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Master of the Hunt
(5/28/02 9:03:45 am)
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As soon as the dark elf known as Dantael moved out with her little band, the elves, humans, half-elves all came out of their hidden places in the stone walls surrounding the glade, enchanters rushed through the flames and headed for the open end of the cavern and continued the fire illusions for show only.

The druids of Surefall quickly doused the flames and all smiled knowing what was planned…….

Tanas whistled and 249 Warders floated down out of trees and off the top stone parapets surrounding Surefall.

Tanas, along with Ruhn from another guild “Blood of Ro” conversed a moment before the BoR elf took off at a run to follow the Tier’dal.

Erioch just then came running up with information…….

“News from Scartak and Malenko, they are set and ready in the Neriak Forrest.”

“Excellent, this is not exactly what we had planned but we will adapt,”noted Tanas.

Erioch looked at the ground……”What if they had changed, Tanas?”

“They would have been cut down……….all of them.” he said with a somber gaze and a slow shake of his head. “And they would not even have known what hit them.”

He looked back up at Erioch.
"Now, let us get a teleport to Neriak shall we Erioch?"

The two rangers looked around spotted Tenie and headed over to where she was talking with another druid they did not recognize.

As they were about to reach them, Zalkin bumped into Erioch's knee...and promptly fell back and on his butt.

"HEY, WATCH IT ELF...sheesh....I am running to relieve Rannen of the mass fire illusion.....such lackey work to such high Phantasmists.....I can't believe it...." he mumbled as he stomped off.

Tenie gave a smile in Zalkin's direction then looked back at the two wood elves,"Are you both ready to go?"

Tanas motions to one of the nearby rangers and askes that she go and talk with Lanandrin and let him know of the illusion and why it was that the sending could not be answered or used at this time. Other Scarlet members might have received it as well thus making it a hazard at this grave time in the world.

"Okay, Tenie, sorry, now I am ready."he smiled.

Tenie began to whisper the phrase that would take them to another land in a moment’s time.

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Horizon Explorer
(5/28/02 8:12:10 pm)
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After a day or so of waiting a messenger appeared on the horizon. Before long they found themselves being ushered into a waiting area while they sent for me. I came down from the study, yes, us rangers can read!, and presented herself to me. "Lanandrin Mandragoran?" I nodded once. "You are a tough one to catch when you don't want to be. I have been trying to reach you for two days now. I bring this message from Tanas Moorlaan." "I was, in a hurry." Was all I could think to say in reply. I take the missive, read it twice making sure of the seal. "Well, isn't that something... Looks like i just missed them. Let us be off then, there is much I need to know." And so the two of us, lead by the setting sun in the west, headed back, to Surefall Glade.

As we arrive around midday the following day I can now easily see the near 250 warders camped in and around Surefall, a veritable army. Then there are the wizards, enchanters and druids as well. In the middle I can see Tanas, Erioch and Haggar Sureshot discussing something in a heated debate. Not one for subtlety, I begin to walk right up to the group only to see Tanas shout to someone off to the side, a Druid I can see, walk up and begin to cast a spell. Just before I get there they disappear into another realm.. "Well" I think to myself. "So much for finding out whats going on..."

“Our deeds in life, echo through eternity!”

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Fruity Nature Goodness Girl
(5/28/02 9:38:12 pm)
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Re: Caitlinn V'Bran, Neriak's most wanted.
Balek trailed behind Caitlinn as they entered Nek Forest. "So you're the reason there are thousands of dragoons outside of Felwithe? Why I hear Axelle and her troops rode into Surefall Glade and that there are over 200 rangers, god forbid, all in one place?"

Turns around and points at Balek, "This is SO not my fault!"

Balek chuckled. "Oh yes it is."

Caitlinn throws her hands up in the air. "Cripes, can't a druid kill a dark elf in peace?"

Laughing loudly, "This is so your fault."

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Porfirio DLeech
D.O.G (Dirty Old Gnome)
(5/30/02 3:03:19 pm)
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Re: Caitlinn V'Bran, Neriak's most wanted.
-Porfirio squints as he leaves the tunnels of Ak'anon into the noon sun of the Steamfont mountains. He slowly approaches two gnomes that seem to be waiting for him.

"It is time." he utters. Brillian and Nastile nod in agreement.

-The three gnomes quickly mount their ponies. Brillian begins whispering a few words and they vanish in a flash of light. Through out Norrath a sound is heard, repeating over and over. It seems to be coming from every where, from the jungles of Kunark, the swamps of Antonica, the dark forests of Faydwer. "THUPP"

-The day has passed, evening falls. "THUPP!"

"Well that's the last one." Brillian smiled as he lowered the automated poster hanger.

Nastile grins "This would have taken us days, if not for the APH's. Glad we were able to put it together so fast."

"I so totally agree, the profits should start pouring in now." Porfirio leaned back in the chair he often sat on in Brillian's chambers.

-The three gnomes smiled and turned towards the wall, where a single parchment was nailed.

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Wyrd Up
Quester Of The Scarlet Soul
(5/31/02 105:50 am)
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Outside of Felwithe, war is brewing. The dark elf troups are dispersed in greater Faydark, and the woodelves have scurried into safety, the gnomes hiding in Ak'anon, except for a few posting notes on trees.

Felwithe guards inside the city are talking nervously to eachother. They are discussing the defensibility of the city... many of the woodelves are seeking refuge inside, as well, straining the supplies available. As the talk becomes less productive, one of the high elf guards wanders off, to the outside.

The guard proceeds to cast invisibility, then moves away to re-appear in dark elf guise. Kyrial smiles to herself... This is too easy. She runs off to seek the commander of the dark elves here, to inform them of what she has spied off the despicable conditions inside Felwithe. "I will go back inside... and poison their water once you begin attack. They'll drop like the gnoll pawns they resemble."

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