Round 4 Lynch: A little misunderstanding

Mural stood and looked around at the remaining hostages with exasperation.

"Have you made up your minds yet or not?"

Several of the hostages pushed the little blonde woman forward.

"Yeah, take her."


"Just go."

Another muttered "She thinks she can do something to get us out of her, so lets see it."

Mural looked around the group confused. There were kids and a couple of teary eyed looking women and they decide to send out the one that seemed to find this whole thing amusing? Odd.

Shrugging her shoulders Mural pushed up her glasses and took Carol towards the door to the mall.

"Come on then."

Carol glowered at the rest of them darkly.

"Have a happy fucking day, mother fuckers."

Not that there was anything bad about being set free, there wasn't, she'd be able to go home, prop her feet up and watch this fiasco on her flat screen. Oh yeah, that part was great. It was the attitude of these shits, all pushing her towards the door, they just wanted to get rid of her. There was no telling if this "Give them a hostage" thing was for real and they all knew that. Carol was being used at the lab rat...lets see if the fucking freaks kill her. No? Okay its safe to choose someone we want to let out next time.

Besides this little drama was turning out to be entertaining and it wasn't like she was afraid. She'd seen worse things at her job, much worse. Carol muttered

"Fucking pansies they should try living with Winter and Panos sometime." Not to mention, Ellis, Carol snickered to herself... Oooh, She wondered just what the boss lady would make of these low-lifes taking her hostage. Carol bet she'd be REAL mad and there was nothing like seeing Ellis mad.

Mural unlocked the doors and stepped back.

Carol smiled at her and patted the confused woman on the cheek.

"Have a nice life...freak."

Still smiling to herself, the blonde almost felt like skipping out of the building. She twirled the asp in her hand and whistled to herself. (You know that little song from Kill Bill: Vol. 1 that gets stuck in your head)

Unfortunately as she exited there were several cops stationed at the doors and a misunderstanding took place. It would seem, (when they did up the report later) that they thought she was going to attack one of the officers with the baton in her hand...and so they shot her.