Fresh from the box.

Hi. I hope I am postnig this in the right area!! Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. *waving some* I'm Wit. I'm a digital artist of the 3d variety. Looks like a cool forum and I look forward to posting away.

ROzbeans 18 years ago
Welcome Wit! Yeah we've recently gotten heavy into poser art here. Where did you find us!? I'm always so curious to know =D Looking forward to seeing more of your art!
MistressWit 18 years ago
Saw a link to here In a signature on DevArt. Cant for the life of me remember whos though! Poser is my baby....though Im not extremely good...*laughing some*
Temprah 18 years ago
Welcome Wit!!!! Can;t wait to see some of your art =)
Sarah 18 years ago
Rikr 18 years ago
Hiyas. Look forward to your 3D stuffz.
MistressWit 18 years ago
Thanks for the welcome! I will hash through some new stuff and post it! I have a few WIPs I could use the comments on as well.
Eve 18 years ago
*waves* Hi there! Welcome to our madness
Spudgepants 18 years ago
*waving her arms frantically*

Hey there darlin!
Adiene 18 years ago
Hiyas hun!! Welcome aboard.
Mai 18 years ago