Lookin' for a crayon or two...

Hi there.

Well like the title says, I happen to be looking for someone who can draw, and/or sketch. I'm a starving writer in my free time, and I'm looking for someone who might not mind doing some sketchwork for me based off of some of my writing.

I've been published before, but it was a very long time ago. I've been working on two more stories, and I need to try to visualize. My brother used to sketch characters for me, but in the past year he's begun his own business and I've moved out of state, so we can't do that really, anymore.

I can't offer anything at the moment except a chance to work with the musings of someone's wacky mind, but I can offer the possibility of publication if either story goes.

Mostly, right now, I'm hoping there might be someone out there who doesn't mind freehanding some experimental stuff for me, if and only if they have some interest and time. It's all high fantasy, just fyi and things. If you're interested though, feel free to pm me here or get in touch via AIM, screen name Kelagry.