Mkay, so against my better judgement here's a pic of the troll I sketched a little while ago. Mai Was nice enough to color him for me since I really can't do that kinda stuff, it's way beyond me.

No cc needed but certainly appreciated, I just thought I'd share.

Colored by Mai (I love his little wart)...

ROzbeans 17 years ago
I love this, you have a great cartoony style. /bonk Post the rest of your stuff! Great job on the coloring, Mai =)
Mai 17 years ago
Well you know... humans have the little beauty mark pasties, why not warts for trolls?

He's still cute.
Morcalivan 17 years ago
Troll ears... *twitches* Must. Not. Gnaw.

Should I be scared that he's smiling? What do trolls think about when they are happy? o.O

Agreed, he is totally cute. Great job on the coloring, chew-toy mine.