others, you know."

The old barbarian squinted, "Ahh, she wanted to know about her priestess', no doubt?"

Wolenu nodded. Her pet bear started to growl again. "Its ok, Rawlf, just Aramous." She looked up to see a spear pierce through the barbarian's chest and connected to this spear was a Tier'Dal shadow knight.

Aramous dropped to his knees in pain. He could see nothing but the screams of Wolenu and the gleam of a dark elf's red eyes. He touched his chest and started to chant his heal song with a blinding charge of light turned everything to darkness.


They heard the screams but were too late. Tanas lifted his bow to fire off a quick dozen arrows when Raavin stopped him. "You might hit Wolenu." Tanas lowered his bow with a snarl and stood guard.

Caitlinn knelt down next to Aramous who was slowly bleeding to death. "Oof...this spear has to come out. Raavin?"

"He will surely bleed to death, we must send for a cleric," said the human.

They rolled Aramous to his side. "If you take it out, I can heal him before we have to resurrect him. He's always grumpy after being resurrected." Raavin and Vebran grabbed hold of the spear. With a shove they pushed it half way through and then Vebran came around and pulled the shaft completely out. Quickly Caitlinn chanted, "Come on, Mous. You know you love fruity goodness of nature's touch." As she finished the spell, they watched Aramous' wounds close up and the barbarian started to cough.

They sat him up as he touched his chest. "By the tribunal I swear I will never get used to that."

"We need to leave." Tanas' eyes were wide.

"Where's Ole, Mous?" Caitlinn asked the wounded barby.

"They took her, I saw a shadowknight."

"We need to leave, RIGHT NOW." Reached down and grabbed Caitlinn's arm to yank her standing.

Caitlinn looked up and saw the trees suddenly spawn dozens of Tier'Dal. Without hesitation she quickly shouted her evacuation spell. "Hug me gentlemen...WE ARE LEAVING."


Who's next? =)

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Re: Caitlinn V'Bran, Neriak's most wanted.

no room for my story..

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Re: Caitlinn V'Bran, Neriak's most wanted.
WHY !!!!! is it that the Shaman always gets whacked first
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Re: Caitlinn V'Bran, Neriak's most wanted.
But you got the fruity goodness, baby.

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Midway through her spell, Caitlinn felt a pair of elven hands grab her arms, shaking her.

"Caitlinn! Caitlinn! Stop!"

As Caitlinn's spell fizzled to an end and her mind came back in to focus from her spell-casting, she looked to see one of Tanas' twin swords leveled at her Dark Elven attacker.

One very confused aspiring uber-inky took an unwary step back.

"Um, guys? What's... all... this for?" , said a now VERY confused Konradd.

A wave of relief washed over the five companions.

"Konradd!!?", Caitlinn said surprised, as her breathing started to steady. "By Tunare kid! What are you doing out here?"

"I could ask you the same thing!" said Konradd. "My scouting party is returning from the forest Kithicor. We were recalled by Captain N'Farre, though we know not what he would want with a mere scouting company of young warriors and rogues like us. They only recall the younger elves when something direly important is amidst."

The five companions turned to regard each other.

"Caitlinn....",Konradd suddenly spoke up,"What exactly is going on? You guys aren't in trouble are you?"

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Re: Caitlinn V'Bran, Neriak's most wanted.
Meanwhile, back in the halls of Ak’anon.

-Porfirio approached the door to Brillian’s chambers and knocked softly.

“Come in”, Brillian announced

“Have you heard the news of the happenings near Freeport?” , I said as still glancing at some faded parchments.

-Brillian looked up from his desk, which was covers with books, odd models, and schematics.

“Yes I have heard some news of the renewed fighting going on there, I believe Nastile has heard more though. Let’s get her in here as well.” Then Brillian rang a small bell and an apprentice appeared.

“Master Brillian, you have need of me?” the apprentice questioned.

“Yes, go find Nastile and ask her to join us. If she isn’t in her chambers, check near the gem merchants. She’s always enchanting some kind of new jewelry.” Brillian chuckled softly as he finished.

“Yes sir.” The apprentice then quickly deprated.

-Porfirio laid down his papers and picked up one of the models from Brillian’s desk.

“So what exactly is this supposed to do?” as I played with it in my hands, breaking off a part.

“Give me that!” Brillian shouted and grabbed it from me. “That’s the model for the lighter than air machine me and Nastile have been working on.”

“Lighter than air, eh? I wish I had the time to keep up on such things. But it seems everyday my scribes and scholars are discovering some new kind of dark magic for me to put to the tests.”

Brillian grinned slightly, “Yes I suppose they do, you having them work day and night. Must be nice having undead slaves doing most your work.”

“Well the stench of decay is starting to get bad down in the mines. I may have some of them start picking flowers and hide them in corners to lessen the smell. But I don’t want to see the damn things.”

-The door swings slowly open as Nastile enters.

Brillian looked up slightly startled. “Don’t you ever knock?”

With a big smile, Nastile replied. “I do as I please.”

“That you do Nast. So what have you heard of the events near Freeport?” as I picked up my papers from the desk and stuffed them back in my robe.

Nastile sighs deeply, “It seems with the new Tier’Dal uprising, it has put our friends at ends with one an other.”

“DIE TUNARE!” Brillian shouts as he gets out of his chair.

“Feel better now?” I smirked

“Yes I do, and don’t be touching anything else on my desk while I’m not watching”

“Ok ok, lets get back to the matter for which we came here.” I replied.

“Settle down boys” Nastile whispered as she picked up a model from Brillian’s desk.

Brillian grimaced slightly, and Nastile put the model back down.

“I don’t see us having much to do with either side in this conflict, perhaps we should use it to our advantage though.” I asked as sitting down in the nearest chair.

Nastile nodded, “I agree, neither side effects us much. We should however try to make peace between our friends though.”

Brillian snarls, “I don’t like those tree hugging hippies at all, and those inkies come a close second.”

I and Nastile laughed, “Ok Brillian we won’t have you talk to them.”

Brillian’s face lights up. “But we can make a profit and at the same time spread our technical wonders throughout Norrath’s population more.”

“Then it seems the choice is clear. We sell goods to both sides and let them fight it out. Increasing our profit margin and putting more into research. They have their fight, when all is said and done we will be the winners though.” I stated.

Brillian and Nastile nod in agreement. “More money for research, that’s what we need.”

“Can you believe people doubt the gnome race will one day rule this planet?” as I grinned from ear to ear.

“They are only fooling themselves if they think otherwise. Well I best get to making some things for the upcoming war. See you boys later” Nastile then left the room.

The chair squeaks as I slowly get up, “Back to the mines for me, let me know if you need anything from my collection of relics, Brillian. I think I need to start having some corpses carry me around, this walking is getting hard.” I stop as I’m going out his chamber doors. “Oh and keep me semi up todate on research, so I don’t lose all knowledge of it.”

“See you later old fart, and next time bathe before coming to see me. That smell sticks in your robes.” Brillian closed the door behind me.

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Re: Caitlinn V'Bran, Neriak's most wanted.
Tunare reaches down and thwaps Porfirio and Brillian. "There will be no unethicial corporate domination in this story." She shoos the little men off. "Now now, go play with the kobolds."



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Fearing for their lives, the comrades had no time to explain. Aramous grabbed Konradd by the shoulders, separating him from his Indigo brethern, and quickly, Caitlinn chanted an old, yet familiar spell. Seconds later, the group arrived in the mountains of Butcher Block.

Tanas stated, ‘We should return to Faydwer, at least there, we can…..’, he pauses, looking around the hills of Butcherblock. Aramous chuckled, as the wandering nomadic life of a shaman means he has many homes, stating ‘Quick thinking there Tanas.’

Caitlinn smiles, grabing another pear from her pack.

Konradd , still confused, stops the party on their journey and asks, ‘What does this mean? What is going on? Someone PLEASE explain this…’ Just then, 2 dwarven guards rush the group. Tanas begins to call upon Tunare to hide Konradd from sight, leaving nothing but a trail of mist for the dwarves to follow.

‘There is little time to explain’, exclaimed Raavin. ‘There must be a greater plan that Axelle has in store. We must find out, before it is too late for all involved.’

Caitlinn pointed out that Lumadwen, a life long friend of Wolenu, may be interested in knowing what has happened to her. There is no way he would let the Dark Elves’ actions go unpunished. She urged the group to head towards Felwithe, and seek council with him.

Konradd, confused as ever, sighs and agree’s.

Raavin suggests it might be best that Aramous stay behind with Konradd, as they might not be well received with the high elves. Aramous agrees to watch over Konradd, as the rest of the party embarks towards Felwithe.

Fixed errors....hard to think straight when writing from work, with your boss stopping by every few minutes.

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</pause> Luma, you murdered my name lol. K-O-N-R-A-D-D Also, in game I'm accepted in all 3 of the elven cities (Kel, Fel, and Neriak) Just thought it might help some w/ the story!!


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I like that everyone puts it in their own words, it is awesome and interesting to see where it will twist next, um but Luma, you dork I am a ranger of TUNARE not Karana, I would not be calling on powers from but as I was saying, own words, hehehee.

This is so very neat.....lets keep it going, more will flock and put their twist into the story...I hope.

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Lomilar smiled gently, his long white hair and impressive beard draping over his tan robe.

"Class is dismissed." he said, awaiting the cheer of the classroom.

And cheer they did. Young voices erupted in the post-school manner, as little feet pattered about, the children grabbing their things and exiting the door.

With a great sigh, Lomilar leaned against the blackboard. Another day had passed. Keeping the attention of these children was as taxing as battling the hordes of Sebilis.

Almost on cue, the door clicked open. In walked a tall woman, her sloped forehead covered by a transparent veil that connected with her simple dress. "There is a message here, from the Horizon, your holiness." she said, with a respectful nod from her head.

"Pandorae, I wish you would not treat me so. We grew up only a boat's ride away. Our only difference is that I left, and you did not." Before giving her time to react, Lomilar walked up, and said: "I will take it."

Pandorae turned around, and plucked a letter from the desk, her gaze seeming almost frightened. She handed it over.

Lomilar sat on one of the short, long tables that served as the classroom benches, broke the crescent shaped seal, and began reading. Almost immediately, his face hardened, his eyes took in the words almost all at once.

"What, what news?" Pandorae asked. Lomi's eyes rose from the letter, a grim expression on his face. "And it seems... I must go again." His eyes spoke volumes into hers, they were filled with cold hard resolve.

He stood, looked grimly at Pandorae, and she stepped aside. He walked over to his bedchambers, to the large iron-bound chest that he had hoped would never be opened again. He whispered to it: "A templar's duty is never done." The lock snapped open. He opened it. Inside laid the same dusty plate armor he had worn for what seemed like years. He grabbed a large case, flipped open the lock, and felt the power of it eminate from the small crack. He opened the box the rest of the way. A large flail laid inside, it's head glowing a feint blue. He laid aside the box, and cast off his robe, donning the aged armor.

When Lomilar entered the school's small lobby, he had changed from an elder man of gentle wisdom into a cleric. His every movement spoke of strength that flowed from an unknown source. He looked once at Pandorae, his hair held back by an ornate band. "I will return." came from his lips, but in a different voice, the voice he made the only time he had seen him angry. He walked out into the street, out of her life, again.

The power of Rodcet emptied into his veins, his old body became strong again under his mission. When he reached the gates of Qeynos, he stopped briefly, closed his eyes in prayer, and began running into the sunset.
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It was good for Axelle to be home again. Even more in those troubled times. Danteal and she was greeted by Captain N’Farre. I’m so glad your back, told the captain to both Ladies. Baron Clunk and Baron Scartak are both waiting for you in your office, he added.

She was not surprised. In fact, she expected both earlier. She entered her office greeted by the ogre and the high elf.

-Baron Scartak, what a pleasant surprise, she said bowing before him. What can I do for you?

-The pleasure is mine, Lady Axelle, he said smiling. Let me go directly to the point. I couldn’t help but to noticed some of your troops’ movements near my capital city lately. I counted something like three thousands Dragoons.

Axelle looked up at N’Farre, You sent only 3000 troops there?

N’Farre looked at Scartak. No offence, Baron, but you must have poorer eyesight then you thought. There is actually seven thousands stationed in the Lesser Faydark.

On that, N’Farre and Axelle exchanged evilly grins. She was please to see that almost panicked look on Scartak’s face. She knew that her subordinate was lying. In reality, there were never less than ten thousands troops in Faydwer at any given time. In either case, it was more than enough to easily conquer most of the continent.

She tried to comfort the high elf. Worry not, Baron. I have no intention to launch an attack against anyone in Faydwer. She paused briefly, thinking of how to formulate the following. Let’s just say that those soldiers are just… an insurance that your people will stay quiet.

Axelle now shifted her attention to Clunk. What brings you here, Baron?

-Wel, I duno giv a ratz azz about your armee. I jus wantz to makes cleer dat you wont cutz our suplys of frech hobbits meet and of dorf booze, Clunk said with his terrible ogre accent.

-If that would secure your and the trolls loyalty to Neriak, I don’t see why I shouldn’t keep my part of the bargain. But I must warn you, that Stein Brewbelly is not to be trusted. I wouldn’t be surprise if he’s actually selling you poisoned ale.

-Harharharharh, worry not prety ladi, our qwaliti ashurence departmant is inspecting evei shippmentz, Clunk replied laughing.


After a few more minutes of discussion, both visitors left, leaving N’Farre, Dantael and Axelle alone. That’s when Helspeth entered the room. That made N’Farre uneasy, as he imprisoned the Priestess’ sister, Wolenu. But none knew that, except him, in this room.

-Hey, Axelle, there you are! What took you so long out there, she said cheerfully.

Without even smiling, Axelle took out the note she had to deliver and gave it to the cleric.

-What’s that?, asked the puzzled priest.

-It’s a note from V’Deers I had to relay to Dorn B’Dynn. But since he was dead when Dantael and I found him, most probably murdered by Caitlinn and her gang, I took the liberty to unseal the note. Unfortunately, it’s written in Elder Tier’dal. Only you, I think, can read that language. So? What’s it says?

Helspeth opened the missive and started to read carefully. When she was finish, she looked troubled as well. She was breathing heavily too. What she just read was indeed very troubling.

What? What’s the matter? Insisted Axelle.

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Hay i must say that i'm surprised by the response i have from everyone. I didn't expect it.

To tell the truth, the real reason i started this, it was to protest the fact that Caitlinn was using that darkelven picture of her as signature. It's just wrong!

And to punish Venilae, whom made that signature, i casted her as my low level secretary

But then, Caitlinn responded with something neat. I did the same. Then others too, and so on, and so on.

Let's see where it will take us

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