stormy lover

last night you were nothing
just a thought in the clouds.
i laid awake, just for a little while,
and drank in your precursors -
the wind and lightning and soft rumbling thunder.

this morning, as i gazed out with blurry eyes
you were powerful and sounded relentless
as though you would go on for ever and ever -
and i fancied i even heard you trespassing into my room
as my eyes slipped shut again.

this afternoon you released the land
allowing the sun to shine through,
only the chattering stream achoing for me
the soft velvet clatter of your voice.

ROzbeans 18 years ago
Your use of words is different but it helps give the poem a profound feeling. 'soft velvet clatter', an oxymoron but it works. I like, thank you for sharing!
lilah 18 years ago
that particular phrase is something i've used several times over the years... it just seems to fit the sort of sound you'd hear if a flock of doves flew close overhead... the sound of their wings... *shrugs*
ROzbeans 18 years ago
I love it, it provokes a wonderful image. I'm not very good at poetry hehe, not good at c/c it either. Usually I just appreciate and keep quiet =D