BTW: Temprah

I made you a quick little av not of amberelle but of her kitty louis!
I enjoyed viewing photos of cats makes me want 10 more!!
hope you like it, i made his eyes a fun purplish, just to show that hes 'different' and special!
text and things in green to match your sig on sa!

stock photo from

bleh icant get my server up. it's on DA for the moment i will have it on my server in the next day or two.! Heres link!

Dia 18 years ago
oh and i know louis is black! i messed with the colors a bit in the photo but if you think he still looks too grey let me know!

black is really a dark dark brown for cats but hey whateva right? i couldnt resist this cutie pie's picture
Temprah 18 years ago
*squeeee* He's b-e-a-uuutiful!!!!! And I love gray cats, my RL baby is a Russian Blue with silvery gray fur like that. Makes me think of her.. which is perfect since he's modeled to look like her (mixed with my other girl who's black) but acts like my boy kitty (the picky psycho ) Thank you!