Want C/C?

The subject keeps coming up...What exactly is C/C? Comments and Critiques? Constructive criticism? Flay me, tie me up, beat me with your c/c noodle? Usually the goal in constructive criticism is to critique an individual so they will benefit or improve. C/C takes time and practice. Constructive criticism must be used effectively if the receiver is to improve.

Suggested C/C formula; What looks good + what could be better + overall C/C = good C/C

TAC C/C, if asked for, should include:

* Encouragement on what looks 'good' or acceptable within the skills of the artist. Be aware that a request for C/C indicates a desire to learn and improve, so even encouragment should be stated with growth in mind. A comment like "the shape of the hair is very well done, and I particuarly like the way you did the lighting" tells the artist they are going in the right direction. "Wow, nice hair" only tells the artist what they did right this time.
* Specific and constructive criticism on what could use improvement - please use detailed explanation and provide solutions if possible.
*Overall, C/C should consist of honest, polite opinions and helpful knowledge.

TAC C/C should not include:

* Harsh or rude comments. Please keep in mind that there is a person on the other end of the keyboard who is, just like you, working to create art first and foremost. Harsh, rude posts are not conducive to anyone’s goals.

Requests for C/C should include:

*If you are going to ask for C/C, be specific with your needs.

ex. 'I'm new at this, so I'd like to know what I'm doing WELL along with what needs to be BETTER.'

ex. 'I'm sick of this piece of crap, I need new eyeballs - tear this shit up!'

ex. 'This is a WIP, I need c/c specifically on the hair/armor/background. What looks right and could I get some tips on making it look better?'

You may wish to use the following terms to further clarify your C/C request:

WIP- Work in Progress – The piece you are requesting C/C on is not in the final stages and you are open to making changes
FFR- For Future Reference – While you consider this piece complete, you would like to have it critiqued to improve future pieces

**Be aware that all artists are welcomed to share their art, free of C/C. That's what we want TAC to be, a place to share, learn and have fun.**

From the new artists to the seasoned digital art pro, every skill level is welcomed here. We want TAC to be a comfortable place to get encouragement, be helpful in progressing with your skill, and be a place to share your art and call home.